AST 2330 Reunion, Return, Conclusion

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2330 – Reunion, Return, Conclusion

In all honesty, she had been burying her thoughts all this while. In front of this man, she didn’t have any outstanding qualities and so she had never revealed her feelings. Instead, she kept it all in her heart like a wonderful memory.

She didn’t expect Qing Shui would say these words to her, and she froze for a moment, completely surprised by his gesture.

She had felt something different about Qing Shui’s gaze since the first time they had met. Eventually, she had found out that it had been all due to her resemblance to someone he knew. She stretched out her hand and curled it around Qing Shui’s neck, a shy smile on her face.

“I already said this rascal had his sights on the girl. See, it’s all exposed now!” Sou Hun snickered.

“She’s my wife in our previous life. To meet her again in this life must have been Heaven’s will for us to wed again,” Qing Shui said gleefully.

Li Yan’s relaxed body jolted at that, not expecting his words. Gently, she removed herself from his embrace and gazed up at Qing Shui. “I don’t wish to be another person’s replacement.”

Qing Shui rubbed his nose and smiled embarrassedly. “Actually, she wasn’t my wife in my previous life; she didn’t like me. She was already attached to someone when I met her.”

“Do you like me because you want to fulfill your wish? A dream is just a dream; it’s different from reality.” Li Yan did not have any wish in becoming a replacement.

“You’re thinking too much in that little head of yours. Am I such a person?” Qing Shui reached a hand out to stroke her head.

Li Yan peeled his hand off, obviously annoyed. “You’re not allowed to stroke my head.”

Thereafter, Qing Shui continued drinking for a bit before bidding farewell to their company. He rushed towards the Qing Clan with the Chi Yang couple. Qing Shui understood how anxious they were, hence, he only stayed at Sou Hun for a while before heading to the Qing Clan.

Arrival at the Qing Clan!

Not much time had passed since his last visit to the Qing Clan. Moreover, the Qing Clan had the protection of their Guardian Beast now, along with a strong warrior like Yehuang Guwu. Within the Dancing Phoenix Continent, Qing Clan was invincible.

Qing Shui didn’t give any warning before his return. At the sight of him, the members of the Qing Clan froze before breaking out into a chorus of surprise.

In just a short moment, they gathered over while Qing Shui introduced the Chi Yang couple to the clan members. It was then when Qing Shui tugged a young man and lady over.

In all honesty, Chi Yang and his wife both realized that they were their own children during the introduction. Children whom they had separated from for decades.

“Foster Father!”

Chi Ao and Chi Feng respected Qing Shui very much and were close to him, especially Chi Feng. She hugged his arm like a little girl.

“They are your real parents, are you happy?” Qing Shui smiled.

“Actually, we really did want to know who our parents were. After all, we have been abandoned and we’d like to know why. Other than that, we didn’t have many thoughts about it. We are used to it. Foster Father, you’re our father. Grandmother and Foster Mother are like blood relatives to us too,” Chi Feng said calmly with a chuckle.

“Girl, don’t you want to know what happened? Your parents abandoned you both to give you a chance at living. They have been surviving on a fine line between life and death all these years, suffering and tolerating through how much they miss you both.” Qing Shui was a father too; he knew how hard it must have been for them to make that decision at that time.

From there, Qing Shui explained what happened with the Chi Clan in details. Chi Ao and Chi Feng’s eyes reddened as they listened. Chi Yang and his wife turned their gazes towards their children. “It’s our incompetence that caused your suffering.”

“I’m sorry, Father and Mother, for not understanding your actions.” Chi Ao felt much for them, holding back his tears as he spoke.

“Mother, I’m sorry!” Chi Feng tugged at her mother’s hand and said softly.

Chi Yang’s wife jolted before holding tightly onto Chi Feng’s hand. “It’s our fault, we let you down. But you… you still acknowledge me as your mother.”

“You’re the one who gave birth to us. No matter what happened, you did it because you love us. We’re happy to have parents like you.” Chi Feng couldn’t stop her joyful tears from falling down.

Despite decades of not meeting, the sight of their joyful tears warmed Qing Shui’s heart. He was happy too as though something had solidified in him.

Chi Yang and his wife kowtowed to Qing Yi. Chi Yang and Qing Shui were like brothers, and their children addressed Qing Yi as grandmother. Therefore, they were more than willing to do that.

Qing Yi hastily held them up. “Please stand up, I can’t bear this gesture!”

“You’re their grandmother and Qing Shui’s mother. You’re no different than a mother to me.” Chi Yang smiled as he stood up.

With the reunion, the room was bustling. Qing Shui stayed at home for a few days during this return. Yehuang Guwu, Mingyue Gelou, Zhu Qing, Yuan Su, Huoyun Liu-Li, Canghai Mingyue, and others were all waiting here. Qing Shui felt indebted to them and ‘pampered’ them in various ways at night.

However, upon his return, Qing Shui found out that the locations of the Five Elements Heavenly Chess could be altered. Hence, Qing Shui swapped its position in the Dancing Phoenix Continent to the Qing Clan’s manor. This way, it would make it much easier for him to return home. Yehuang Guwu’s Five Elements Heavenly Chess could also fix a location in the Haohan Continent. Qing Shui decided to have her set a location in the Sea King Palace, as well as around the Chi Clan in the Lower Three Regions. They could alter it in the future when they got to the Middle Three Regions or the Upper Three Regions.

This made things much easier. The people in their clan could travel to and from places more conveniently now.

Chi Ao and Chi Feng were also going to return to the Chi Clan officially. However, their relationship with the Qing Clan would never be severed.

During his return, Qing Shui brought Yehuang Guwu and a few others with him. The former would be able to bring them back thereafter.

The Five Elements Heavenly Chess could transport any living thing within a small circumference.

In an instant, they arrived at the Eight Desolates City. There was a huge manor now, bigger than that of the Qing Clan’s. He allowed time for Yehuang Guwu to set this as a checkpoint location. That being said, Qing Shui didn’t wish for the Qing Clan to move here.

Speaking of it as a whole, the Lower Three Regions was safe. However, Qing Yi was already used to living in the Dancing Phoenix Continent. Although Qing Yi would like to meet up with her son often, she knew that Qing Shui would never linger at one place for long. In that case, it didn’t matter where they stayed. After so many years in the Dancing Phoenix Continent, the Qing Clan had taken root there. Several members of the clan had also wedded and settled their families there.

Qing Shui didn’t want to force the notion any further. It was easy to travel here anyway. At the very most, they would have to return on their own, but even that wouldn’t require much time.

Following that, the group of people lived in the Eight Desolates City for a while before the Qing Clan’s members returned to the Dancing Phoenix Continent. Qing Shui, on the other hand, brought Yehuang Guwu to the Northern Sea King Palace. After a while of travel, they finally arrived.

Yiye Jiange and the other ladies were naturally happy to see Qing Shui and Yehuang Guwu, especially after finding out that the latter could help them get to both to the Qing Clan and to Qing Shui’s current location quickly. They weren’t sure what to talk about while they were gathering. From time to time, a peal of teasing laughter sounded, making each of the ladies' face flush red.

Qing Shui walked over to Qing Hanye and hit her perky butt. His touch on the fluffiness was indescribably captivating; the flesh was surprisingly bouncy and tremored like a wave. Round and smooth, the perkiness wasn’t exaggerated. It was just right—a golden ratio of a beautiful butt.

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