AST 2331 Marry the Two Women, Vice Sect Leader’s Poison Relapsed

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2331 – Marry the Two Women, Vice Sect Leader’s Poison Relapsed

Qing Hanye was perturbed by Qing Shui’s action, but she could only stare at him in mock anger as she flushed red. Her exquisite features and her enchanting eyes were watery, while her small yet attractive lips had Qing Shui recalling another soul stealing scenario.

This alluring woman... Qing Shui couldn’t wait to right her once and for all. However, there were so many people around them. Even though they were all her women, he wasn’t that thick-skinned.

Qing Shui pulled her closer, gently placing a kiss on her forehead. “I’ll satisfy you tonight!”

Qing Hanye’s flushed even redder at that; her petite body lightly pushed against his. The gesture had Qing Shui’s mind running wild without control. Qing Hanye could feel Qing Shui’s drastic change, especially when she felt something of his pushing against her. She smiled before speaking by his ear, “I’ll wait for you, no matter how late.”

Naturally, Qing Shui assigned a location here in his Five Elements Heavenly Chess.

There was a link between the two Five Elements Heavenly Chess; their realms didn’t differ by much. Once Qing Shui had set a location here, Yehuang Guwu would be able to access it as well. However, each change must have a year’s gap between them.

Hence, he had changed the locations, leaving the one in the Central Continent untouched. With his speed, going anywhere from the Central Continent would be easy.

Qing Shui felt happy watching the women chat and left to visit the bloodthirsty demonic vines.

Qing Shui’s might had increased tremendously by now. Even so, he still couldn’t tell the depth of the bloodthirsty demonic vine’s power. This meant that it was much stronger than him.

After half a month’s stay, Yehuang Guwu returned to the Dancing Phoenix Continent while Qing Shui returned to the Eight Desolates City. Witnessing how easy it was to get there, the women proposed that Qing Shui return at least once every two months.

Qing Shui naturally agreed. It would be easy for him to travel to and from here in the future. There were still a few empty slots in the Five Elements Heavenly Chess. Thus, he could set destinations at the Middle Three Regions and the Upper Three Regions in the future. As for the year’s gap cooldown in between, he usually stayed at a place for more than a year, so that was not a problem either.

The most crucial thing was that each destination could only be visited up to five times in a month. In this case, the cooldown for each use was much shorter; this would aid them a lot in escaping bad situations. Once it was unleashed, it would take just three seconds to activate and couldn’t be interrupted. There would be a dome of protection around it. Although it could still be breached, as long as the user still had his last breath, the user and the companions would still be transported.

Back at the Eight Desolates City, the people at the Divine Palace and the women had settled down. Chi Ao and Chi Feng often came by as well once they were aware of Qing Shui’s return.

The Chi Clan’s position in the Eight Desolates City had risen. After all, they had annihilated the She Clan, the Wu Clan, the Demonic Elephant Sect, and the Divine Buddha Sect. Even the Divine Rain Sect couldn’t affect the Chi Clan and instead, had some of their members killed.

As for Qing Shui, he was regarded as a member of the Chi Clan.

Qing Shui knew that he couldn’t stay long in the Lower Three Regions and had planned on leaving after a fleeting stop. However, the reporting aspect of the Divine Palace still needed improvement.

Thereafter, he stayed for two months just like that. He attended to a few matters in between, which was bringing the two women back to the Qing Clan in the Dancing Phoenix Continent and went through with his wedding with Shen Huang and Beihuang Fan. Beihuang Yu, Beihuang Liefeng, and others from the Divine Palace joined the celebration as well.

It was an event celebrated by many, and of course, there were people who envied Qing Shui’s ‘supple’ fortune. Beihuang Liefeng was the happiest; the young girl of his had finally found someone to settle down with. He had been always worried that she was too competent, to the point where she might not be able to find someone to marry.

Qing Yi was exhilarated as well. Thinking back about the past, she thought it was hilarious. Qing Shui had been frail during his younger days; forget about marrying such a woman, he would’ve found it hard to court even a regular lady.

It was great now. Every single one of his women was refined, and Qing Yi had a family filled with children and grandchildren.

Qing Shui’s father traversed between the Dancing Phoenix Continent and the Soaring Dragon Continent. There was a dynasty to take care of there, but half of his time would still be spent at the Qing Clan.

Most of the people from the Divine Palace followed Qing Shui to the Lower Three Regions. There were only a few who stayed at the Northern Emperor Domain.

The Divine Palace had migrated to the Lower Three Regions where there was a denser Spiritual Qi. It aided in their cultivation. These days, the Massacre Battle God’s strength had been increasing rapidly; he was now the strongest warrior in the Divine Palace.

The Mighty Strength Battle God, the Hill Moving Battle God, the Diamond Battle God, the Mighty Spear Battle God, and his two women were also powerful warriors.

Moreover, Qing Shui’s abilities couldn’t be measured in conventional ways.

The Berserk Dragon Fist was unique to the Battle God Palace. The Diamond Battle God needed just half the effort to learn the Berserk Dragon Fist producing twice the results; after all, the technique had a strong relation to his body constitution, hence, it was more compatible for him to train.

The Divine Rain Sect was as quiet as always. Qing Shui hadn’t paid another visit. Although he wouldn’t stay here for long, the Chi Clan still needed the help of the Divine Rain Sect. The Vice Sect Leader was an important figure as well, as well as an enigma. Qing Shui still wanted to help her. This way, he would feel much more at ease leaving his allies here.

The only thing deterring him was that Qing Shui wasn’t sure how to go about it. Since she had already rejected, claiming that she was used to it, he didn’t want to overstep his boundaries.

However, only a day passed when they heard whispers of the news that the Divine Rain Sect was seeking medical assistance. Poison had relapsed in one of the important figures within their clan.

Someone found the Chi Clan and requested to meet Qing Shui. A member of the Chi Clan informed the latter; that was how they heard about the news.

Qing Shui agreed, of course, and followed the two middle-aged men who visited.

“Brothers, may I ask who it was who suffered a relapse?” Qing Shui asked. Due to the strong toxin he had felt previously, his instincts pointed to the Vice Sect Leader. There was no doubt that it would erupt at some point, but it might not be to the extent of being fatal. Still, it would be terrifying. For example, her face might rot, reducing to just bones.

“We don’t know, we’re just following orders,” one of them replied politely.

Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to get any answers, Qing Shui gave up on questioning. Soon, they arrived at the rainforest and advanced deeper in.

At the gates of the clan stood Yuchi Ding. At the sight of Qing Shui, Yuchi Ding was elated. Tugging Qing Shui along, he spoke up, “I requested for you behind the Vice Sect Leader’s back. Young brother, the Vice Sect Leader’s poison has relapsed. We don’t know why. Please help her, she has suffered much.”

Yuchi Ding could tell that Qing Shui was concerned about the Vice Sect Leader; he kept it in mind since their previous encounter. The Vice Sect Leader had saved his life once, and he had always been searching for a way to repay her. He was aware of the basic information regarding Qing Shui and knew he was a Miraculous Physician.

“Let’s go take a look,” Qing Shui said.

“Young brother, are you confident?” Yuchi Ding asked in concern.

“This is not the time to ask this. However, I can guarantee that even if I can’t fully heal her, I would be able to improve her situation.” Qing Shui was still confident in his medical skills.

At this moment, an elderly walked down, shaking his head as he did.

The elderly carried a medicine chest. Another woman followed him, speaking as she walked, “Take care, Elder Yang!”

The elderly sighed, waved his hand and left.

At this moment, the woman spotted Qing Shui and Yuchi Ding. “Custodian Yuchi!”

“He’s a Miraculous Physician too. Let him try!” Yuchi Ding persuaded.

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