AST 2341 - Demon-Refining Thunderbird, Good Item: Blood Strengthening Pellet

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2341 - Demon-Refining Thunderbird, Good Item: Blood Strengthening Pellet

This Thunderbird was the purebreed of an ancient species. It was certainly great but not incredible. Qing Shui could kill it instantly using the Stellar Transposition. Yet, he suddenly thought that it might be better not to kill it.

Activating his spiritual sense, the Divine Weapon Flying Sword appeared in front of Qing Shui.

Rule of Nine Continents, Art of Pursuing!


Qing Shui used the Divine Weapon Flying Sword in a way so fast that it was beyond description. It was as if the attack was unavoidable.


The sword penetrated the wing of Thunderbird instantly and made a terrifyingly loud scream. This was just the beginning as the Flying Sword continued piercing through the Thunderbird continuously. Qing Shui used the Nine Continents Mountain and made continuous strikes.

The current Nine Continents Mountain was daunting, it was able to crash and injure the Thunderbird when the Shield Attack appeared. Painful screams of the Thunderbird were heard while its feathers fell down ceaselessly.

‘It’s about time’, Qing Shui thought. He then took out the Demon Refining Furnace and used the oppression.

The Thunderbird let out a high-pitched yell when it saw the Demon Refining Furnace, as if it saw something frightening. However, it was already too late. The Demon Refining Furnace expanded immediately and oppressed the Thunderbird. Next, it appeared in the Demon Refining Furnace.

The Demon Refining Furnace shrunk and fell into Qing Shui's hand. He had a look at the Thunderbird which was as big as an egg now. Then, he started the refinement. It had been ages since he last refined. The Demon Refining Furnace upgraded a lot in terms of the realm. It was much stronger in refinement now. It was able to oppress completely.

Of course, a treasure would be based on strength and it could not oppress all levels of strength. The stronger the opponent was, the stronger the power of repulsion. If one could not handle the power of repulsion, he would suffer huge damage.

Qing Shui realized it was getting dark so he entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and continued his journey on the next day.

The Demon Refining Furnace was stronger now so Qing Shui did not have to get involved in the normal refinement anymore. However, it would require a longer time. Qing Shui was not worried about time. He had the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal after all. He had plenty of time and nothing to do.

Ten days later in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui looked at the Demon Refining Furnace. The Thunderbird had vanished entirely, leaving behind a violet pellet the size of a walnut. It was crystal clear, giving out a tempting and fresh fragrance.

Qing Shui took the pellet out and observed it using the Heavenly Vision Technique.

Blood Strengthening Pellet, able to increase the amount of some special bloodline. The increment depended on the strength of the target bloodline. The stronger the blood was, the smaller the increment. The increase would be from one to five percent.

Qing Shui was rather excited as he found out that Demon Refining could produce an item like this. It was definitely a good item despite the small increment. How many purebreed demonic beasts were required in refinement to complement for the little increment? Moreover, the outcome was not absolute. The Blood Strengthening Pellet would not be produced each and every time.

Qing Shui thought of his demonic beasts. The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant had 18% of primordial blood now. He wanted to upgrade the blood of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant so that it would become stronger. Also, there was the Dark Phoenix, Dragon Spider, the Dragon Slaying Beast, the Diamond White Tiger King…

It seemed like he needed to refine the Ancient Purebreed Demonic Beast now. However, they were all very strong and powerful. Plus, there were only a few of them. If they were from a tribe, there must be someone scary and daunting. If he had refined their offspring, they would probably seek revenge.

Qing Shui gave the Blood Strengthening to the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. He was confused to find out that the increase was only 1%.

There was 19% primordial blood now. 20% was the first critical point which could increase its strength greatly. However, the strength increment for 19% was relatively low. Primordial blood was daunting. It was ranked within the top ten or higher among all of the others.

The Dragon Slaying Beast ate the heart of Golden Primordial Bear and awakened the primordial blood previously. Yet, it was so thin that it was negligible. Using the Blood Strengthening Pellet should be able to increase its primordial blood.

Qing Shui made an Origin Essence Pill out of the remaining items. It was meant for strength improvement. It would neither increase the blood nor change it.

Qing Shui shook his head. Hopefully, the Dragon Slaying Beast and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant would become powerful with primordial blood in the future. He wished that they would achieve the level of the Golden Primordial Bear, which would absolutely be able to overturn the world with only 70 to 80% primordial blood.

Nevertheless, this was just an idle thought. If he could find enough purebreed demonic beasts in the future, they might not be able to fully absorb them after frequent usage. There was only a one percent increase during the first time. Qing Shui was afraid that the subsequent ten intakes of Blood Strengthening Pellets would be one percent as well. It was totally possible that it might even become immune to it and showed no other changes.

It was always great to have a wish. As for the outcome, he should not overthink it. He should be happy with the slightest increment. Things should never be forced and a man who was contented would be a happy man. He had enough now. It was unnecessary to pursue perfection in everything. Moreover, there was nothing perfect. Even 100% was not the highest limit. There were 200% and even 300%.

Bailan City!

The next day, Qing Shui arrived at Bailan City. It was a big city with no domain present. Since the Demon King Domain involved the whole region, there were cities inside it. A city could be very big and was divided into several small towns. Some were divided according to the direction: North, South, East, and west.

The noblemen were usually in some special cities. A common city had one or even two noblemen.

As for Bailan City, there was one nobleman staying here. The nobleman was a person with the highest status in a country after the king. Though there were many noblemen in a country, the land of a nobleman was so vast that one could hardly imagine. Along Qing Shui's journey to Bailan City, the land he traversed belonged to the nobleman in Bailan City.

The nobleman of Bailan City had the surname Lan. He was apparently a powerful Demon King who had ruled the land for three hundred years. In the Water Nation, the noblemen were not very outstanding and had no ability to compete with the Water Emperor. Hence, they remained in the same current state for their whole lives.

As soon as he arrived, Qing Shui realized that Bailan City and Heishui City were like the ancient and modern worlds respectively. Bailan City's flourished environment was greatly ahead of Heishui City’s.

The infrastructure here was much more classy. Along the walkway, the size of the buildings, the width of the streets, arrangement on the road, outfits of pedestrians, and the types of beast vehicles here were totally on a different level.

Auction house!

After a short walk, he saw an auction house. It looked like an extremely presentable auction room with a spacious place. Most importantly, it was crowded outside the shop; there were many high-end beast vehicles with strong demonic beasts. The vehicles were luxurious and the beasts were ferocious. They seemed to have survived countless battles.

Qing Shui wanted to check it out since he had nothing to do. Perhaps he could bid for some useful items like the Divine Weapon Crystal or a Divine Square Cauldron.

“Sir, please show your invitation card,” The beautiful waitress at the door said in a formal tone.

“What? You need an invitation card?” Qing Shui replied in surprise.

“Yes, our auction house is only open to certain people,” The waitress answered with a smile.

“Do you mean that I can't even enter without an invitation card?” Qing Shui asked.

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