AST 2342 - Bailan City, Auction House, Golden Jade

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2342 - Bailan City, Auction House, Golden Jade

“Do you mean I can't enter without an invitation card?” Qing Shui asked.

“Not necessarily. For example, you can let someone who possesses an invitation card to bring you in, or you can show some special items for auction, or even show your powerful martial strength. You can get in with any of those methods,” The young waitress said, full of courtesy.

That sounded good, he could discard the option of finding someone to lead him in since he knew no one there. Getting an item for auction, that probably required something precious which would profit the auction house. They would then give away the invitation card as a reward. Qing Shui had many items available for auction in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal like the Yin Yang Duality Swords. He had gathered a lot of things over the years. He could take out the pills and he had many techniques too.

“How do I show off my powerful martial strength?” Qing Shui asked with a smile.

“There are five rounds. You can get an invitation card when you win three rounds in a row.” The young waitress pointed at a building next door. It was like a fort. A very huge one. There was a battlefield with a platform and place to give away the invitation card. There would be different grades.

That was a way to add restrictions by the auction house. After all, it was a confined place. While it was relatively spacious, it could not bear the large crowd.

Qing Shui thought it over and took out some pills and forged products, “These things can be auctioned. Get someone to verify them and see if I qualify. Also, help me exchange some money for the auction.”

The young waitress certainly had no idea of the value of these items. She simply smiled, “A moment please, sir!”

Qing Shui nodded and stood there, observing his surroundings.

“This is the Fifth Young Master of the Lan King. He is indeed good-looking and a genius. I heard he might become the next king.”

“The Fifth Young Master is strong and great. He is one of the strongest among people his age in this Bailan City.”

“He is so excellent and one of the strongest. Apparently, he is not the greatest one, though,” Someone continued.

“There is no runner-up in martial arts. The Lan Clan is very strong, but other forces are not any weaker. They have many young talented people. It is hard to be the one leading far ahead of others. It is good enough to be one of the strongest. Approaching the late stage, it is tough to break through even once. Perhaps, one would never advance a single step for the rest of his life.”

Hence, those who had achieved the breakthrough by chance could easily win against warriors of a similar level. Yet, this was a tough step. Moreover, the leading bird would get shot first. The more talent one had, the easier he could lose his life.

Qing Shui listened to the discussions while watching a man walking down from a luxurious beast vehicle. The man seemed lively at his youthful age, looking handsome and bright. His eyes were bright, his armor in golden outline was mighty and elegant.

Two beauties stood by his side. They were tall and slim, looking graceful with curvy, seductive bodies. It would be shameful for a man from a big clan if he did not have a few decent-looking women. The Fifth Young Master was the cream of the crop in Bailan City. He definitely would not lose in the women aspect.

Hugging one of them on each side, he approached the auction house.

“Welcome, Fifth Young Master!”

“Why do you only come now? I’ve been waiting for you, Fifth Young Master.” Several young men walked to him happily, obviously from the same gang and they seemed to hang out together frequently.

“The bid hasn’t started yet, right? Why are you in a hurry? Come on, let’s get in. I heard there is good stuff this time.” The Fifth Young Master laughed. His hands squeezed the perky asses of the two women, making them pout shyly.

“Fifth Young Master is still so chicly. These two ladies looked different from the ones from three days back. You’re fast.” A young man smirked while observing the two women beside the Fifth Young Master.

“Young Master Fan, women are like clothes. We have to change them whenever we don’t feel like wearing them anymore. You are more thrifty. You don’t change your clothes even after some time. Girl, you are lucky to follow Young Master Fan.” Fifth Young Master looked at the woman beside the young man.

The woman was beautiful with an extraordinary otherworldly look. She was tall and lean with a subtle elegance. She seemed to be indifferent to everything but her charm was absolutely great. She stood quietly beside the young man like a snow lotus.

The woman kept silent which the Fifth Young Master seemed to be used to. He made a remark that it was uninteresting and then entered the auction house.

Qing Shui stood in the sideline for just a while. Many people entered one after another; each of them was a man of high status and identity. They were either members of royalty, noblemen, or ministers. Doubtless, some belonged to some big clans and forces.

After a moment, the young waitress hurried over, followed by a middle-aged man. “Sir, this is our Liu executive. He wants to talk to you.”

“Hi, Liu executive. I’m Qing Shui!”

“Mr. Qing, we have seen your items and they are great. How about we talk over there? The seat in the auction place is ready. We will bring you over before the bid begins,” The man said with a smile.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you.”

Following this Liu executive into the auction house, the man said immediately, “Sir, we like your items very much, especially the medicinal pills. I wonder if you’d like to auction them, or...?”

“If you like them, you can buy them straight away and I’ll refrain from auctioning them. It is just fitting as I’m lacking the money for bidding.” Qing Shui smiled. The warriors' world did not use gold and silver as money since they were meaningless to them. Strong warriors never lacked that kind of money.

In the warriors’ world, a special golden jade was used as money. This item was full of spiritual sense. It could speed up training and be widely used. Qing Shui had some golden jades but he was afraid that he could not afford some great items. Hence, he sold the medicinal pills to the auction house.

“This is great. I thank you on behalf of the owner. We shall offer 50 million golden jades, how about that?” The man offered.

Golden jades were valued in pieces like the copper cash in the past life. Yet, it was not the copper cash here. The shape of a golden jade was different. Golden jade could be irregular in shape. It was valued based on the content of spiritual sense in a single piece of golden jade.

Qing Shui knew the value and the purchasing power of the golden jade here, and 50 million was a good amount. The price offered was absolutely reasonable. He reckoned it was the same price if he auctioned them.

Thus, he nodded and said, “Okay!”

“There’s one thing I want to discuss with you. If I have insufficient money during the auction, could you please help me to produce the missing amount? I would repay with my items. I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied.” Qing Shui smiled.

“Absolutely no problem.”



Qing Shui entered the auction house. Inside was a closed room; only distinguished people could enjoy the privilege.

The auction house was grandly decorated, glittering in gold. There was a Bone Beast upon entering the main door. This was an ancient battle beast. However, there was only the skeleton left now. Initially, Qing Shui thought it was a carved demonic beast statue but he only realized then that it was a real demonic beast without its flesh and skin. It was so complete with its remaining skeleton.

The grand hall was crowded and bustling at that moment. There were at least ten thousand men standing in a semicircle, surrounding the front stage. That was where the auctioneer stood. There were many rooms on the second floor and only notable people were qualified to enter the rooms.

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