AST 2362 - Divine Place in Chaos City, Getting Ready

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2362 - Divine Place in Chaos City, Getting Ready

This was in theory. In principle, people could work toward this but in reality, at this level of strength, it was a simple game of absolute numbers. To advance further was astronomically difficult.

“Qing Shui, there seems to be a divine mystic ruin appearing in Chaos City. Shall we go and take a look?” Qing Shui was casually practicing the Yu Emperor Fist when Beihuang Fan found him. 

“Chaos City? Divine mystic ruins? What is it?” Qing Shui asked puzzledly. 

He had heard about Chaos City and knew a thing or two about it. He was asking about the mystic ruins.

“I don’t really know much details but it seems to be some ancient treasure troves filled with many traps. Several people from the Demon King Domain or even the Middle Three Regions are heading over. It’s really lively there. The treasure troves must have many good things in it.” Beihuang Fan laughed. 

“This is good news. We must not miss this great opportunity! How many people should we send?” Qing Shui said after some thought. It was natural to fight for benefits. Or at least, have a better understanding of the strength of the various local powers and those from the Forsaken Earth and Heaven domains.

“You decide. I will follow your instructions,” Beihuang Fan answered. 

“Great, marital harmony!” Qing Shui said jokingly as he pulled her hand. 

 Beihuang Fan glanced at him gently. Her charming eyes made Qing Shui unable to not think of the beautiful scenes from the past few nights. The provoking images gave Qing Shui heartthrobs. 

When Beihuang Fan noticed Qing Shui’s invasive glance, she started panicking and became even more embarrassed. She also couldn’t help but think of those nights where she did some extremely daring actions. Things she never expected herself to actually carry out.

At first it was a little conflicting, but in the end, Qing Shui could not overcome it and had to change posture. That was the way humans were. After having their first time, the following second and third time became easier and more natural before desiring for more.

There hadn’t been many days before she completely shattered. The thoughts of the shameful and frenetic scenes made her very embarrassed. 

Qing Shui felt extremely comfortable now. He happily embraced her and said, “Are you aware that I am very satisfied now?”

Beihuang Fan bowed her head and replied, “Is this a desire to possess or to conquer?”

“This is a desire for love. I want you to be happy, little Fanfan. So, do you like it that way?” Qing Shui said, enchanted.

“Not telling you. You always lie to me like this.” Beihuang Fan shook her head. 

“If you don’t tell your husband, then who do you want to tell it to? You mean you like it if we just strip our clothes and do it?” Qing Shui said mischievously.  

“Life isn’t just about this…” Beihuang Fan took a deep sigh. 

“But this is an important necessity in life. Think about how lively, pleasant, and ecstatic your voice is.” 

“Shut up, bastard!” Beihuang Fan was really becoming speechless now. This guy really dared to say everything. 

“So can you finally tell me how you like it now?” 

“Are you happy to see me embarrassed?” 

“You are my woman. A woman whom I love deeply and a woman who is perfect in my eyes. Do you not know that this can satisfy my soul and give me more confidence so that I can repay you even better? I can even perform better at night so as to make you happier with more confidence.” 

“You are already good enough. You don’t have to be better. You’re gonna kill me if you become even better…” 

Qing Shui blinked in surprise, “You are the best, my love! Do you know that this is the greatest affirmation to a man?”



The mystic ruins in Chaos City opened and before long, a powerful expert had died, attempting to enter. Others saw this and decided to form coalitions to explore the ruins.

Qing Shui described the situation in the Divine Place. Naturally, everyone wanted to go. In actual fact, there weren’t that many people in the Divine Place at this time. It was fine for everyone to head there together.

Qing Shui could protect them with the Divine Battle Puppet while boosting their strengths, so more people were naturally better.

There were many experts heading there from the Water Nation led by Nalan Hong, with many powerful dukes following behind.

Qing Shui was very cognizant and careful of the Nine Continents’ Martial Gate’s actions.

Although the Nine Continents’ Martial Gate here was merely a side branch and their force was not that powerful, it still carried the moniker “Nine Continents”. Its prestige mandated that they would head there, supported by branches in the other domains amongst the Middle Three Regions.

Nalan Qing wanted to go together with Qing Shui. They didn’t interact as much the moment the two women arrived, living and eating together with Qing Shui. It would have been truly questionable for her to be there as well.

Nalan Qing was a very proud and resilient person. Though she had been moved, she stoppered this feeling. However, she realized that she still fell for him. Just thinking about him and seeing him would make her heart aflutter.

“The more the merrier. How many people are coming?” Qing Shui asked. 

“The people coming this time all are considered quite strong, probably around 30 of them,” Nalan Qing answered after some thought. 

“Alright then. Let’s go together. Please start your preparations. We will leave in an hour’s time, ” Qing Shui gave out orders.

“I’m ready to go at any moment, “ Nalan Qing said and nodded.

“You don’t seem very happy?” Qing Shui looked at Nalan Qing. She seemed to be in low spirits.

“Really?” Nalan Qing asked. 

“Yes. Your gaze seems to be bitter, like an abandoned woman.” Qing Shui was no greenhorn. He could easily understand that this woman did hold feelings for him.

“You are the one who’s bitter!“ Nalan Qing said unnaturally. 

“Are you in love with me?” Qing Shui reached out to touch her beautiful face. 

“Who’d fall in love with a narcissist like you? Don’t overthink it.” Nalan Qing frantically took a step back.

“Women always lie about their feelings. Seems like you really are in love with me,” Qing Shui said firmly. 

“Why must you tease me so? You don’t even love me.” Nalan Qing glared at Qing Shui. 

“Why did you say that? I’m still thinking of when I can request your father’s permission for me to marry you. I’m just afraid that you won’t accept,” Qing Shui laughed and said. 

“Liar. You big fat liar. Let’s just go. We have to hurry to Chaos City.” Nalan Qing revealed a faint smile, confusing Qing Shui. Women’s thoughts were simply too indiscernible. He simply couldn’t tell where they were as a couple.

When love came, it couldn’t be stopped. When love did not come, it couldn’t be begged for. Just let nature take its course. Do not force it deliberately but at the same time, do not give up easily. Leave matters up to fate; whatever is yours would eventually be yours. It might seem passive, but even if you did obtain things by force, you would realize that you lost what you had envisioned to be wonderful.

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