AST 2363 - Women Being Divvied up as Spoils

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2363 - Women Being Divvied up as Spoils

Chaos City was at the northernmost edge of the Demon King Domain. It was the scariest place in the Demon King Domain. Heaven for the strong, hell for the weak.

There was no morality or empathy in the city. It was survival of the fittest. Those with power could be despotic and whatever they wanted without receiving any criticism. Strength would grant you everything and anything you wished for.

It was said that Chaos City was not the original name of the city. It only got this name after all sorts of people had blended in. Matters only got worse in this city after getting this name, as it became even more chaotic than before.

The number of powerhouses in this city was unimaginable. This was the city with the least number of commoners. The inner city held only cultivators and no mortals, with countless powers converging, straddling the boundaries of life and death in endless struggles.

Many disciples from powerful sects were here to temper themselves by trying to survive and thrive in this harsh environment.

There were always buffer zones between every country that served as common roads. It was the ‘National Road’, a highway between countries. There weren’t any immigration laws and people could just walk out of a country.

The National Roads saved travel time for merchants, providing convenience at the cost of potential threats and unexpected incidents. 

Qing Shui’s group was by no means slow, and were exceptionally fast with the Nine Continents Steps. Even with the beasts tirelessly traveling through the night, it would still take some time.

They were able to see Chaos City within half a month. 

The altitude of the city’s location was relatively high compared to the surrounding area, like a city floating on the sky with an inviolable aura of majesty spreading outward.

Chaos City was complex. Qing Shui couldn’t help but frown as he looked at the city. There was a horrifying existence lurking in Chaos City, though it was unknown whether it was a Demonic Beast or a human. 

The city itself had no guards. Few people were seen entering or exiting. Qing Shui couldn’t find anyone at the gates, only seeing the occasional wanderer further inwards.

“This city is a little weird,” Qing Shui said with a laugh. 

“We have to be careful. I heard that the city has an entrance test and only those who pass are allowed to enter,” Nalan Qing reminded the group. 

As Nalan Qing finished, a magnetic force seemed to pull everyone downward. Though the force was getting stronger, Qing Shui’s group would not be impeded by such a weak force and they casually pressed on.

The force disappeared after a short while. It was a simple test. Whether other tests laid ahead no one could say, but it was unlikely for there to be a second test as the weaklings had already been weeded out.

The further they went, the more people there were. They blended in with the crowd, though they didn’t know anyone there. They could only try and fish for news about the mystical ruins.

“Qing Shui, I got some information saying that we have to go to the Sky Penetrating Ridge at the northwest part of Chaos City to witness the divine place,” Nuo Lan reported to Qing Shui.  

Qing Shui nodded and replied, ”Then let’s head straight to the Sky Penetrating Ridge.” Qing Shui started activating the powers of his Divine Soldier Soaring Blade right away. The Battle God Halo and remaining capabilities that were powered by motions without any consumption of energy were all activated. 

Everyone knew that Qing Shui had powerful support abilities. Though they were shockingly powerful, there was no need to make a fuss out of it.

The group had about fifty to sixty people. Though this number wasn’t massive, the team wasn’t too small either. Three to five people, or even a few dozens would also be sufficient, as they couldn’t overturn the skies. Battles in this world, even between different kingdoms, were not won through numbers.

The Sky Penetrating Ridge was an extremely prominent giant mountain range, visible from a high altitude. This part of Chaos City was just the Sky Penetrating Ridge which was also a part of the Sky Penetrating Mountain Range, the largest mountain range traversing the Nine Continents.

Qing Shui recalled how he once entered the Sky Penetrating Mountains back in the Eastern Victory Divine Continent. All he thought back then was that the mountain range was truly massive, but was it truly transcontinental? 

Looking from above, the Sky Penetrating Mountains were like a prideful, endless dragon, stretching beyond the horizon.

Qing Shui didn’t have much interest in this issue, as this just wasn’t that shocking. There was actually a good chance of this, as the Sky Penetrating Mountain Range was the Nine Continents’ dragon vein. Even the Greencloud Continent’s Giant Beasts Mountains were included in this range.

It did not take long for them to reach the Sky Penetrating Ridge. The Sky Penetrating Ridge was one of the highest parts of Chaos City, maybe even one of the highest parts of the whole Sky Penetrating Mountain Range, penetrating through the clouds and even beyond. The skies were essentially boundless, and this aptly displayed the sheer height of this monstrosity. 

There were already many people there, with a village at the foot of the mountain. However, the people living there were not common mortals, but the local residents of the Sky Penetrating Village.

The village itself couldn’t accommodate too many, so most of them had to pitch tents. This was mainly to restock food.

Qing Shui and company became a center of attention as there were a few very beautiful women in it, completely diminishing the presence of others. Beautiful women like the ones accompanying Qing Shui could bring trouble in Chaos City. 

All eyes were on the women. 

“I want the one in snow-white shirt.” A voice sounded, as a man stood up and started looking around. 

“Then I will have the other one.” Another middle-aged man followed up and said. 

“Since Brother wants those two, I will have that young lady then. Just one.” A matured, evil, yet charming man laughed. 



Qing Shui remained silent. He knew that Chaos City would be messy, with no proper rules. Robbing and stealing were normal, and it seemed like his women had already been divided up among these middle-aged and old fellas. They did so quickly and naturally, as if it were their right, while the rest could only enviously stare.

Qing Shui neither responded nor reacted. The people beside him naturally remained quiet, as if they were oblivious to surrounding people talking about them, and doing what they should be doing. 

However, Qing Shui had brought his strength to its peak. Some things could only be communicated through fists and blood.

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