AST 2364 - Five Chaos Dragons, Smiting Evil

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2364 - Five Chaos Dragons, Smiting Evil

Qing Shui remained quiet, so those people didn’t bother about him, not even finding it strange that he didn’t react. These people would be absolute tyrants in the Demon King Domain. They didn’t give a damn about any local powers.

“These few ladies are so beautiful. We are the Five Chaos Dragons. May we have the honor of inviting you to a drink?” The five of them walked toward Qing Shui.

Many people were paying attention to this development. The muscular man was Beitai Shipan. Another was Liang Long while the elegant, charming man was Bai Runxue, a man with a very feminine-sounding name. One of the two older men was called Zhao Wu and the oldest, ugliest man was called E Chong.

The five of them were the Five Chaos Dragons, which was their nickname in Chaos City, originating from five different forces. Beitai Shipan was the son of the city lord. He was very powerful but arrogant as the leader among the five.

The Chaos City city lord was extremely mysterious. It was said that he wasn’t from the Demonic King Domain, but from the other two domains in the Middle Three Regions, although there was no concrete evidence to support that. Even so, his roots were firmly planted in Chaos City, establishing a powerful clan here.

“Five Chaos Dragons? What’s that?” Qing Shui asked at this moment. 

Qing Shui was perplexed. Three of these men looked far younger than the rest despite seeming middle-aged and the other two looked like old men. Perhaps they aged faster.

“Wow, what a savage. Newcomer? We would have given you some compensation for these five women, but it seems like we can save on this. You have to understand some things about coming to Chaos City.” Tai Shipan smiled, speaking calmly but cruelly, giving others a weary impression.

“I’m very puzzled. How is it possible that you all can still be alive despite being so crazy and unbridled?” Qing Shui deliberately chose his words. 

This got the Five Chaos Dragons frowning. Even though they were arrogant, they weren’t fools. Being able to bring such beautiful women into Chaos City while remaining this calm meant that he probably had something to rely on. 

This also shocked them, as they weren’t afraid of anyone in Chaos City, and yet, Qing Shui’s behavior was opposite to what they had expected. They quickly realized that Qing Shui was just a youth; perhaps it was ignorance that fueled this arrogance.

“Alright, let me do you a favor since you are so eager to die.” The ugliest old man, E Chong, went straight for Qing Shui and caught Qing Shui with his brown arm. 

Black Dragon Arm!

Qing Shui looked at the arm which just caught him. It was strong and as tough as tree trunks. However, sharp weapons started appearing from the fingertips and went straight for his throat at a strange speed. 

The first move was already a deadly move. 

Stellar Transposition!

Qing Shui did not harbor any good feelings toward these people, and this man had shot poison at him. Now with the power to attack even the stars, as long as he didn’t escape the area, Qing Shui directly used the fighting to move.


A snow-white light flashed and hit E Zhong directly. Everyone was in shock to witness how the flash of light had dissipated E Zhong’s body, making him seemingly disappear. 

These people weren’t too bad, and could even be considered formidable; just a level below the Water Emperor. However, they weren’t at the peak of Chaos City.

Tai Shipan looked at Qing Shui with his brows furrowed. He didn’t feel pain towards E Zhong’s death. Though they were called the Five Chaos Dragons, they didn’t have any bonds of brotherhood but merely were a bunch of friends with unsavory habits, each with similar goals and backers, especially at this Chaos City.

Qing Shui acted as if what he had just done was insignificant. He directed his sight towards the next old man. It felt as though he was looking at scum. The older the person, the more disgust he felt; not to mention how the two old men were the weaker ones.

Zhao Wu started trembling as Qing Shui looked at him. The rest of them didn’t look happy either as Qing Shui did manage to kill E Zhongin just a second ago, which hit them hard. 

“Weren’t you happily talking a moment ago? What happened?” Qing Shui said while laughing. The Stellar Transposition needed time to recharge. It was better to buy some time to use Stellar Transposition and easily settle matters, while forcing the enemy into submission.

“May I know who you are, sir? Don’t you think you were too heavy-handed?” Tai Shipan was the head of the Five Chaos Dragons so it was natural for him to stand up and speak out.

“Who am I? I am just an ordinary person who is here with my friends to explore the ruins. It was you scum who just had to check out my women. Truly, a person would die by only asking for it.” Qing Shui stared at Tai Shipan and said calmly. 

He sounded as if he was joking but the Five, or Four Chaos Dragons now, all felt uneasy. The damage Qing Shui had done was unfathomable. They were all afraid of disappearing from this world. 

“You’ve already killed someone. Since you are here for the mystical ruins just like everyone else, why not just put these matters aside first? It was our fault just now but we did not do you any harm. You’ve killed someone already so can we just put this to rest?” Tai Shipan said submissively. 

He sounded very submissive but all of the Four Chaos Dragons were hoping that Qing Shui could agree. They did not want to die after all. Even if they could join forces and attack Qing Shui, they didn’t dare to risk it all. The chance of death was just too high. 

“Qing Shui, let’s just forget it. We came here for the miracle. There is no need for us to stir up so much trouble, right?” Nalan Qing finally spoke. 

“They are some of the most powerful forces in Chaos City. I’ve killed one of them today so they will definitely hold grudges against me and bring more people to attack us next time. Things will get more troublesome.” Qing Shui frowned. 

“There may be still troubles but it will definitely get worse if you kill them all now. The City Lord of Chaos City is a very mysterious man. You will definitely be in hot water if you killed his son. Why not just issue a warning saying that you will kill them the next time things like this happen again?” Nalan Qing said. 

“Ok, fine. We’ll do that.” Qing Shui laughed. 

“You heard her. If I meet you guys or you guys bring more people that are related to you, I won’t hesitate to kill all of you. Killing you is as easy as flipping a palm. Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Qing Shui threatened the Four Chaos Dragons.

Tai Shipan let out a sigh of relief, saying, “No worries. We won’t appear before you anymore.” 

Qing Shui waved his hands. It did not matter to him if they were being honest. He meant everything he said, and without Nalan Qing’s persuasion just now, all these people would have been killed by now to prevent further trouble.

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