AST 2377 - Powerful Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard, Can Only Be Defeated By Speed

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2377 - Powerful Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard, Can Only Be Defeated By Speed

Qing Shui looked at Nalan Qing, knowing that she might not bear to kill them. This was how humans were, especially women. They might not be too soft-hearted toward some vicious existences, but when the targets were beautiful or weaker existences, they would tend to have a softer approach.

This was the same for many men as well. Qing Shui had to say that these two Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards were really likable with their beauty and grace. They had an air of majesty but yet still appeared to be cute. Although they had a huge body, it still didn't affect their beauty.

"You can't stand the thought?" Qing Shui smiled and asked.

"They look really nice. Why must we kill them? I heard from the priest that it's not easy to encounter Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards either," Nalan Qing tried to negotiate.

"Although they look nice, they are very powerful. We might not be able to capture them. Their speed could be said to be among the fastest." Through Qing Shui's Spiritual Sense, he could sense how strong these Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards were. They were slightly stronger compared to the demonic beasts that the Peach Blossom City's City Lord had called out previously.

Although Qing Shui's current demonic beasts weren't bad, they were still a far cry from these Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards. He really wanted to refine these two Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards into Blood Strengthening Pills but after looking at Nalan Qing, he reckoned that even if he managed to capture them, she probably wouldn't allow for that to happen.

Nalan Qing didn't say anything more. However, Qing Shui looked at Nalan Qing, thinking that if he managed to capture the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards, he would gift her one as a ride.

Roar roar...

The Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards let out deep growls as if they were showing off their might when they saw many people appearing in their sights.  Their bodies were slightly arched, making everyone's hair stand up. The beasts looked like bows that were drawn to its full power, being able to release a deadly arrow at any moment.

Qing Shui let the ladies back away. When the others noticed that, they retreated as well, leaving only Qing Shui, Priest Purewood, as well as the Divine Battle Puppet in the field.

"Priest Purewood, I'll leave one for you to tackle. I'll get the puppet to provide you with support." Qing Shui said to Priest Purewood.

Priest Purewood did feel a little anxious. He was prepared to deal with these two Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards together with Qing Shui from the beginning, but hadn't expected for them to be so powerful. He had really underestimated them.

However, things turned out quite well. When he saw that Qing Shui, whom he had intended to use as his assistant, was actually so strong to the extent that he himself became the assistant instead, he wasn't disappointed at all. Instead, he was especially happy. Knowing that there was that "big fellow" helping him, he felt more confident.

"There's no need to worry. If you are careful, things will turn out just fine."

Qing Shui used the Battle God Halo and formations on Priest Purewood while also activating the Divine Weapon Flying Sword's ability to send Priest Purewood soaring into the sky. Right now, Priest Purewood felt that he would have the courage even if he were to deal with the two Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards single-handedly at the same time.


The Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards kept on growling. Their voices could penetrate through metal and shatter stones. Suddenly, one of them lunged toward Qing Shui and a blue flash appeared as it moved.


Qing Shui used his hand to block as a conditional reflex. He felt a powerful collision striking onto him and he was sent flying. Qing Shui's resistance to attacks was alright, but he was still sent flying by its staggering strength.

Its speed was too fast and the additional strength contributed from the fast speed was too much. It would definitely surpass the attacks from other beasts of the same strength.

Despite the fact that Qing Shui's body was extremely powerful, he still sustained several wounds. After all, its claws were too big and after the blow, Qing Shui's clothes were all tattered and torn. He had blocked his face and thus his body and arms were filled with claw marks.

Almost at the same time, another Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard pounced toward Priest Purewood.

Qing Shui didn't dare to be too careless and used his Art of Pursuing and Emperor's Qi!

Right now, Qing Shui wanted to reduce his opponent's speed.

Buddha Wisdom Seal!

Nine Continents Mountain!

Qing Shui now understood how important absolute speed was. Even with his Heavenly Vision Technique, he still felt that its speed was too fast.


After the Divine Battle Puppet was sent flying by the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard, Priest Purewood was struck and sent flying as well.

Thankfully, Priest Purewood's resistance to attacks wasn't bad either. Priest Purewood's strength was around five trillion Dao force to begin with. After Qing Shui had provided him with strengthening and used the Divine Weapon Flying Sword's damage reduction, Priest Purewood was also able to withstand the attacks. However, the problem lay within the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard's claws and teeth.

The sharpness of their claws and teeth was something that Priest Purewood's body was unable to deal with, as well as Qing Shui and the Divine Battle Puppet. He had deep wounds inflicted on his body. If not because of Qing Shui's Divine Weapon Flying Sword, as well as the fact that Qing Shui had weakened them, this attack would have taken Priest Purewood's life.

Speed could defeat all martial arts in the world. Not only were the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards fast but they also had claws that were like divine artifacts. This was also something that other demonic beasts couldn't compare with.

The Dragon Slaying Beast also participated in the battle but was unable to handle it. It was sent flying repeatedly, unable to get close to the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards at all.

Speed. It all went down to speed. Even Qing Shui's Stellar Transposition was hard to be used. Thankfully, the Emperor's Qi and Art of Pursuing provided weakening to an area and it was practically impossible for the targets to dodge.

Priest Purewood had left the battle. Right now, it was the Divine Battle Puppet and the Dragon Slaying Beast who were fending off an Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard. The four Black Ice Divine Worms could also restrain them slightly.

Windwhisk Willow!

With his target’s weakened speed, Qing Shui having his Heavenly Vision Technique ability and performing the Liu Clan's powerful technique, their speeds were finally matched. This showed how incredible the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard's speed was. This was with Qing Shui's speed also being considered to be super strong.

Since their speeds were on par at last, Qing Shui started to retaliate. Not only was the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard fast, but it was also a demonic beast with two attributes--water and wind. The wind attribute gave them unrivaled speed and the water attribute gave them flexibility and control.

Its huge body was extremely soft and right now, it presented an ice-crystal color. Attacks that backfired toward itself or attacks launched toward it would have their speed reduced or even be sealed by ice.

Those who were either too weak or their bodies weren't strong enough could be frozen to death.

Qing Shui's Berserk Dragon Fist struck onto one of the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards and had a slight bit of buffer. Just this buffer alone could make the damage the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard suffered to be reduced by a lot. Moreover, it could also cause the attacker's reaction and speed to be decreased.

Ice seal!

The Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard opened its mouth and spurted out a huge cloud that was like icy flames, encompassing Qing Shui.

He was sealed in ice.

Qing Shui wasn't very worried. His body's energy leaked out abruptly. His Nine Yang Physique was of extreme yang and thus, he was able to dissolve the ice seal on the outside.

He struck out a punch and a huge fist shadow was sent blasting out.

Hitting A Cow Through A Mountain!

Qing Shui's Berserk Dragon Fist wasn't bad but it couldn't hurt the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard. Therefore, he used the Hitting A Cow Through A Mountain ability that could neglect some defense. However, it couldn't neglect the target's full defense.


A single punch caused the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard to let out an agonizing howl. The force of this punch was very strong. Qing Shui didn't dare to use Stellar Transposition for fear that he would deal an instantly lethal blow.

Qing Shui was in a state that he wouldn't lose. It was just a matter of time before he defeated the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard. It wouldn't be difficult for him to kill the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard now. With the Stellar Transposition, even if he didn't kill it within a single attack, he would still be able to kill it within 15 minutes. After all, he could completely negate the opponent's defense during the attack.

Qing Shui's defense was sufficient for him to unleash a destructive blow.

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