AST 2378 - Taming, Returning to The Water Nation

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2378 - Taming, Returning to The Water Nation

Qing Shui shut his eyes and registered everything in the surroundings with his Spiritual Sense. His figure became elusive and the Windwhisk Willow had been unleashed to a terrifying level; everything appeared to be drifty. His movements gave off a great feeling of being on point.


Deep stifled sounds kept ringing out and Qing Shui seemed to have reached a mysterious level. He got some inspirations that he had obtained after combining the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard's speed and figure.

Speed was very important, especially when it was a combination of one's speed and body. It wasn't that one would definitely be able to win with speed, but that the difference in strength between both sides mustn't be too great and that there were other techniques involved. For example, in this case, Qing Shui had the Basic Sword Techniques.

This was the most straightforward approach and had the greatest priority. People in Qing Shui's previous life who cultivated martial arts generally didn't use high leg lifts in actual battle. It would be courting death to use such gaudy moves. Beautiful actions were used in performance and in actual battles, people would prioritize on using speed and ending the battle quickly. Even if they were to use kicks, they would tend to attack areas that were above or below the opponent's kneecaps.

The battles in the Nine Continents were far too advanced compared to Qing Shui's previous life. Despite so, this principle was still effective.

Right now, Qing Shui circulated his speed to the greatest and it was a perfect combination with his body. In such a form, he could unleash his strength to the highest possible level. This had traces of heavenly Dao and was also a way of improvement.

Qing Shui kept on attacking the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard. Every one of his punches connected and caused the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard to keep on crying out agonizingly.

About the time for one stick of incense to burn, the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard finally fell. It didn't die, but was merely unable to get back on its feet. On the other hand, Qing Shui felt very energized. It was a great feeling he had never felt before.

Nalan Qing walked up next to Qing Shui and then headed to the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard, stroking it, "Is it still alive?"

"Sister Qing, you aren't showing concern for me, but instead, are worried about this Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard. I feel hurt." Qing Shui smiled and looked at Nalan Qing.

"Aren't you just fine? I was worried about you during the battle just now..." Nalan Qing's face turned a little flush and she lowered her beautiful face lightly.

Her beautiful appearance made Qing Shui's heart throb. She was like the poppy flowers that drifted with the wind, causing an indescribable heart-throbbing feeling to rise in Qing Shui's heart. When a lady with a pure heart said that she was worried for him in such a manner, Qing Shui felt a sense of pride and satisfaction that men enjoyed very much.

"If you like this demonic beast so much, why don't you keep it?" Qing Shui suggested.

"Can I? It's much stronger than I am and Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards aren't that easy to tame." Nalan Qing gave it some thought before shaking her head.

"There's no need to worry about this. Leave it to me." Qing Shui formed hand seals and then drew out a hint of blood essence from Nalan Qing before incorporating it into the seal. He then imprinted the seal into the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard's brain. Right now, the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard was injured so its resistance was weaker than normal.

Qing Shui then took out the Supreme Sacred Beast Pill and got Nalan Qing to feed it to the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard.

After completing all these, Qing Shui broke out in sweat. This was primarily because the gap between Nalan Qing's and the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard's cultivation was a bit too big. This ability which was similar to the Soul Imprint Mark was something he had comprehended after the tenth cave had been opened. This was the first time he was using it. 

Qing Shui easily recovered a large part of the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard's injuries. As for the second Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard, Qing Shui sealed it in the Primordial Demon Refining Furnace for now.

During the battle, it was hard for everyone's heart to calm down. The danger that would follow should be even greater. If Qing Shui was unable to handle it later, then everyone would die. Moreover, they would be easily wiped out completely.

They understood that Qing Shui had no relation to them. In times of danger, he would definitely bring along his own people and leave the dangerous place at once. Such a powerful person would definitely have his own life-saving abilities.

Therefore, many more people left, returning by the same path they came in. Although it was also dangerous, the level of danger was a lot lower. If they were lucky, they would be able to return to the entrance easily

Priest Purewood needed a medicinal herb. It was the Sky Crystal Flower that the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards were guarding.

It was something that Priest Purewood needed to attain his breakthrough. He was also an Alchemist and was quite a good one. Therefore, this trip turned out well for him now that he had gotten the Sky Crystal Flower.

Qing Shui had gained a lot on this trip to the divine area as well, and there wasn't any need to go in any further. However, Qing Shui still wanted to head further in as he found out from Priest Purewood that there were quite a number of ancient beasts in front as well as some treasures. Of course, it would also be dependent on the individual's luck.

Qing Shui continued to advance further and got his hands on some ancient beasts. On the way, he also refined what he needed. He even attempted to let some of the others tame some demonic beasts, but it was unsuccessful. Shen Huang already had the Rainbow Divine Dragon and the Black Ice Divine Worm. She basically couldn't get any other tamed beasts anymore.

Beihuang Fan was a little better. Qing Shui went all out to help her tame the other Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard.

Hao Tian and the others had their own takeaways from this trip as well, but their tamed demonic beasts were a lot weaker compared to the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards. Despite being so, they still gained a lot. After all, there weren't many demonic beasts that were like the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards. Qing Shui realized that they were very lucky when the two ladies could tame their demonic beasts. Or rather, it could be said that a large part was also contributed by their own physiques.

In the end, Qing Shui was almost certain of this inference. All in all, it could be said that everyone had huge gains after this trip. However, they didn't find any unrivaled treasures and this was something regretful.

At one point, they didn't dare to advance any further. The valuable things might be even deeper inside but due to all sorts of reasons, Qing Shui and the others didn't continue on.

After returning to Chaos City, all of them heaved a sigh of relief. After all, every day spent in the divine area had been plagued with danger.

Water Nation!

Qing Shui, Nalan Qing, and the others bade Priest Purewood goodbye and returned to the Water Nation. Priest Purewood once again invited Qing Shui to stay for a bit longer in Chaos City. Qing Shui agreed to stay a little longer the next time he visited.

Nalan Qing rode the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopard on the way back and gave everyone a huge surprise. People would know about such powerful legendary demonic beasts after they had reached a certain level in their strength. Existences that had a similar strength level with the Ancient Blue Topaz Leopards would tend to be crushed.

The Water Emperor now had complete grasp over the Water Nation and had gotten stronger as well. He was very glad to see that Qing Shui and Nalan Qing had come back together. When he saw the smile on his daughter's face, he felt even happier. He had been through similar things in life and knew that his daughter liked Qing Shui.

However, Qing Shui had never brought up the topic of marriage to him before and thus, the Water Emperor didn't dare to say anything. He naturally hoped to see his daughter getting together with Qing Shui. Previously, his daughter had been made to go through grief, but now that they had been through the hard times, it wouldn't be too late for her to experience happiness.

The Water Emperor knew that it was definitely due to Qing Shui that his daughter could get such a powerful pet. Therefore, he felt that his daughter held a great place in Qing Shui's heart. Moreover, he had confidence in his daughter that she wouldn't lose out to anyone both in terms of appearance and talent.

"Qing Shui, thank you for taking care of my lass during this trip." The Water Emperor welcomed Qing Shui warmly into the palace and entered his personal palace hall.

"You're too kind. I didn't do much. Moreover, Sister Qing and I are very good friends. This is something that I ought to do," Qing Shui said politely.

"Back then, Qing`er had only chosen to get married for the sake of the Nalan Clan. The other party died before she was wed, and now her reputation is damaged." The Water Emperor sighed. He didn't feel good to be bringing these things up. Despite being an emperor, he had been forced to this stage.

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