AST 2384 Black Diamond Demon King, Heavenly Dance Battle GodTang Xi

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2384 – Black Diamond Demon King, Heavenly Dance Battle God—Tang Xi

The middle-aged fatty was about two and half meters tall, sticking out among the crowd of people. Height of people in this world was about the same as in his previous life, however, there were still great disparities. For example, there was no lack of people at the height of three meters, and there were also many who only stood at a meter high.

Where they were at though, the Fatty was the tallest without a doubt. His skin was exceptionally dark as well, comparable to the ethnically dark-skinned people in his previous life.

Qing Shui and his companions followed the Dark Fatty from a distance. After all, they didn’t know what the stranger was up to, but Qing Shui soon realized after identifying the Dark Fatty.

Black Diamond Demon King Inheritor.

Perhaps he knew the Dark Fatty’s title, but he didn’t know exactly what the latter was planning to do. Although Qing Shui did have the knowledge of this Black Diamond Demon King’s style, as well as his requisites for advancing in power.

The Black Diamond Demon King stared at a large silhouette from afar. It had a nickname from ancient times, known as Black (Lecherous) Demon. This was because his technique was similar to harvesting women; it was a sort of Demon Gate technique which helped to gather and supplement him with energy.

Black Diamond Demon King inheritors were tall and muscular with a dark skin, robust in appearance. Any woman chosen would die on the spot, actually not from harvesting but from pain.

Pursuance of a narrow gain while neglecting a greater danger!

Naturally, Qing Shui resembled the greater danger, and he was confident with that title. This was the Forsaken Earth Region. Even if it was his first time here, he could still feel that there weren’t many who could be up against him—even implying that those few existed was a humble gesture on his part.

Qing Shui noticed the woman ahead as well and froze. Their situation seemed to have taken a turn for the better; the woman ahead was a Battle God Inheritor and a strong one at that. Qing Shui speculated that the Black Fatty wasn’t her match.

Heavenly Dance Battle God Inheritor, Heavenly Dance Battle God.

This Battle God’s strength was in her dance—the Heavenly Dance. It was as much a dance as it was a technique, much like Windwhisk Willow except the former was much stronger. Due to the enchanting element of the Heavenly Dance, it was easy for one to be lost in its elegance, captivated by its moves.

Besides the Heavenly Dance, this Battle God was skilled in assassination, poison, enchantment, and the like. This was a Battle God which inclined towards assassination, just like how the Massacre Battle God was inclined to open slaughter. That being said, the Heavenly Dance Battle God wasn’t an assassin. The inheritor would only slay murderers without even them realizing the dawning of their deaths.

Qing Shui grew even more intrigued by the situation. Furthermore, The presence of a Battle God meant the existence of a Divine Palace. He supposed this woman would be his gateway to visit the Divine Palace.

This was Boulder City, the furthest city in the border of the Forsaken Earth Region. That fact alone was why Qing Shui hadn’t expected the existence of the Demon Gate and the Divine Palace.

The Heavenly Dance Battle God seemed oblivious to the enemy following behind her. She walked and stopped, purchasing little trinkets along the way. From afar, she seemed young with a good figure and tall stature. She looked gentle with exquisite features and impeccable mannerisms. At the very least, she was as beautiful as Nuo Lan.

“Big brother Qing Shui, don’t compete with me to snatch women this time around. I don’t have any women beside me now, and I want to woo her,” Hao Tian spoke up abruptly.

Qing Shui rubbed his forehead. “When have I ever snatched a woman from you? Woo whoever you please.”

Qing Shui was speechless while the other two women smiled at him.

“Keke, I promise I won’t ever…”

“No promises needed, and we wouldn’t interfere either. Woo whoever you please.” Beihuang Fan smiled.

“That’s right. I can even help you in getting those you can’t.” Shen Huang added.

Qing Shui knew that the two women were just saying this casually, but he hadn’t expected the humor from Shen Huang and rubbed his nose awkwardly.

“Not only are these sisters-in-law beautiful, but their graciousness is impressive too. Brother, you will have no regrets in this lifetime—No, you won’t have any regrets even if you are single in the next life too,” Hao Tian said with envy.

“Maybe you were like me in your previous life…”

Hao Tian blinked and said, “You shouldn’t joke like this.”

The rest broke into laughter. Diamond Battle God rubbed his head and laughed. “Then, Hao Tian wouldn’t have any regrets even if he is single for this lifetime.”

Unwittingly, they arrived at a secluded area. The Heavenly Dance Battle God halted in her steps and spoke without turning back. “Black Demon, are you still not going to make your appearance after following me for so long?”

Her voice was crisp and as melodic as wind chimes, incredibly pleasant to the ears.

Hao Tian grew even more agitated. “She’s mine. Mine. Don’t you dare snatch her!”

Qing Shui chose to ignore it and pretend he didn’t hear a thing.

“Hehe, seems like I’m blessed today. So are you, Tang Xi.” Dark Fatty appeared with a lewd smile on his face.

“You managed to flee last time. I’d love to see how you can pull that off this time,” Heavenly Dance Battle God, Tang Xi, replied coldly.

“Flee? Why would I flee? I can’t wait to be near you. I’ve pinned you down even in my dreams, I’m sure it must feel amazing.” Dark Fatty snickered.

“Go to hell!”

The Heavenly Dance Battle God didn’t want to prolong this any further. Her elegant postures were like the wind, seemingly without trajectory yet lunging in haste towards the Dark Fatty.

Two enormous hammers appeared in the hands of the Black Diamond Demon King. Their heads were cylindrical in shape, and they were as tall as the Dark Fatty. Compared to the latter, they seemed even thicker in size.

The pair of hammers were black and red in color, and in turn, with them in hand, the Dark Fatty seemed even more invincible.

Heavenly Dance Battle God used a sword which was hidden in her sleeves, not usually revealed but fatal the moment it made its appearance.

Her sleeves were long, so even her hands were usually hidden.

Heavenly Dance Battle God, Tang Xi’s movements were like a butterfly. They were as beautiful as a butterfly dance but also extremely fast. It was mystical, and she seemed to emit a subtle pollen-like scent.

Ding, ding…

There was a continuous sound of metal colliding, as sparks lit against the hammers. However, the other weapon of his enemy was nowhere in sight. Heavenly Dance Battle God’s danced with her long sleeves, tangling themselves against a hammer at one moment before tugging it firmly. Her speed increased multiple times.

The Dark Fatty’s expression changed as the other hammer spiraled out.

One must admit that an enormous weapon had its advantage as did a long one; it was stronger in proportionate with each inch longer and riskier with each inch shorter. They both had individual pros and cons.

The Dark Fatty managed to dodge. Heavenly Dance Battle God, Tang Xi let a smile slip when she saw the Dark Fatty’s expression and exuded a pure and untainted charm, her body twirling magically.

The Dark Fatty seemed captivated but soon regained his composure and retreated in haste.


A gash sliced through his chest. If he hadn’t retreated quickly, that sword slash would have made its mark across his throat.

The Dark Fatty’s clothes were completely drenched in cold sweat, cursing inwardly. Even a Battle God from the Divine Palace had enchantment techniques. This dampened his mood.

“Young Lady, I’ll capture you this time and kill you.”

The Dark Fatty roared. With a wave of his hand, a gigantic demonic beast appeared.

Qing Shui recognized the demonic beast and was stunned by the sight. It was a Demonic Dragon Bat.

This was an oversized bat with a pair of powerful dragon wings. Demonic Dragon Bats usually lived in flocks. It was a demon-like beast, and its scariest ultimate technique was Ultrasound.

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