AST 2385 Hao Tian’s Entrance, Roc Fist

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2385 – Hao Tian’s Entrance, Roc Fist

The terrifying thing about the Demonic Dragon Bat wasn’t just its ability to kill but also its horrifying Ultrasound. It would have been unimaginably scary if they came in a flock. Ultrasound from the Demonic Dragon Bat was without form, and most importantly, it could attack through any obstruction.

At the sight of the Demonic Dragon Bat, Qing Shui knew that Heavenly Dance Battle God, Tang Xi, would lose.

Their disparity in power wasn’t huge at all, however, a strong presence like the Demonic Dragon Bat had an enormous power of transmitting Ultrasound. This would disrupt their opponents and was extremely effective. More importantly, it could achieve its desired effect at the very moment it was used.

Tang Xi’s expression shifted a little at the sight of the Demonic Dragon Bat. Her arm extended as an enormous, sky-blue Flying Wolf appeared and charged towards the Demonic Dragon Bat. At the same time, she lunged at the Dark Fatty.

The Dark Fatty snickered. Without warning, the hammer in his hand collided with her wolf’s skull, and the Demonic Dragon Bat emitted a piercing cry at the same time. Heavenly Dance Battle God didn’t feel the effects of it, for the cry wasn’t directed at her.

Its Ultrasound was targeted at the wolf.

Thereafter, the wolf seemed to pause for a short while. Death happened in an instant during a battle among powerful warriors. At that moment, the great hammer smashed against its skull. The Black Diamond Demon King had immense strength, and the pair of hammers were extremely powerful as well. Without suspense, the wolf’s skull was destroyed by the hits.

As though it had a mind of its own, the hammer returned to the Black Diamond Demon King. The pair of hammers had another usage; they could summon each other. Hence, the Black Diamond Demon King had a tendency of using them as a secret tactic to attack, kill and obstruct.

“Baby, Brother Hei will dote on you today.” He had a despicable smile to him. At the same time, he was well prepared, ready to attack the Heavenly Dance Battle God at any time.

The Demonic Dragon Bat let out a screeching sound towards the Heavenly Dance Battle God.

In an instant, Heavenly Dance Battle God felt as though there were innumerable bees dancing in her head. The sensation couldn’t be stopped even when she numbed her own senses. This was the terrifying aspect to Demonic Dragon Bat. The only way to stop it was through her own resistance or for it to stop.

The Black Diamond Demon King moved. The speed of the big man was even higher than that of a cheetah. The hammer in his hands showed no tenderness at all as it smashed towards Heavenly Dance Battle God.

It wasn’t that he felt no tenderness towards ladies. However, compared to his own life, not even the most beautiful woman would be worth a mention. Besides, he knew that the woman in front of him wouldn’t die this easily. He would leave her critically injured and secure his own safety first. Then, he could play with her as he pleased.

The Heavenly Battle God stood rooted to the ground. She knew she shouldn’t panic and was trying her best to calm down, trying to be wary of any sneak attack from the back. Her spiritual sense was weak now, so she could only rely on her sight. However, the Black Diamond Demon King could attack from various directions in just a split second. In this case, spiritual sense was crucial; it could dictate the direction of the attack quickly.

The Heavenly Dance Battle God could no longer pinpoint the direction after all, and just relying on just her eyesight wasn’t enough to brace herself which resulted in the Black Diamond Demon King successfully landing multiple attacks.


The Heavenly Dance Battle God’s body was flung aside as a fresh pool of blood sprayed from her mouth.

Hao Tian had been discussing with Qing Shui for a long time, eager to step in. Finally, Qing Shui agreed. Hao Tian appeared behind the Heavenly Dance Battle God and embraced her falling figure.

Tang Xi was startled and her body trembled. Right away, she placed distance between them; she had to subdue him at least.

“Don’t move. Don’t you want to kill the Dark Fatty?” Hao Tian’s words were magnetizing. Sounding beside Tang Xi’s ears, it left her distracted. Just like that, she stopped her actions.

“Be good. Wait here for me while I kill him. Be good and remember not to move.” Hao Tian had Tang Xi sit at the side. His tone was gentle as if coaxing a little girl.

Tang Xi’s eyes widened. This was the first time she had encountered this. However, the guy seemed cheerful and gentle. Whatever she had at the tip of the tongue was kept at bay.

“Rascal, scram! Otherwise, this Grandpa here will kill you with just a hit of my hammer,” the Black Diamond Demon King watched Hao Tian as he reprimanded. This pretty boy made him feel uncomfortable; he hated anyone who was better looking than him…

Hao Tian laughed. “You fool. You’re so dark, like a ball of black. Don’t tell me you’ve been smeared by a pile of black dung as you were dragged along by a black dog king? Though, only black dung would be able to paint you this dark. Say, why are you embarrassing yourself? Why don’t you find a hole to hide in instead? Don’t you know you’re embarrassing your clan members?”


The Heavenly Dance Battle God, Tang Xi let out a laugh. The words this guy was spouting were both hilarious and aggravating.

The Black Diamond Demon King felt as though his body was on fire. He couldn’t wait for the moment he smashed Hao Tian’s body into smithereens.

“Pretty boy, when this Grandpa here entered society, your hair hadn’t even grown out fully. Grandpa will humiliate you today.” Black Diamond Demon King huffed in anger, secretly breathing in and out to calm himself.

“What is this grandson doing, shouting who’s who—Oh wait, that’s wrong. I can never give birth to such a black grandson. You don’t look human at first glance, and looking up close… Hmm, you still don’t look human.” Arguing with others was Hao Tian’s favorite thing to do.

The Black Diamond Demon King hated been called black. Although he kept telling himself to not be angry, to wait for the time to kill this pretty boy, he still couldn’t help but charge upon him.

“Watch for my hammer!” Infuriated, he smashed the hammer towards Hao Tian.

“You’re a fool.” Hao Tian swung a fist.

Roc Fist. It was a Roc Fist that was combined with Berserk Dragon Fist.

Hao Tian was a Roc Battle God and due to his innate abilities, the fist couldn’t surpass the power of Qing Shui’s Berserk Dragon Fist. However, the power in it was still immense. Besides, the most unique part of Roc Fist was its speed.


The heavy collision caused the huge hammer to be flung aside with the impact. Hao Tian didn’t stop there, leaving a trace of a shadow as he appeared by the Demonic Dragon Bat’s side. The punches rained down upon it were like a storm with an elegant disposition. A perfect display of his strength and speed.


The continuous sounds of collision were both powerful and rhythmic. Thereafter, the Demonic Dragon Bat’s skull was whacked out of shape, bleeding at every possible orifice.

The Demonic Dragon Bats were the most terrifying in flocks. Usually, no one would take them in as tamed beasts, as the Ultrasound was only effective against those who were on par with their strength. Hence, only a few would take them in as pets. As riders, their speed and endurance weren’t enough and neither were their attacks. They were control-type demonic beasts, and due to their body’s might, it would be useless after reaching a certain level.

However, the Demonic Dragon Bat’s attack had a certain resistance ability that could counter against anything. Therefore, in theory, it could attack people of any capability, or at least be able to disrupt them. Demonic Dragon Bats had an ultimate technique too, being able to increase their Ultrasound by several folds in a short time. This couldn’t last long though, but it would be enough to suppress someone of similar strength. This was why the Heavenly Dance Battle God was affected.

Hao Tian didn’t give the Demonic Dragon Bat any chance before concluding its life. The Black Diamond Demon King snapped back to reality and realized he was no match for this pretty boy. He actually realized this the moment his fist collided with his hammer, but everything happened in a flash.

Now he wanted to flee, and he was decisive about it. With a turn of his body, he attempted to escape in absolute haste. It was a pity that he forgot Hao Tian was the Roc Battle God; speed was his forte. The Black Diamond Demon King felt something amiss and with an upward tilt of his head, he noticed Hao Tian above him.

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