AST 2386 Boulder City’s Divine Palace and Demon Gate

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2386 – Boulder City’s Divine Palace and Demon Gate


The huge stature of the Black Diamond Demon King and the hammers in his hand were cast aside by Hao Tian’s tackle.

Hao Tian’s punch was extremely strong. Even with the strength of the Black Diamond Demon King’s body, he was still knocked back from the former’s attack. Still, it didn’t seem like his injuries were critical, as he got up and fled again.

At this moment, a string of spider web coiled its way around the Black Diamond Demon King and engulfed him in its net. His speed slowed, and he was soon wrapped like a dumpling.

Hao Tian dusted his palms and returned. Dragon Spider had made its move, and Qing Shui appeared with their companions. Someone else captured the Black Diamond Demon King promptly.

Hao Tian approached the Heavenly Dance Battle God. “Are you alright?”

Heavenly Dance Battle God smiled. “I’m fine, thank you!”

“Heh, there’s no need for that. It is my pleasure,” Hao Tian ran his hand across his head and said sheepishly.

Tang Xi chuckled at that. The guy in front of him was sharp and savage in his bickering earlier and yet seemed a little silly now. He felt like an honest person.

“Why do you say so?” Tang Xi asked with a smile.

“I won’t say. I can’t. You’re going to think I’m up to no good since this is my first time meeting you, so I can’t say. But… can we be friends?” Hao Tian asked seriously.

“Of course. You saved me. Not only are you my friend, but you’re also my benefactor,” Tang Xi responded, still holding her smile.

“How do you plan on repaying this benefactor of yours then?” Qing Shui and his companions appeared, each with a smile.

“Why don’t you marry him?” Mighty Spear Battle God suggested with a grin.

“Don’t listen to their nonsense. Let me introduce my friends to you, they’ll be your friends from now on, too.” Hao Tian changed the subject in haste. Otherwise, his personal matter would have been distorted for sure.

Everyone in attendance was a Battle God Inheritor, except the two women. Even so, they were important members of the Divine Palace and Qing Shui’s wives. Anyway, not everyone in the Divine Palace was a Battle God.

A gleeful grin decorated Heavenly Dance Battle God’s features. “I see. I felt a sense of familiarity but couldn’t put a finger on it. Now I understand. This is great. Why don’t you follow me to the Divine Palace? The Palace Lord would be so happy.”

Tang Xi seemed to realize that the leader, Qing Shui, had some questions to ask. “Let’s walk and talk at the same time.”

Soon, Qing Shui received information about Boulder City’s Divine Palace.

There was a Divine Palace and a Demon Gate within Boulder City, but neither were the strongest here. That said, their powers were still significant in the area.

The Divine Place was at the most northeastern part of the city. According to Tang Xi, there were about three thousand members here but with only a few dozens of Battle Gods. Furthermore, more than half of these Battle Gods were of the weaker variation.

However, Battle God Inheritors were destined to be strong even if it would take some time. The majority would need to take it one step at a time. There was a saying that even Gods in the Nine Continents reached their level by advancing one step at a time as humans.

The Palace Lord of the Divine Palace here was an elderly person. Qing Shui saw him soon enough, a person of virtue and prestige. The benevolence and righteousness of this Divine Palace was widespread and known. They had great relationships with the other residents in Boulder City, and their Palace Lord was an Exploding Arrow Battle God.

Muyun Qingge was the Sun Shooting Battle God while the elderly was an Exploding Arrow Battle God.

One could tell from the name alone—Exploding Arrow Battle God—that its greatest power was in its exploding arrows. It could increase damage significantly. This was the combustion of Exploding Arrow Battle God’s Origin Qi, a unique application of the Origin Qi and its form. The target would rupture, causing a terrifying and damaging explosion.

The combustion was entirely up to the control of the Exploding Arrow Battle God. For example, he could choose the explosion to happen in advance or with a delay. The Exploding Arrow Battle God was still horrifying, it’d be better to stay on your toes with the inheritors or risk being critically injured.

“Hahaha, thank you for saving Xi’er. We’re all family. Come in, come in! I’m Yi Cheng.” Exploding Arrow Battle God warmly welcomed everyone.

“You’re welcome, Elder. Then, don’t mind our intrusion.” Qing Shui smiled before following Yi Cheng in, sensing the other people in the Divine Palace.

This Divine Palace was impressive with an imposing architecture. It must have taken some years to its construction. After a sensing, it was worth noting that the strength at this Divine Palace was truly decent. There were strong Battle Gods, as well as a demonic beast.

The demonic beast could be considered as their Guardian Beast, though he didn’t know what it was exactly. Still, their powers must have been close to 10 trillion Dao.

“You’re not intruding. Everyone’s after the same goal after all,” Exploding Arrow Battle God responded in glee.

“Yes, Elder. From the looks of it, this Divine Palace has been around for a few generations.”

“It has indeed. However, it has waned; the Divine Palace used to be glorious. It is a pity, it could even take down the tiny Demon Gate here now.” At that, Exploding Arrow Battle God sounded powerless.

“Oh, Elder. Could it be that the Demon Gate here is really strong?”

“It’s not that strong, otherwise, this Divine Palace of ours wouldn’t be able to survive either. However, against them, we can only counter and barely so. The other party didn’t wish to end up in a life and death struggle with us either. If it really comes down to that, the Divine Palace would be destroyed if we can’t counter their attacks. The Demon Gate would suffer immensely as well and lose many of their comrades. This would only end up in them retaining their name but losing in reality. Hence, we’re fine at this moment, but we’re passive.” Exploding Arrow Battle God didn’t cover up anything.

Qing Shui could understand the bigger picture now and nodded. “Elder, if there’s a need, we can help.”

Watching Qing Shui’s smile, Exploding Arrow Battle God mimicked it. While the latter wasn’t mighty, his sight was. He could tell that Qing Shui’s power wasn’t anything to scoff at, and he was the leader. More importantly, he could clearly feel existences among them who were stronger than himself.

“I wonder how long Mister Qing would stay in Boulder City.” Exploding Arrow Battle God didn’t continue their conversation.

“I was just passing by Boulder City today and coincidentally saw Miss Tang Xi and the Black Diamond Demon King. We won’t stay here for long. Since we’ve bumped into Demon Gate here, I really wish to fight.” Qing Shui didn’t cover up either.

“Mister Qing really wishes to fight against the Demon Gate?” Exploding Arrow Battle God asked after a moment of hesitance.

“My initial plan was to seek the Nine Continents Divine Palace and join them if possible.”

At Qing Shi’s words, Exploding Arrow Battle God fell into a deep pondering. There wasn’t much of a future for the Divine Palace here, he knew that. If the Demon Gate continued to exist, then the Divine Palace might really be destroyed by them one day.

The most important thing about the Nine Continents was survival. One must first consider survival before development. Regarding development, the greater the expansion, the better. However, everything will be expanded from its foundation so there was a limit. It went without saying that there were exceptions as well; there were those who grew rapidly, but they were rare and few.

“Elder, I understand your concerns. I will annihilate the Demon Gate, and you all can remain here. Perhaps we would meet again one day.” Qing Shui understood that a Palace Lord’s decision was important. They couldn’t be ignorant or trust in others this easily.

“Many thanks!” Exploding Arrow Battle God replied seriously.

Qing Shui politely refused Exploding Arrow Battle God’s offer for them to stay and had instead found a manor in Boulder City to reside in. He left the fate of the Black Diamond Demon King to Divine Palace.

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