AST 2388 Gloomy Three Perfections Demon King, killing Demon Gate Sect Leader in a split second

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2388 – Gloomy Three Perfections Demon King, killing Demon Gate Sect Leader in a split second

The opponent’s speed surprised Hao Tian. Qing Shui didn’t lend any assistance to Hao Tian this time around; he couldn’t assist every single time. Being reliant on Qing Shui’s abilities wasn’t a good thing. After all, he wouldn’t be there to help out all the time.

Roc Spreading Wings!

Hao Tian’s speed increased significantly. There was a subtle silhouette of a roc behind him.

The fatty’s hammers were huge, way too broad and long. His figure was almost completely obstructed by the hammer as both smashed towards Hao Tian with immense power. It seemed like they had locked onto him.

Roc Thunderous Hammer!

The sound that rang out was between a chirp and thunder. It wasn’t piercing and instead, was even melodic. At the same time, Hao Tian’s arm transformed into a huge hammer.

Thunder Hammer!

This was the legendary Thunder Hammer, the one wielded by the Thunder God. However, it was like only a shadow of it was left. One would be able to make out its shape vaguely, but it was engulfed with bolt after bolt of lightning, frantically charging towards the fat man.

Meanwhile, the latter seemed to sense danger. The hammer in his hand emitted a bright glow and remained unchanged. In fact, it seemed to be even more powerful as it swung towards its target.

The skies suddenly turned hazy and the howling gusts of wind filled their surroundings.


The loud sound of collisions reverberated along with the dull thunder as a cloud of smoke was formed. Hao Tian and the fat man both retreated backwards from the impact, but soon charged towards each other again. Hao Tian was slightly faster, but the fat man’s movements were more agile and with his long weapons, the latter wasn’t at all inferior.

Hao Tian’s Roc Fist was much stronger than before. It had taken on several good points and become Hao Tian’s foundation. He could use this one skill and take over the world, which was why Hao Tian had placed all his energy on the Roc Fist.

Thump, thump…

The sound of collision filled the air without pause. Hao Tian’s Roc Fist had an element of Taichi and even Yu Emperor Fist. It could weaken some strength and increase his own attacks. That was the effect of the Berserk Dragon Fist. The speed of Roc Fist had been exceptionally quick on its own.


Seizing the opportunity when he spotted a weakness, Hao Tian landed a punch on the fat man’s left shoulder, lunging forward and landing yet another fist on the same position.


The strength of the fists was strong and without holding back, snapped the fat man’s bones. He didn’t retract his punch. Instead, with a quick move, it landed on the fat man’s temple.


While the attack wasn’t strong, the temple was an exceptionally weak part of a human, no matter how strong a warrior was. At this moment, the fat man felt a pain worse than death in his head as a trace of blood made its mark at the corner of his lips.

Striking with the elbow!

This was a chain attack. The man retreated instinctively but Hao Tian’s speed was too quick. With a lunge of his body once more and a curve of his arm, a trace of shadow was left behind.


The hit landed on the man’s nose. The immense force and impact had broken the man’s neck as well.

The man was the Demon Gate’s Demonic Hammer Demon King. He had decent potential, but his life had come to an end.

The Three Perfections Demon King made his move the moment Hao Tian had struck his final attack. He was the Three Perfections Demon King before him, who had three forms of perfections, one of which was speed. Inevitably, this meant that his speed was exceptional.

The Three Perfections Demon King charged towards Hao Tian. Where he was quick, someone else was even quicker. Qing Shui appeared in front of Hao Tian in an instant. The Three Perfections Demon King raised the weapon in his hand, entering Qing Shui’s attack distance.

Stellar Transposition!

Qing Shui struck without hesitance. With about 13 trillion Dao of defense, he was curious about how terrifying an attack which negated all defense would be.

A ray of magnificent white, a chain of bright light which seemed to turn into silver. In that moment, the beauty of a resplendent light left everyone stunned. It was as though they were witnessing the actual Milky Way dawning upon them right then.

There wasn’t a sound. As the sound of attack which emerged was simply too soft, the world seemed to have quieted down for a while.

The Sect Leader of Demon Gate, the Three Perfections Demon King had already vanished.

For a long while, it was as though no one had realized the issue. The Sect Leader of the Boulder City’s Demon Gate had been killed in a second without ever unleashing his own attacks. No one thought that he would still be alive; Qing Shui’s attack was too shocking.

Even Qing Shui was taken aback by his own attack. Stellar Transposition had always just been a ray of white light, and the visual of its attack was never this magnificent. However, it was like a Milky Way now. Of course, he hadn’t expected the Milky Way to be as big as the one in the sky, but it bore a resemblance. The difference in size was inevitable but the charm it held was still surprising.

In that instant, Qing Shui shifted his attention to the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast.

Now, the others from the Demon Gate were trembling with fear. The Three Perfections Demon King was killed in a second. Even with the combined courage of the few of them, no one dared to fight against Qing Shui.

“Ox Head?”

Qing Shui observed the Ox-Headed Beast. It held similarities to the Ox Heads in legends from his previous life; it held a thick iron chain. Qing Shui recalled that the Horse-faced should be the one with the iron chain…

“Young lad, you’re strong. Even so, your previous attack should have a limit, right? If you can unleash one more right now, then I’ll keep my hands down and receive it.” Ox Head stared with its huge pair of ox eyes.

This fellow was smart indeed. It was a pity that it was wrong. Qing Shui speculated that the opponent would have guessed that his Stellar Transposition could only be used once a day, or maybe even once every few days. After all, its attack powers were too great.

Not only did the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast guess this wrong, it also was wrong about the estimation of Qing Shui’s defense.

“It’s true that I can’t use it immediately, but there’s only two endings for you today: either surrender or be killed by me.” Qing Shui smiled.

“If you can defeat me without the previous attack, then I’ll let you punish me as you deem fit.” the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast’s eyes turned round and round.

“I can agree to this. Be careful then.” Qing Shui smiled as he attacked with the Dragon-Capturing Hands efficiently.

The Dragon-Capturing Hands were in a swatting motion this time round.


The slap landed on the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast’s head, stunning them. However, the attack power of the Dragon-Capturing Hands wasn’t much and would only achieve a dizzying effect.

One Inch Punch!

His hands curled into a fist as they smoothly glided down to the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast’s chest and leapt into the simple attack.

However, the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast’s dizziness lasted for way too short a time, having sobered up by that moment. It was way too careless previously and its stature created a trace as it appeared beside Qing Shui.

The iron chain in its hands turned grey, coiling its way towards Qing Shui like a dragon.


At the same time, the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast’s stomped its feet. Paths began to spread rhythmically towards all four directions, even to the skies above and the ground beneath.

Mighty Earth Crack. This was one of Transforming Ox-Headed Beast’s terrifying abilities. Qing Shui knew one too, the Mighty Earth Stomp. That said, the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast’s variation seemed even more exquisite.

Qing Shui actually found himself developing vertigo.

Even though it had lasted for a short while, the dragon-like iron chain had coiled itself around Qing Shui during that window.

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