AST 2389 Three Inches Divine Soldier Soaring Blade, Ox-Headed Beast’s Surrender

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2389 – Three Inches Divine Soldier Soaring Blade, Ox-Headed Beast’s Surrender

When the chain wrapped its way around Qing Shui, he felt it immediately that it wasn’t anything ordinary. It was extremely tough. Qing Shui attempted to break it by force but failed.

It didn’t end there either. Qing Shui could feel the chain getting tighter by the minute, as though it wanted to bind him until he snapped.

“Haha, don’t think about struggling anymore. This is a Soul Attracting Chain. If trapped by it, you’d be bound to death even if you were a God.” the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast laughed, proud of his own work.

Qing Shui’s body was strong enough to resist the Soul Attracting Chain’s constant binding temporarily. This weapon was like a living snake. If your body contracted with your breaths, then it’d take the opportunity to bind even tighter.

This was truly the result of being careless. No, this was the result of him underestimating the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast’s powers. This Soul Attracting Chain was truly a strange weapon.

Dragon Slaying Beast!

Qing Shui didn’t know what else he could do and thought of using the Dragon Slaying Beast’s sharp horns. It was said that those could break apart a Divine Artifact. He wondered if it could break apart this Soul Attracting Chain.

The Dragon Slaying Beast now had 15% of primordial bloodline, and its powers were much stronger than before.

The Dragon Slaying Beast understood Qing Shui’s words and used its spiral sharp horns to attack the Soul Attracting Chain immediately. Thereafter, it spun its body like a top.

The Soul Attracting Chain was truly unusual. The Dragon Slaying Beast’s horn had broken apart many things but had met its match now. They could hear the sharp sound of friction and see dust from the Soul Attracting Chain, but at this rate, it would require a few days to break it.

The Dragon Slaying Beast seemed displeased by the situation at hand and bit the Soul Attracting Chain.

Qing Shui wasn’t in time to stop it and could only hear a loud, crisp sound.

It didn’t break, but a piece of it was chipped off.

The speed of its current progress was quick. At this rate, it wouldn’t take long before it could snap the Soul Attracting Chain.

The Transforming Ox-Headed Beast regarded the Soul Attracting Chain as a treasure. Watching it get chipped from the bite was a greater heartache than witnessing the death of the Demon Gate’s Sect Leader. He didn’t feel much about the latter.

“Stop, stop, stop…”

The Transforming Ox-Headed Beast hastily stopped the progress before retrieving the Soul Attracting Chain. This was his weapon and a Divine Artifact. Its powers were formidable and he never expected to meet something which could bite through the Soul Attracting Chain.

Berserk Dragon Fist!

Qing Shui appeared before the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast and struck.

Even though it had already controlled its height, the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast was still over three meters tall. Its body was his capital and as he saw Qing Shui’s fist, he struck back without hesitance. Its fist was no smaller than a human head.


A dull sound of collision rang out. Qing Shui didn’t move and hadn’t retreated from the impact. He didn’t suffer any damage either.The Divine Soldier Soaring Blade’s weakening had caused his opponent’s strength to not surpass his own. Naturally, with that amount of strength, it wouldn’t be as strong as Qing Shui and wouldn’t be able to shake him up.

Gouging Strike!

Qing Shui’s palms were extremely agile. Complementing it with his movements, the attack against the sturdy body struck with a bang. This time, the effect of vertigo lasted a little longer but only for two blinks of an eye.

Mountain Push Stance!

Qing Shui used a seemingly cumbersome technique this time. The Mountain Push Stance was a skill which concealed its true capabilities.


Its profound and horrifying power was like being crushed by a mountain. The Transforming Ox-Headed Beast was forced back by the strength. At first, he had wanted to counter against Qing Shui’s strength, but he kept retreating despite it. Naturally, he wouldn’t be able to resist against this Mountain Push Stance and was pushed back in a sorry state. If he was crushed by this Mountain Push Stance, it’d be over for him.

Qing Shui wouldn’t let this opportunity go to waste. He struck with the Combination Techniques. Once the Combination Techniques were unleashed, they would attack in chains: breaking the target’s balance, attacking its weaknesses and throwing them in a fluster. The continuous techniques were endless.


Qing Shui’s One Inch Punch landed near the kidneys, almost making the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast fall apart. In an instant, its body turned into a huge Ox-Headed Beast which stood over ten meters in height. It was strong and muscular with two thick legs. One leg stomped towards Qing Shui in anger.

Windwhisk Willow!

Qing Shui deduced that it would take quite a long time for them to fight with just their fists and kicks. With a shift of his mind, the Divine Soldier Soaring Blade made its appearance.



The speed of the Divine Soldier Soaring Blade increased significantly as Qing Shui’s powers did. This was also partly due to the support given from the cave’s Dantian.

It penetrated one of Transforming Ox-Headed Beast’s legs!

The Transforming Ox-Headed Beast glanced at the three-inch-long sword.

Yes, three inches. Qing Shui’s Divine Soldier Soaring Blade was that size now. He had once thought that the bigger the size, the better, but he saw the errors of his mindset now. The Divine Soldier’s Soaring Blade became smaller with increasing power. It was now only three inches long, with a sturdy and incredibly sharp body.

The penetration left the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast in immense pain, but the damage wasn’t too much.

Yet, Qing Shui smiled. “I’ve severed off a tendon this time round. Next time, it will cut through your bones.”

Qing Shui had the ability to do as he said. It did sever off the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast’s tendon previously and the fact made the latter afraid. What if it penetrated through his heart or throat?

“Stop, stop. I lose. I’m willing to serve you.” Transforming Ox-Headed Beast shouted frantically.

Qing Shui didn’t expect the chance to tame the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast to come so easily. However, it had a human form and it was different from demonic beasts. It was said that the Nine Continents had Ox-Headed humans. It was good to have something this strong serving him, so Qing Shui agreed. With him around, the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast wouldn’t dare to be rash.

Soul Suppression!

This was one of Qing Shui’s Ten Caves abilities. It was like a Divine Sense, locking onto the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast, making it impossible for him to betray Qing Shui. This ability made sure that it was impossible for servants to betray their owners and wouldn’t affect them in any other way. In fact, they wouldn’t even know about this Divine Sense. This was the most relaxed ritual. After all, non-betrayal was the most basic thing so this ritual didn’t amount to much.

Following this, the people at Demon Gate knew that they were done for. They left it up to the Divine Palace to handle things from here. Without the Three Perfections Demon King and the Transforming Ox-Headed Beast, the Demon Gate was doomed.

The Exploding Arrow Battle God spoke gleefully to Qing Shui. “Your ambitions lie in the Nine Continents, as do a few of the people I have here. I know you won’t be able to stay here and become our Palace Lord, but I wonder if you could pick some of the people present to see the world and contribute to the Divine Palace?”

Qing Shui smiled. “Elder, you’re too modest. There are many inheritors of the Divine Palace and you could fight against the Demon Gate anywhere. They each have their own usage. Since Elder shows such great regard, then I’ll bring along two people. I can’t possibly leave you as a leader to none.”

“Alright, two then. Take a look and see who will be suitable.” Exploding Arrow Battle God snickered.

“Hao Tian, why don’t you decide? Your judgement is better.” Qing Shui smiled.

Hao Tian looked towards Qing Shui in surprise before giving him a thumbs up. “You’re truly a brother!”

Hao Tian put on an act and walked around before finally stopping in front of Tang Xi. “Miss Xi’er, would you want to go with me?”

It was only natural that Tang Xi was willing, but the man’s words had a hint of ambiguity behind it and his face was tinted red. She wasn’t oblivious and could tell that Hao Tian had feelings towards her. Tang Xi didn’t think too badly of him as well. He was humorous, decent in both appearance and abilities, and didn’t seem to have any other woman by his side. She glanced towards him as she blushed ever so slightly. “I do!”

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