AST 2390 Fox Wolf Sky Mountain, a Pack of Wolf Kings

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2390 – Fox Wolf Sky Mountain, a Pack of Wolf Kings

“I do!”

Tang Xi felt her cheeks heating up right after her words. She didn’t know why it was all she had thought about previously. There had been many suitors over the years, but none who she had taken an interest in.

Perhaps fate had finally knocked on her door. This man lent a helping hand at the most crucial moment and she found herself remembering him. It was an indescribable feeling, but it was definitely a great feeling. She knew it was important and was ready to try.

Although Hao Tian had seen an inkling of desire in Tang Xi to follow them, he was still nervous when he asked, especially since there was a hint of ambiguity behind his words. However, upon hearing her answer, along with her expression, Hao Tian was agitated. Clasping both hands together, he bent at his waist and said, “Thank you!”

Tang Xi smiled after being startled for a short moment, but she was even more embarrassed now. It really wasn’t easy to meet someone who returned your feelings and she distinctively felt that this was fate.

The Exploding Arrow Battle God laughed and said, “Young lad, not bad at all. Our Xi’er has never taken interest in any men all these years. You better treasure her.”

“Don’t worry, Elder. I’ll care for her as I would my own heart,” Hao Tian answered seriously.

Qing Shui was stunned. This phrase was the same as one from his previous life, a mushy phrase that claimed the other person was their darling…

Tang Xi’s face was flushed beet red. At this moment, Beihuang Fan approached her and held her. Their business here was almost done now. Several members of the Divine Palace were envious of Hao Tian. The most beautiful lady of the Divine Palace had been claimed just like that…

Hao Tian didn’t bother choosing the last person to bring along, causing Tang Xi to stare wide-eyed at him once again. He was being too obvious, choosing anyone was better than choosing no one…

At last, Tang Xi was the only one who chose to leave, leaving the remaining slot empty. Tang Xi didn’t have any relatives here and while she had friends, they weren’t close. This was because there were far too few women at the Divine Palace and the men all had a motive. Although they didn’t do anything overboard,Tang Xi had chosen to live independently and stayed solo. She dedicated all her time to train.

Tang Xi bid the Exploding Arrow Battle God and the others farewell, seemingly reluctant to part. Among everyone, she had the closest relationship with the Exploding Arrow Battle God, like father and daughter. The elderly Battle God had also taken care of her as he would his own daughter.

Even though they hadn’t lingered for long, it was time to leave. The Exploding Arrow Battle God and the others sent Qing Shui on their way out of Boulder City.

Qing Shui’s faction had now added the Heavenly Dance Battle God.

Tang Xi, who had just joined them, was curious about everything. For example, people like Shen Huang and Beihuang Fan. Knowing they were both Qing Shui’s wives was also shocking to her. To her, Qing Shui wasn’t striking, and wasn’t a match to Hao Tian in terms of appearance. Qing Shui seemed gentle and reserved but had the Extreme Yang Body.

Perhaps beauty was really in the eye of the beholder. She had set her sights on Hao Tian and naturally thought him as decent.

Even so, comparing herself to Beihuang Fan and Shen Huang, she did find herself lacking. She had always had an inferiority complex, but the sight of the two women shocked her; she didn’t expect that anyone could be this beautiful and flawless.

Qing Shui contributed much towards Hao Tian’s happiness. He gave Hao Tian a few of his own medicinal pills and had him pass them on to Tang Xi. One must seize the opportunity when the time was ripe. Gifting these things didn’t mean much, but it was a gesture. It was just like giving accessories in his previous life.

However, those accessories weren’t valuable in the Nine Continents. The Nine Continents were based on power, hence, the items Qing Shui gave Hao Tian were akin to the exorbitant diamond rings from his previous life…

Qing Shui didn’t plan on visiting every single location as it would be a difficult ideal to accomplish. From the Exploding Arrow Battle God, he got to know that there weren’t any Divine Palaces and Demon Gates here. The Forsaken Earth Region’s city had a Demon Gate but didn’t have a Divine Palace. It was said that the latter was destroyed three hundred years ago.

Hence, Qing Shui decided to approach the region’s city and take a look. Where there was a Demon Gate, his thoughts would drift to Tantai Lingyan. He really hoped she’d be there but was disappointed every time. Even so, he knew they’d meet again someday.

He didn’t allow himself to think about her. If he thought too much about her, his heart would only ache and he would grow impatient to meet her again. Yet, he was afraid of facing the look on her face when she didn’t remember him. He still couldn’t forget the scene of her swinging her sword and stabbing him.

He didn’t blame her, but he was afraid she would blame herself if she ever recalled everything she had done.

The journey was peaceful. The group of people traversed as though they were sightseeing each day as they trained. From time to time, they would shop around random cities, striking a balance between work and rest. This was experience and it was important. Rather than reading thousands of books, one might as well walk thousands of miles.

Cultivators had great demands when it came to experience. They could widen their mindset and see the world in this way, increasing their knowledge, realm, and vision.

Fox Wolf Sky Mountain!

They arrived in exactly a month’s time. The distance between their position and the region’s city wasn’t far.

Huge mountains surrounded the area with a horizon filled by mountain forests. The sounds of birds chirping and beasts crying were endless, their dull yet powerful noise reaching them from a great distance away.

Tang Xi was the one who told them this was the Fox Wolf Sky Mountain.

“It’s called the Fox Wolf Sky Mountain because of the Sky Foxes and Wolf Kings.” Tang Xi said as she observed their surroundings.

“Sky Foxes and Wolf Kings?” Qing Shui mimicked her movements.

“Hm. It is said that formidable Sky Foxes and Wolf Kings appear in intervals. Some would even be able to reach the peak of the Nine Continents. Of course, this isn’t the only place with Sky Foxes and Wolf Kings. In fact, it’s one of the smaller branches but it seemed to have a Bell Spirit of Heaven and Earth, producing several formidable Sky Foxes and Wolf Kings.” Tang Xi seemed to know a lot about the Fox Wolf Sky Mountain.

Out of the blue, Qing Shui thought of the woman at the Divine Rain Sect and her senior. He wondered if they originated from here.

At that thought, Qing Shui could feel the changes to their surroundings. The slight change made Qing Shui feel as if they had stepped into a trap.

Qing Shui frowned and watched their surroundings, startled. Could there be such a coincidence? Was that Poison Wolf King really here? Or could it be that it had been watching their every move?

A swarm of Jade Emperor Bees flew out. These Jade Emperor Bees were also Scouting Bees, but Qing Shui had never used this ability of theirs.

After so many years, the number of Jade Emperor Bees had multiplied. He had only hundreds of them initially but now had tens of thousands. Qing Shui could see every single grass blade and flower after releasing the Jade Emperor Bees.

Qing Shui didn’t say much and summoned the Dragon Slaying Beast, Dragon Spider, Primordial Dragon Elephant and Transforming Ox-Headed Beast, placing them on guard against potential threats around them.

In addition, he established a formation as a precaution. Qing Shui truly didn’t underestimate his opponents at any moment now. In the past, he would claim that he understood and know of this importance, but had never managed to do it.

Soon, Qing Shui was stunned. From the Jade Emperor Bees, he saw a hoard of Wolf Kings. The majority of them took the shape of humans and were all young, good-looking men. These people were discussing about Qing Shui and his people now.

“We need to execute Brother Poison Wolf’s orders well. We’ll leave that pretty boy half dead and crippled, to then send him back to the Divine Rain Sect.” The strong man who spoke seemed to be of decent standing in their ranks.

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