AST 2413 - The Tragic Wu Chengqi, Mountain Push Stance

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2413 - The Tragic Wu Chengqi, Mountain Push Stance

"Oh? So you're saying that we were the ones in the wrong first?" asked Qing Shui, putting a smile that was not really a smile on his face.

"It's actually not important whether you were right or wrong. In this world, we speak with our strength. If we aren't stronger than you, there's nothing we can do even if we were bullied. However, if one is not strong, the consequences of bullying others must be considered beforehand. What do you think?" said the man.

Qing Shui smiled. "You're saying that as long as I'm strong enough, I can bully you however I want to?"

The other party's words already made it clear that he was the one bullying them. This guy was still trying to gain the upperhand through words.

"I didn't say that. I can only say that anyone who wishes to bully our Wu Clan would have to pay the price for it. Our Wu Clan won't be bullied willingly." Of course, the man wouldn't admit Qing Shui's words. Although the world of the Nine Continents was one where the stronger fist had the right to speak, people still had high morals, and people who went overboard wouldn't be accepted. For example, if a powerful expert committed all sorts of evil deeds and didn't care about anyone else, then that person was likely to be slain by the joint forces of other people.

Nothing could be accomplished without norms or standards. There were different regulations amongst forces in a circle. To enter this circle, one must accept the tests from the existing members, and after entering, they would still have to abide to the circle's regulations. Of course, in the case their abilities could surpass that of this circle, then they wouldn't be restricted. It was because by then, that person would be the one setting the regulations in said circle.

Being domineering was dependent on the individual. Even if you were strong, there would also be other people who were like springs. No matter how far down they were pushed down, they wouldn't break and would only bear with it. However, once the pressure used to suppress them wasn't enough, they would burst out with a terrifyingly strong resistance.

"There's no need to say anything about me bullying the Wu Clan. No one will believe it. The reason I'm not explaining myself is because I can't be bothered to. Go on, how do you want to settle this?" Qing Shui smiled casually.

"How about this, let's be fair. I'll break all your teeth and this matter will be over," said the man.

Qing Shui looked at the man. "This is considered fair? How about this? We will give each other a punch without dodging. It'll be absolutely fair. What do you think?"

"If you think this is acceptable, I won't object. I can play with you." The man's eyes gleamed as he smiled.

Qing Shui hadn't expected the other party to agree to this, and he walked out.

The man also walked toward Qing Shui and said, "I'm called Wu Chengqi"

"I probably won't be able to remember it and will forget about it after the fight." Qing Shui smiled, shaking his head.

Wu Chengqi's face turned very cold. "I hope that you can still be so happy later on."

"Let's start. I don't like to crap all over the place," Qing Shui said outright.

Wu Chengqi flared and struck at Qing Shui's heart.

Qing Shui did the same, striking a punch toward the opponent's heart.

Boom! Boom!

Neither party dodged and both of them blown away by three steps. Qing Shui breathed in. His body was fine, and Wu Chengqi appeared to be fine as well. Both of them returned to their earlier position and struck out once again at the same spot.

Boom! Boom!

This time around, both parties staggered off five steps. Qing Shui had struck out with his Hitting A Cow Through A Mountain ability. This fist technique had a certain amount of ability to bypass defenses. The punch struck out by the other party had had a similar effect too. However, by the looks of it, both parties seemed to be fine.

Qing Shui had the Flying Sword's damage reducing ability and didn't feel much. However, by the looks of it, the other party should also possess some unique item or technique to reduce the damage received.

"I hope that you can still be so lucky this time around." Wu Chengqi's eyes gleamed, but his gaze was filled with killing intent.

"I hope that you'll be able to withstand this as well."

Both parties struck out concurrently once again. Qing Shui struck out with a punch that was glittery like the Milky Way.

Boom! Boom!

This time around, Qing Shui still stepped back for five steps, but Wu Chengqi was sent flying off. Even Wu Chengqi was unable to withstand an attack that could fully ignore all of the opponent's defenses. He spurted out blood in midair as if it weren't worth anything.

Qing Shui knew that this strike had rendered his opponent’s internal organs to a terrible state. Even if he didn't die, he was almost crippled.

The Stellar Transposition was far too strong!

Wu Chengqi looked at Qing Shui in disbelief. His body was extremely strong, and there really weren't many people in the Forsaken Heaven Region who could injure him. He was the strongest amongst the Wu Clan's younger generation and was also the Wu Clan's future leader. In this Forsaken Heaven City, he was basically undefeated.

He had already become a core member of the Wu Clan from a young age, and this wasn't all. He was also someone in the Forsaken Heaven Region's highest circle, the goal in many young people's hearts and also a famous great talent.

Qing Shui could feel that this guy was very powerful. The fact that the terrifying Stellar Transposition didn't crush his internal organs was something that took him by surprise. This attack had struck the guy's heart, and his other organs also weren't seriously damaged. His heart received the greatest blow, but it wasn't crushed either. This showed that Wu Chengqi's body was sufficiently strong.

Qing Shui looked at how Wu Chengqi was in a dire state and shook his head. He then looked toward the others. "He won't die, but it might be very hard for him to cultivate in the future. His lifespan won't be affected though."

Wu Chengqi's greatest flaw was women. He was young and powerful, so his love for women wasn't actually a flaw. However, Wu Chengqi had a preying mentality toward women. As long as he set his eyes on a woman, he would think of ways to get his hands on her. Even if it was only once, he'd be fine as long as he could get his hands on her body.

This time around, he had decided to stand up for Wu Dalang because he knew there were a few beautiful ladies there who were like fairies. However, he ended up being crippled even before the other party got to know what he was thinking.

He felt devastated. His cultivation was what had supported him. Without his cultivation, he had nothing left. The glory and honor he used to enjoy would all disappear, and there would be countless other useless people who would come to look for trouble. It might even be a problem for him to stay alive.

Qing Shui didn't have a good impression of the Nine Continents Martial Association. This man's gaze had been on his women all this time, and he wouldn't be able to get it past himself if he didn't look for an opportunity to cripple this guy.

"Everyone attack together! Kill them and take vengeance for the Young Master!" Just then, an elderly man shouted out.

The old man knew that he wouldn't be able to survive if something like this happened to Wu Chengqi. Therefore, he wanted to create more chaos and then look for an opportunity to escape. It was because no matter if Qing Shui was killed or not, he would have to die. This was how tragic the life of a servant was.

Quite a number of people charged out toward Qing Shui and the manor, but there were a few who dashed out at the very front. Qing Shui's Flying Sword flew out and the three-inch silver, rustic small sword instantly pierced through a few people's foreheads, killing them on the spot.

"I don't wish to kill so many people. You guys don't have the right to be killed by me. Scram while my mood isn't that bad yet!" Qing Shui then struck out with a Mountain Push Stance.

Those people stumbled backward, and a number of them were seriously injured, along with some deaths. The Mountain Push Stance was the most effective in dealing with a large group of people dashing out toward him. It was because there were many people, and they weren't able to retreat. The Mountain Push Stance was very slow, but it had a terrifying strength. If the target couldn't back off in time, they would be crushed.

The Mountain Push Stance's flaw was that its speed wasn't fast enough. If the opponent's strength wasn't that far from his, then it wouldn't be life-threatening for them. They might not even be injured and would only be brushed lightly at most. However, the people from the Wu Clan had charged out strongly and wasn't able to retreat. That was why quite a number of them had been dealt a great blow. Thankfully, Qing Shui had made himself clear previously; thus, most of the people had left, avoiding the Mountain Push Stance.

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