AST 2414 - Two Conditions

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2414 - Two Conditions

All of those people left, but Qing Shui knew this wasn't over. Therefore, he didn't engage in a massacre; he didn't wish to do it anyway. In each event, only a few people were the main, while many others were just extras. However, those who took action to kill weren't able to shun responsibilities.

Wu Chengqi left dejectedly. When he left, he didn't even look at Qing Shui. He knew that his life had almost reached its end. He suddenly felt that there was nothing in this world that he would miss. Life had lost its brilliance, and there was no more meaning to it.

He had thought of living on strongly, and maybe there'd come a day where he could recover. However, he knew that the hopes were close to none. He had possessed too many things in the past, and now, he suddenly lost them all in a day. He was unable to accept this fact.

Qing Shui didn't care about them. He had already gone easy on them, not having them all killed directly.

The old woman had recovered, but Qing Shui didn't let her continue setting up her stall. After all, she had broken her bones, so she stayed at home to recuperate for a short period of time. Normal people would even need at least a hundred days before the broken bones were healed.

Many people from the Demon Gate left, leaving behind only some of the weaker ones. However, when Qing Shui went back to the Demon Gate, someone there passed him a letter.

It was written by Tantai Lingyan.

There were only a few lines written on it. Generally, it said that she had left and that the people left behind were the weak ones. She asked for Qing Shui to not lay his hands on them. They wouldn't commit acts of evil, but if they did, then he could do anything he wished to with them.

Qing Shui naturally agreed. Although the Demon Gate was now very weak, it was still quite the formidable adversary. After all, they had their Guardian Beast here; it helped preserve their foundation and inheritance.

Without realizing it, Qing Shui had spent quite an amount of time in the Forsaken Heaven City and the end of the year had come.

The Nine Continents Martial Association didn't take any action despite half a month had passed. The old woman had returned to set up her stall a while ago. This time, Qing Shui knew that other powerful forces wouldn't lay their hands on the old woman. However, the old woman was the cause of what had happened to the Nine Continents Martial Association. Therefore, the old woman wasn't perfectly safe either.

Qing Shui decided to head to the Nine Continents Martial Association for the old woman's safety.

However, before Qing Shui went, the people from the Nine Continents Martial Association had approached him first. They weren't the only ones who had come. The Nine Continents Food Residence, the Nine Continents Cloth Manor, the Nine Continents Trade Association and other groups had come as well, leaving only the people from the City Lord Manor who didn't come.

They brought only a few people with them, but each of them was an extremely powerful expert.

These people were all elderly with an unordinary disposition. They were clearly characters who had been in high positions for a very long time. Some of them didn't really smile, but there were also those who were smiling. Regardless, all of them assumed an air that kept people away.

This was the highest circle in the Forsaken Heaven City. Anyone who wished to join this circle would have to be accepted by these people or have to suppress them instead.

If Qing Shui could suppress all of them, then there wasn't a need for him to continue staying there. If he couldn't, he would have to let these people deal with him however they wished. Moreover, these people had seen through this fact very clearly. People with ambition who could suppress them wouldn't be able to accept staying in the Forsaken Heaven City.

"Young man, who are you? Why are you creating trouble in the Forsaken Heaven City?" The person who spoke up was the Wu Clan's head—Wu Chengqi's grandfather—Wu Tianya.

Wu Tianya was only slightly old, with a hint of white hair on his sideburns. His brows were thick and his eyes very energetic. His nose was wide and although he wasn't very handsome, he was emitting a strong Yang energy.

The others didn't speak up and merely looked at Qing Shui with a hint of amusement in their eyes.

Qing Shui smiled. "It seems that people in the Wu Clan are all the same and speak in the same manner. If that's the case, then there's no need for us to talk."

"Old Wu, let me talk to this young lad here." A dignified man stepped forward.

Wu Tianya nodded and stopped talking.

The man appeared to be middle-aged. He walked up not far from Qing Shui and said, "I'm called Yang Liuyun. Mister Qing, may I ask how you wish to settle this matter? We can always negotiate things."

 "What matter? What do I have to settle?" Qing Shui pretended to not know anything.

"It's the matter between you and the Wu Clan. We can't possibly just leave things be and we ought to settle this." Yang Liuyun smiled and said.

"Oh, you were referring to that? They've already come to my place on multiple occasions. As the saying goes, it is impolite not to reciprocate. It'll be considered over once I pay a few visits to the Wu Clan. What do you think?" Qing Shui smiled and said.

Wu Tianya gasped. This young man was very devilish. If he were to head to the Wu Clan, he would probably end up creating havoc there.

"If revenge breeds revenge, then there'll never be an end. Why don't we talk it over? We don't have any feud between us and it's better to resolve feuds than to make enemies. Why don't you give me some face for this matter?" Yang Liuyun smiled.

"I can do that, as long as the Wu Clan promise me two conditions." Qing Shui gave it some thought.

"Oh? What are the conditions?" asked Yang Liuyun.

"Cripple Wu Dalang and chase him out of the Wu Clan. Can the first condition be met?" Qing Shui asked with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

"You... Don't go overboard!" roared Wu Tianya.

Yang Liuyun waved his hand to keep Wu Tianya in his place. He looked toward Qing Shui and said, "Dalang is incompetent and is just a profligate son. Why be bothered with him?"

"Profligate sons deal the greatest harm. Think about it, how many ordinary people has he harmed? How many girls has he seized? And how many families had he brought tears to or even broken up? If you guys feel troubled, I'll help you to get rid of him," Qing Shui said with a calm tone.

"Don't think that our Wu Clan is afraid of you!" Wu Tianya spoke up. When had he ever been so infuriated like this?

"You aren't afraid of me, but would you dare to risk pitting your clan against me? If I'm of no threat to you, then you'd have wiped me out a long time ago. The reason you're here with so many people is because you don't have the courage to fight against me. I'm not afraid that you don't believe me, but I can really wipe out your Wu Clan. I'm not afraid of anyone in the Forsaken Heaven Region." Qing Shui calm gaze was fixed onto Wu Tianya.

Qing Shui said exactly what Wu Tianya felt. A person who had nothing to his name wouldn't be afraid of losing anything. Right now, Qing Shui was acting his role of having nothing to his name really well.

"Alright, I'll promise you. What's the next condition." When Wu Tianya said this, he felt very helpless. It was really nothing much to sacrifice a profligate son, but when had he ever been in such a dire state? Their Wu Clan controlled a branch of the Nine Continents Martial Association, and he had never expected to be pushed to such a degree one day.

"The second condition? This matter arose because of that old lady and her grandson. They're just ordinary people and I don't wish for them to be involved in all these troubles. Therefore, I hope that when you guys are in the Forsaken Heaven City, you'll have to ensure their safety. If anything were to happen to them, I'll blame you for it. Of course, you can treat my words as a joke, but be ready for the consequences. I don't need you to change their lifestyles, and there's no need to disturb them nor let them know about this thing."

After saying that, Qing Shui activated all of his golden caves. He also activated his Emperor's Qi, Art of Pursuing, and Heavenly Vision Technique then darted in between them, holding his Divine Weapon Flying Sword that was glistening in white.

When Qing Shui returned to his original spot, the strongest few cultivators found a small slit on their necks.

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