Chapter: 945

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 945 - Heavenly Cloud Pavilion, Yu He’s departure

The carpeting from the entryway of the Heavenly Cloud Pavilion to its interior was brown. It suited the simple, minimalistic design of the building, giving the entire place an uplifting elegance. Qing Shui liked this particular style of architecture. Even though everyone could appreciate buildings like the Octagon Inn, which were built to look luxurious, Qing Shui felt that both styles could display their owners upper-class status and taste.

Once he entered, a waiter quickly came to welcome him. “Table for two? Please come in.”

“Thank you!” Qing Shui replied as he and Yu He followed the young waiter to the upper floors. For a restaurant of this size to operate in Sky city, it should not be any less influential or powerful than Marionette Sect.

More importantly, it had a ‘Heavenly’ in its name, though Qing Shui wasn’t sure if it had anything to do with its position in Sky City.

The two of them were brought to the third floor and were directed to a table in a corner as the tables by the windows were already full. Qing Shui told the waiter to get them one portion of every specialty dish in the restaurant.

“Do you know who owns Heavenly Cloud Pavilion?” Yu He asked as she smiled at Qing Shui.

“I have no idea. Is it Sister Yu’s?” Qing Shui shook his head and replied lightheartedly.

“No. You have a rich imagination. But I do own a share of this Heavenly Cloud Pavilion” Yu He grinned.

“Oh, so my guess was pretty close then.” Qing Shui was somewhat amazed by Yu He. Silken Web Ridge in Eastern Victory Divine Continent, Heavenly Cloud Pavilion in Central Continent… After all these years since they last met, he realized that he really could not read this woman well.

“I told you this before. We, Hundred Flower Valley, have strategic strongholds in five different continents. Of course, we have to run some businesses. Otherwise, we won’t be able to afford the upkeep costs.” Yu He explained when she saw Qing Shui deep in thought.

“I’d never expect that Sister Yu would become such a powerful chief in these areas within these few years. You should be well-respected in these five continents, I guess.” Qing Shui smiled at Yu He.

Yu He shook her head, “You will know soon enough. I don’t deny that we are quite powerful, but we are in an awkward position. There is an extremely powerful presence within the five continents. You will meet them soon. They are the true overlords here,” Yu He laughed.

Qing Shui was a little stunned. He had traveled to many places and have met many people with outstanding capabilities, but he had never fought with any true top experts before. He knew these top clans and sects: Tantai Aristocrat Clan of Southern Viewing Continent, Putuo Mountain of the Southern Sea, Central Continent Buddha Sect, Demon Gate, even Godly Sword Clan of Sky City, Eastern Victory Divine Continent. In actual fact, Godly Sword Clan was not the most powerful clan in Eastern Victory Divine Continent despite being one of the top tier clans in the capital city. However, Qing Shui did not have time to actually explore the whole continent then, likewise, he also did not cross paths with people of a higher level.

“You don’t have to worry. When dealing with people of that level, all we have to do is to avoid provoking them. If we don’t cause any trouble for them, they will also leave us alone,” Yu He said in a rather carefree manner, seeing Qing Shui’s expression.

Qing Shui gave a wry smile. The problem was that he was going to provoke them. Whether it was Demon Gate or Lion King's Ridge of Northern Sacred Lu Continent, he needed to deal with them. Despite that, he smiled and nodded.

The waiter came back with nine fragrant dishes. The mouth-watering aroma which was simple, yet tasteful was just like the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.

Qing Shui handed Yu He a pair of chopsticks, “Let’s eat. We can have a look at Sky City later. By the way, who owns the remaining 90% share of Heavenly Cloud Pavilion?”

He hesitated before he asked his question because he knew that their relationship was much closer now, perhaps one could say that they have already confirmed their relationship. However, he did not mind if she avoided answering him if she was uncomfortable.

“It belongs to Sky City.” Yu He replied directly, without any hesitation. Anyway, it was common knowledge that Heavenly Cloud Pavilion was owned by Sky City.

“Sister Yu, do you know people from Sky City?” Qing Shui asked while he ate, since he was rather curious about Sky City.

“I don’t know anyone. But one of the members in Hundred Flower Valley is the wife of a Vice Castellan of Sky City. We are as close as blood-related sisters,” Yu He said cheerfully.

“Oh!” Qing Shui was more than aware of the benefits of nepotism in any sort of setting. He wondered if he could build a connection through his relationship with Yu He...

After they both finished their meal, more than ten women arrived at the entrance of the restaurant. They were all dressed the same. They each wore a white top and a simple skirt and had a long sword in their hand. They quickly approached both Yu He and Qing Shui when they saw them.

Qing Shui knew that they could only come here because of Yu He’s signal and because they had many insiders in the Heavenly Cloud Pavilion.


The woman leading the group whispered.

Yu He waved, “Anything urgent?”

“Elder Master went to gather outside the city and head to Northern Sacred Lu Continent immediately,” the woman replied.

Yu He frowned, “I got it. Get ready, we will gather outside the city in an hour’s time,” Yu He replied softly.

The group of women left, they were all very young but they were all at least Martial Saint or above. When he saw how they moved in unison, Qing Shui quickly realized— Unison Assault!

They were definitely skilled in Unison Assault. It was not a type of formation, but a well-executed Unison Assault could also boost the synergy in a group attack. An expert execution of Unison Assault was definitely comparable to some formations. With that said, Unison Assaults were not easy to perfect and there were some formations which are simply beyond the reach of Unison Assaults.

“Qing Shui, I’m sorry, I need to leave now. I will look for you after I settled matters.” Yu He smiled apologetically.

“Please go ahead to resolve your matters. I won’t delay you any further. Please be careful. I will walk with you to the edge of the city.” Qing Shui smiled reassuringly. When both of them left, no one came to get any payment from them. Once they were outside, they sat on Qing Shui’s Fire Bird and headed for the city’s outskirts. Yu He had a faint smile on her face, but Qing Shui could sense her distress.

Qing Shui held her hand, “Sister Yu, I won’t send you any further. Please be careful.” Qing Shui looked at Yu He and said gently.

Yu He felt a wave of warmth within her heart, she smiled back at Qing Shui. “Don’t worry. I have traveled to many places over these few years. I can protect myself.”

“Let me give you something. There are directions on it, read it carefully. It might be useful to you.” Qing Shui passed Yu He an Interspatial Silk Sachet.

Yu He was not sure if she should accept it.

“You don’t need to be reserved about it. Anyway, I am almost even yours, what’s wrong with accepting a little something from me?” Qing Shui chuckled and teased.

“Haha. I don’t want you,” Yu He laughed and accepted the Interspatial Silk Sachet. She suddenly hugged Qing Shui and planted a kiss on his lips. Once their lips touched, she quickly explored the inside of his mouth...

Qing Shui found it amusing that she had already stolen his kiss twice. It was weird that she did not know how to kiss even at her age but he liked that… He held her lips in his and sucked in gently, calming Yu He down. Her beautiful face flushed a bright red.

Qing Shui inserted his tongue into her mouth and toyed with her satin lips for some time. Just then, Yu He pushed Qing Shui away and blushed as she looked at Qing Shui, “We’ve arrived. I will leave now. Take care!”

Qing Shui waved at her and watched as her figure disappeared into the distance. There were more than twenty people waiting for her. Another woman was also watching Yu He leave with the group of people.

Once the group left, the woman sky-walked over to Qing Shui. Her outfit was about the same as Yu He and the others, but she was slightly older. Yet, she was still very sexy and was at the age where women have a sexy appeal.

“Master Qing, I am Weng Xue.” the woman’s skin was snow white and delicate. Her single lidded phoenix eyes were very pretty, she had a dainty nose and a lanky figure. Her perky breasts were accentuated by her slim figure. Her beauty was in no way inferior to Yu He.

Qing Shui could also guess who she was now, “Nice to meet you. Just call me Qing Shui.”

“He’er mentioned you before. She treats me as her blood related older sister and I also treat her as my younger sister. I am an orphan, so she and my master are my closest relatives,” Weng Xue said as she smiled amiably at Qing Shui.

This woman was very intelligent, she definitely had a way with people. Furthermore, Yu He had already spoken with her to help introduce Qing Shui to Sky City. Besides, her relationship with Yu He was really as close as real siblings.

“Sister Xue, sorry for troubling you.” Qing Shui did want to see Sky City and this was his chance. Naturally, he would take any opportunity he saw.

“It’s nothing. We’re one family anyway,” Weng Shui replied with a courteous smile.

“Sister Xue, please accept my gift. It is just my sincerity.” Qing Shui took out a purple jade pendant and gave it to her.

“I should be the one giving you a gift.” Weng Xue smiled.

“This purple jade is good for your body and your complexion and it has some other properties as well. It will be useful. Since we are family, please accept it.” Qing Shui grinned, he could sense that this woman was not stingy. Besides, he also took into account her relationship with Yu He.

For a woman to be taken as the first wife of the Vice Castellan of Sky City, she definitely had her own undeniable charm, personality, abilities, mannerism and traits.

Weng Xue thanked Qing Shui and accepted the jade pendant. She was quite surprised when she examined it. She did not really give it much notice at first but now that she saw it, she knew that it was really quite valuable. It was not something that one could just buy.

She heard that Qing Shui was a very close friend of Yu He and that Yu He had known him for many years. When she first saw Qing Shui and how handsome he was, she thought he was just Yu He’s childhood friend and perhaps a person that Yu He had already planned to marry. Now that she looked at him closely, she realized that she underestimated him.

She remembered when Yu He returned with Qing Shui to Victory Divine, but now she remembered his other identity. She remembered the picture of the young man who had destroyed the Octagon Inn with one stomp. Previously, she found him familiar but did not think of it. Now, she was certain that this young man was the mortal enemy of the Marionette Sect.

“Brother Shui, you must look for me if you get into any trouble in Sky City.” Weng Xue urged Qing Shui gently with a smile.

From her expression, Qing Shui knew that the woman before him must have realized something. After all, he knew that pictures of him were now all over the streets. He could also guess that Marionette Sect already knew that he was going to Sky City.

“Thank you. Sister Xue. Marionette Sect can’t deal with me anyway,” Qing Shui laughed out.

Weng Xue was quite shocked when he said that. She couldn’t help watching Qing Shui curiously. They were now on Weng Xue’s Cloud Crane and were flying towards Sky City.

Weng Xue looked carefully at Qing Shui, finding that he was definitely beyond her expectations. In the past, she joked that Yu He was taking advantage of the young and inexperienced man, but now she knew that this young man was actually more than qualified...

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