Chapter: 946

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 946 - Sky City’s Vice Castellan Qin Zongheng, Sworn Sister

Her Cloud Crane sped towards Sky City and due to its extreme speed, reached the huge city in two hours. This gave Qing Shui the impression that Sky City was indeed a powerful and influential place. A two hours ride on the Cloud Crane was quite some distance. The Heavenly Cloud Pavilion was still powerful despite its distance from Sky City. From this, Qing Shui could tell that Sky City had a firm control over the area, to the extent that even the Marionette Sect didn’t dare provoke them.

Sky City was too enigmatic. Qing Shui did not know if there were any experts like those elders in the Sky Prison Sect. However, from inferring the relative strength of the Marionette Sect with Sky City, he guessed that there were definitely some Beginner Grade Martial Emperors.

This was probably the reason why Weng Xue had been shocked when he had mentioned to her that he could defend himself against the people from Marionette Sect. He had meant that he could defend against members of the Marionette Sect by himself at his age. She was not sure if her husband could even do that and her husband was of an older generation than Qing Shui.

Yu He had become the mistress of the Hundred Flowers Valley with her Hundred Flowers constitution. It was an innate gift that others couldn’t get, no matter how jealous they were. Otherwise, the title would never have landed into Yu He’s hands. It is precisely because of Yu He that Weng Xue first had the impression that Qing Shui was no ordinary man. After observing him for just a short time, she could tell that he was special. He had an extraordinary presence and aura.

His aura was similar to that of some of the old Elders in Sky City, which made her feel that he was probably a top-tier cultivator. With that in mind, Weng Xue couldn’t help looking at Qing Shui every now and then because she felt that Yu He and Qing Shui were very compatible. She even looked forward to them confirming their relationship.

She suddenly laughed, amused by her own thoughts. When had she become like this? She shook her head and stared off into the distance as Sky City became clearer and clearer before them. Just as its name implied, the famous Sky City was situated high above sea level.

Her Cloud Crane gradually flew upwards and Qing Shui estimated that Sky City was at least 10,000 meters above ground level. Weng Xue spoke to Qing Shui about some random matters but oddly, they did not even mention Sky City in their conversation.

“Qing Shui, you have to be careful around the Marionette Sect. Those people are very vengeful and ruthless. If you need help, you must tell me. I will help in any way I can.” Weng Xue repeated once again when they were close to Sky City.

This time, Qing Shui nodded his head earnestly. He understood Weng Xue’s sincerity. The way she acted clearly showed how close she was to Yu He. As a result, he replied with a smile, “Okay. If I find myself in a bad spot, don’t act like you don’t know me, Elder Sis!” Qing Shui joked. He readily changed what he called her.

Weng Xue was delighted when she heard Qing Shui’s words. She was a very sharp woman and understood his witty remark. She suddenly felt a sense of kinship with Qing Shui, as if there was some fate bringing them together. Perhaps because she had been an orphan, she liked having him as her younger brother.

“Alright, I will treat you as my relative in the future. You’ll be my younger brother.” Weng Xue declared happily with a serious expression.

“Elder Sis!” Qing Shui called her again, happily.

“Alright, I’ll hold a welcome banquet for you.”

Weng Xue’s Cloud Crane flew directly into Sky City as Weng Xue finished her sentence. Qing Shui had a clear view of the entire city now. To be precise, it was on a mountaintop but the structures made it look like a castle town.

Sky City was a moderately sized town about 100 li wide. There were many courtyards and pavilions, even a natural lake and a river. Both were formed from the melting glaciers of the mountain range. Looking at the size of the place, Qing Shui guessed that there were no outsiders in Sky City. The term ‘City’ was probably only used to represent the power and influence of this place, just like with the Poison Mountain Stockade and the Sky Prison Sect. It was actually far smaller than a true city like Hundred Miles City, which covered over 1000 li.

Her Cloud Crane dove down towards an area with a few magnificent-looking manors and landed. Each of the manors was very large and Qing Shui could feel the presence of numerous powerful auras beyond his perceptive abilities.

Weng Xue kept her Cloud Crane and walked towards the entrance of a manor. The guards who saw her quickly bowed and greeted her, “Madam!”

Weng Xue acknowledged them with a nod and walked into the manor with Qing Shui. They walked through an independent courtyard, surrounded by various pavilions. Qing Shui immediately sensed that there were not many people in the manor. There were only a few guards and servants.

Qing Shui knew that Weng Xue’s husband was the Vice Castellan of the city, but it seemed to him that the man kept a low profile.



Two four to five year old children ran towards them. The boy looked slightly older and was followed by a middle-aged woman. Weng Xue cheerfully carried one of her children.

“Auntie Feng, you should rest for a while. I will take care of the two kids. “ Weng Xue said warmly to the middle-aged woman.

The middle-aged woman smiled and nodded her head before she bowed and excused herself.

“Hu’er, Bing’er. This is your uncle. Quickly greet your uncle.” Weng Xue said as she carried both her children and looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was a little caught off guard. He did not expect that she would have children and hadn’t thought about it at all. But even he himself had a few children, so this was not really all that surprising.

The two children were very cute. They both had long hair and their exquisite faces were just like fine porcelain. Their black eyes were like black jewels sitting atop their sharp little noses. They both slightly resembled Weng Xue.

“Mother, what is an Uncle?” The young boy asked Weng Xue an odd question.

“Well, are you close to Bing’er?” Weng Xue asked gently.

“Yes, she is my little sister. If anyone bullies her, I will beat them back ten times as hard.” Hu’er replied, raising his fists.

“He calls me Elder Sis. We are siblings, just like you and Bing’er.” Weng Xue told the little child patiently, taking this opportunity to teach her children.

“Mother, are you closer to him or us?” The young child asked in alarm, as he stared at Qing Shui.

“Little brat, you two are my most precious!” Weng Xue was tickled by his reaction.

Qing Shui was quite entertained by the child’s logic. He took out two Wondrous Fruits and handed one to the boy. “Call me ‘Uncle’ and I will give this to you. It’s very delicious.”

Even without Qing Shui description, the boy already knew that it must taste good. When Qing Shui just started opening the sealed box containing the fruits, the boy had already started salivating because of its smell. At the same time, Weng Xue was startled when she saw the fruits in Qing Shui’s hand.


The two children quickly took the fruits from him and started nibbling...

“Wondrous Fruit!” Weng Xue exclaimed.

“Elder Sis, you know what this is.” Qing Shui chuckled. Since Yiye Jiange could also recognize the fruit, it did not surprise him that Weng Xue could recognize it too.

“The Wondrous Fruit is one of the most amazing fruits in the World of the Nine Continents. It is extremely precious! It is usually best consumed by children under 13 and can raise their potential by 10% and their natural aptitudes by even more. This is quite valuable!” Weng Xue was quite shocked, as she said this.

In actuality, adults could also consume the fruits, but they were most effective for children. No one would waste any on adults.

“Xue’er, you have a guest.” Just then, they heard a clear bright voice.

Qing Shui could feel the person’s aura. He looked behind him and saw a man who could still be considered young. The man had a calm mannerism. He was very handsome and the corner of his eyes curved upwards almost like a smile, but his other facial features were sharp and firm. The man walked towards them with a smile, but he still had an intense oppressive air about him.



The two children ran towards their father with their half-eaten fruits. The man carried both of them, on in each arm. His expression quickly mellowed and was filled with his love for his two children. Then, he noticed what they were eating and exclaimed, “Wondrous Fruit!”

“Zongheng, you’re back. Let me introduce this young man that I just acknowledged as my younger brother. He’s Qing Shui.” Weng Xue said, smiling.

“Hi, I am Qin Zongheng. You look familiar.” the man smiled, he placed his children down and lifted his hand for a handshake.

“Hi, I am Qing Shui. I am the person that the Marionette Sect is looking for.” Qing Shui gave a faint smile.

Even if the man was slightly wary, Qing Shui was not really that concerned. The fact that the man still treated him in a good-natured manner meant the Weng Xue really held a place in that man’s heart. Qing Shui gladly shook Zongheng’s hand.

“Since you are Weng Xue’s brother, we are all one family. You don’t have to be too formal with us. Come inside. Let’s have a good drinking session tonight.” Qin Zongheng said invitingly.

He trusted Weng Xue and could also tell that Qing Shui was no common person. He did not think too much about it. Anyways, the Marionette Sect could not compare to Sky City, as they were on two entirely different levels.

During that time, Weng Xue eyed him and further suggested, “Zongheng, I treat him as my real younger brother. You should bring out your best wine.”

“Xue’er brother is also my brother. Thank you for your Wondrous Fruits.” The man thanked Qing Shui sincerely, as he watched his children happily nibble on their fruit.

“It’s nothing. I have children too. I like your children and these fruits are the perfect thing for them.” Qing Shui beamed.

Weng Xue was quite stunned when she heard that Qing Shui already had children. However, she still followed them to the main hall. The dining table was already filled with plates of hot dishes. Weng Xue had previously already ordered her servants to make preparations for a small banquet.

“Brother Qing Shui, I am a little curious. How did you get to know Xue’er?” Qin Zongheng smiled as he asked Qing Shui.

“Brother Qin, I first met Sister Xue only two hours before. Sister Xue’s younger sister is my very good friend.” Qing Shui replied lightheartedly. He did not wish for the man to misunderstand their relationship. He only knew now that the man had actually been concerned about the subject and it seemed he had already endured asking that question for some time.

Qing Shui did not expect that a powerful, firm man like Qin Zongheng would actually act like this. Perhaps, people would lose their confidence when it came to things that they truly cared about.

Qin Zongheng only felt insecure because he could tell that Qing Shui was quite a talented young man. A powerful young man with good looks was very attractive to women. No matter how much Qin Zongheng trusted Weng Xue, he was still worried. After all, men could be very selfish. The stronger their love, the more selfish and worried they could become.

“Brother Qin, in my heart, Sister Xue is just like my real sister.” Qing Shui actually admired Qin Zongheng’s character. For a man of his stature to only have one woman, it really showed his dedication.

“He’er and Qing Shui are very good friends!” Weng Xue laughed heartily. After he heard what Weng Xue said, Qin Zongheng’s eyes also lit up. He took a closer look at Qing Shui.

“Elder Sis, I feel that we really have quite the affinity. I am happy to have another sister. I would like to raise a toast to you.” Qing Shui lifted his cup of wine and finished it in one gulp.

Weng Xue did the same and said, “From today, we are siblings. I’m truly happy.”

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