Chapter 22: Leaving for the Heavens Law Branch (2)


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Chapter 22: Leaving for the Heavens Law Branch (2) 

Fast as lightning, powerful like rushing thunder, and carrying the faint sound of wind, if this kick landed on a normal person their bones would be snapped to say the least!

Boom! In a spark of flint, Xu Yangyi’s leg was already caught in the youth’s hand.

The youth suddenly raised his head, and the duo’s eyes collided together in the air, like a thunderclap. It even seemed like the ringing sound of clashing swords could be heard, as if a pair of wild beasts were firmly locked onto each other.

Xu Yangyi slightly narrowed his eyes. He was quite clear on what his position as Yuyang City’s champion entailed. He truly stood at the peak of all of Yuyang City’s students. If his foot had landed on the aircraft, the steel plating would’ve become sunken in by a great margin. 

But now, it was like his foot had been caught in an iron hoop, simply unable to break free. The strength and realm of his adversary wasn’t below his own!

In his heart, he was slightly surprised. The handsome youth in front of him was also staring back unwaveringly. However, it was completely beyond the youth’s expectations that he would surprisingly be kicked back!

Moments ago, the youth felt as if he had been in the path of a gigantic elephant’s direct attack! The air between the space of his chest and stomach choked up, and he almost groaned muffledly.

With his spiritual sense fully released, Xu Yangyi could clearly sense it. Strength was swiftly filling the youth’s shoulder blade and the major and minor arm muscles. Xu Yangyi was without words as he inclined his body upwards. With strength coursing through his leg, he suddenly kicked at his adversary again!

Since I can't break free, I’ll kick your hand into your chest!

Bang! In the next second, the youth only felt strength gush forth like a tide from Xu Yangyi’s military boots. His pupils suddenly twinkled and his hand tensed again, forcefully blocking Xu Yangyi’s kick for the second time.

However… he had stood up.

It was unknown when, but his cell phone had been flung back onto his seat. The first kick had drawn his ire. Even if he couldn’t see, he knew that if he remained seated for the second kick, he would be sent knocking back into his chair!

“Fuck…” On the airplane, a student exhaled in fright. “I was starting to believe that kid was the most amazing… but I didn’t expect... this last guy would be as fierce as him!

“That kid is Tianfeng City’s champion…” All of the students restrained their shock as they watched the fight. They all knew that the youth’s temper was rather foul. When he had boarded the airplane, no one had dared to sit at his side. It seemed he really didn’t like having people next to him, however...

No one could get him to stand up! One, two, three, all of them had given it a go, but none of them could even make the other shift his eyes off his cell phone!

With his two legs, Xu Yangyi had made the youth stand up, forcing the youth to treat him cautiously. The plane was deathly quiet. The only remaining sound was the chopping of the propellers.

A cold edge flashed through Xu Yangyi’s eyes. He was silent. His thigh muscles began to swell for a third time, and he used his maximum strength to force back the youth.

“Hmph…” A heavy groan finally escaped from between the gap of the youth’s teeth, and at the same time, there was a boom as his upper back slammed into the aircraft! 

With veins bulging, the hand that was holding onto Xu Yangyi’s military boots had already been kicked into his chest! 

In a flash, Xu Yangyi clearly sensed that the qi within his adversary’s body happened to be rapidly accumulating. He immediately pulled his foot back without the least bit consideration.

In the same manner, the youth didn’t strike out. The pair’s gazes were icy like blades. Several seconds later, the youth looked at him seriously and asked lowly, “You a champion?”

“Oh?” Xu Yangyi laughed. “How did you know?”

“Because I’m one, as well.” The youth lapped at his lips like a wolf. “Besides champions, nobody can kick me back.”

“I’ll remember you, kid.”

Xu Yangyi restrained his might and spoke no further. Picking up his bag, he tossed it to the youth’s side, making no small amount of commotion. Afterwards, he sat down in a seat.

This time, the youth didn’t say anything. He was only absorbed in playing his game. It seemed that the event which had just transpired wouldn’t happen again. Everyone else silently retracted their gazes. 

This was a man’s game. It didn’t need words, nor require explanation. The weak would become nourishment for the strong. It was that simple.

The airplane hummed as it ascended into the air. Ten minutes later, the youth suddenly looked at his cell phone and asked, “What’s your name?”

Xu Yangyi leaned his head back in his seat and closed his eyes for several seconds before lazily responding,“Xu Yangyi.”

The youth nodded. “Chu Zhaonan. Tianfeng City’s champion.”

The entire journey went without words.

Through the baptism of true combat, everyone appeared rather steady. Or perhaps it could be said that the fury in their hearts of the past ten-odd years had been liberated, finally causing their minds become peaceful again.

Xu Yangyi was closing his eyes, indifferently resting. It was unknown how much time had passed. Perhaps it was ten minutes or perhaps it was fifteen, but either way, he calmly opened his eyes.

Two seconds later, Chu Zhaonan stowed his cell phone away. Both of them just happened to narrow their eyes together, looking towards the closed fore hold door.

“All students.” At nearly the same moment, a voice rang out from up ahead. Simultaneously, all the students couldn’t help but lift their heads as if they were pricked by a needle.

A formidable spiritual pressure!

Spiritual pressure could be said to be the external release of a cultivator’s qi. Only the Nascent Soul realm spoken of in the legends, presently lost to the sands of time, had the ability to injure foes with spiritual pressure. Otherwise, it could only be used to form a kind of tangible pressure.

It was like walking through a swamp; the trembling of each hair was unavoidable. As if one was stuck in a vacuum, it became difficult to continue breathing and for the heart to beat uninterrupted.

Late Qi Condensation!

Like notes being tapped on a piano, the sound of leather military boots thudded out from the door. Subsequently, the door gently opened.

“Greetings, students, my position isn’t all that important. If all of you have had the fortune of joining Heavens Law, then you’ll obtain your own code names. All of you may call me C-Lilac. The preceding letter is my rank in Heavens Law, and the latter is my code name. At the same time, to my embarrassment, I can’t help but to inform everyone that C is the lowest rank.”

It was a woman. A very pretty woman.

Her eyes weren’t the typical large eyes of a beauty. They were double-lidded and curved upwards like a red phoenix. As they slightly stirred, it could be said that her elegant eyes held a devilishness to them, and it could also be said they were multifarious. Beneath her pair of willowy, exquisite brows, her eyes were alluring like a new moon, bereft of any visible shred of murderous aura.

A splendid smile hung on her goose egg-shaped face. A pair of indistinct dimples made her appear exceptionally warm.

She had a high nose and a pair of rosy lips that seemed to be dripping with water. The addition of her camouflage tank top held a trace of carelessness that served to contrast her flawless bosom—approximately between D and E-cup. 

With a willowy waist that could be held in a single grasp, the swinging of her hips brought with it an unconscious enticement. The camouflage trousers covering her figure held a different kind of coquettishness, and a wave of long hair draped over her shoulder at an angle. Coupled with the bountifully untamed lilac tattoo on her shoulder, she drew an obvious shortness of breath in the present group of hot-blooded youths that hadn’t seen a woman in the past few years.

And now, this beautiful woman just happened arrive and introduce herself like they were old friends, even if this was their first encounter.

“First, I’d like to congratulate everyone on bringing your graduation exams to a perfect end. As Nantong Province’s special correspondent for the military department’s ‘China Special Investigation Bureau’, or just short for CSIB, I’m extremely happy to meet everyone.” She suddenly turned her body around and walked up to Xu Yangyi’s side with a blooming smile, using her sweet shoulder to gently bump into him. “Mind if I sit here, handsome?”

Xu Yangyi didn’t respond, since Lilac had already sat down before he could even nod. Moreover, half of her nubile body was already leaning against his own without the least bit reservation.

“There’s about half an hour until we arrive at Fengyi City.” Lilac laughed. “Before that though, I want to ask everyone something. I’d like all you handsome brothers to please tell me sincerely.” She straightened out and propped her lower jaw on her hand, her eyes containing a passionate gleam. “There’s not much time, and big sis doesn’t like people who beat around the bush, as well. My question is: everyone, are you rich?”

With one sentence, everyone’s faces immediately stiffened. Heavens Law’s damned allowance was only a thousand per month! A pitiful thousand! And a woman had asked them this in public!

“It’s not a couple hundred thousand or a million.” Lilac winked with her charming eyes, however, no one present felt her to be attractive. “Students, don’t you know? A single blessed bullet from the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion is worth 50,000. The black market rate between spirit stones and cash is one to twenty thousand, but that’s for low-grade spirit stones… A hundred low-grade spirit stones can be converted to a single medium-grade spirit stone, and a hundred medium-grade spirit stones can be exchanged for a high-grade spirit stone.”

She tossed her hair, disregarding that some students’ expressions had already slightly changed, and calmly laughed. “After starting cultivation, a human begins to develop towards a direction that transcends biological form. To be a bit frank about it, there are no humans on this aircraft. Only… superhumans.”

“Compared to a Core Formation Dao Master, the Superman in Hollywood flicks is nothing but a wet noodle. A Dao Master can easily level a small mountain with a flick of their fingers and soar into the heavens to seize the moon. They’re nearly omnipotent. However, does everyone know of how much it costs a Dao Master to reach Core Formation?” She coiled a lock of her hair around her finger and smiled. “Professor Yu of Cultivation Statistics calculated it to be…”

She paused and said clearly and concisely, word for word, “33.87 trillion American dollars.”



A tremendously astonishing, terrifying figure. It made everyone on the aircraft coldly gasp. Even Xu Yangyi raised a brow; such a sensationalized amount was surprising. 

“Does everyone know what China’s GDP is?” Lilac took out her cell phone, gently pressing it against her perfumed cheek. Soon after, she laughed in front of everyone. “69.92 trillion… In other words, if you want to become a Core Formation master, you’ll need to consume at least one half of China. It can also be said, that with a number approaching upwards of 700 million people supporting you alone, you’ll have a teeny-tiny hope to achieve Core Formation.” 

“Thus, a Core Formation master is a human above humans.”

No one said anything.

Lilac’s words were the most direct observation of the implicit meaning of a cultivator’s four edicts: wealth, scripture, companions, and land. The contrast of her observation caused the moods of all the students, who were brimming with confidence and preparing to head back to the branch to conduct their graduation ceremony, heavily sink, in an instant.

“I have no lack of money.” Chu Zhaonan shut his eyes, not planning on giving face to the beautiful Lilac at all. Xu Yangyi swept his eyes over him, and smirked.

How interesting. Lilac probably hadn’t expected this jab, her smile obviously expressionless for all to see. However, she recovered her original bearing in the next second.

“However, as long as you join our CSIB, these things won’t be a problem!” Lilac stood up, her smile incomparably brilliant. “The CSIB is China’s time-honored department. We don’t belong to the four army departments and we’re not part of the police or military police system. Moreover, we supersede the regional government. Every month, we’ll provide you with an allowance of 35,000 US dollars! As for Core Formation… Hehe, if everyone has the fortune to join the only ten Core Formation masters in present-day China, not to even mention ten million, a hundred million, or even several hundred million to even billions of American dollars, there’s nothing on the table that can’t be discussed.”

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