Chapter 332: The Godseal Spark (42)


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Chapter 332: The Godseal Spark (42)

BOOM!!! As if the sky trembled, a beam of white light impacted against the Taiyi Everlasting Array, like how Pangu cleaved apart heaven and earth. In this fleeting moment, time seemed to freeze.

Crash… A sound akin to a tidal wave came from the Taiyi Everlasting Array. One by one, runes started to rapidly dim.

In the sky, Daomaster Hiddenscent glanced down below in astonishment. With her cultivation, these formations, the Linghu Clan’s seal, was rather clumsy. She looked down with rapt attention for a couple seconds and suddenly laughed. “Fellow Daoist Ancientpine, if This Palace has not remembered erroneously, isn’t your disciple down below?”

Daomaster Ancientpine likewise summoned his full concentration and gazed down. He was even more suspicious.

While his Taiyi Everlasting Array couldn’t be said to be invincible even against ten thousand men in a Qi Condensation war, it ought to have stood close to these words. It had only been less than a half-hour since the Linghu Clan had arrived, yes? How had his formation broke?

“That’s right.”

“Are you not going to rescue him?” Hiddenscent propped her hand against her perfumed cheek and smiled, “This disciple of yours is quite good. To be able to leave Danxia Temple, how many have there been throughout the ages?”

“As a ruler, I naturally must be fair, just, and impartial,” Ancientpine said without change in expression. “If This Dao Master goes to save him, my impartiality would be lost. I cannot take him.”

“Pedantic,” Hiddenscent laughed, but said no more.

Crash… Down below, rays of towering spirit light erupted, and black fog was split and torn apart into pieces by this misty white. Striving to hold on as before, the Taiyi Everlasting Array shattered with a boom!

Swaths of dark splendor appeared in front of the Linghu Clan, as if accompanying the night wind. The final barrier in front of them rumbled and collapsed, revealing the Featherwood Guard inside, the location they had lost hundreds of lives to assault!

“The wall’s down…” Ahead, a demon cultivator of the Linghu Clan looked on in a daze at everything before him, and suddenly reared his head back and roared, “The wall’s down! Kill! Kill them all!!!”

“ROAR!!!” Three thousands voices echoed. Linghu Chaofeng’s and Linghu Qian’s eyes brightened, and they rigidly gritted their teeth. They stormed towards the black light ahead that had yet to completely disperse, the location of the Featherwood Guard!

Victory or defeat would be taken in one stroke here!

In the White Tiger Hall, an old man bolted up on his feet. He broke into shivers and rasped out, “Captured… captured! The Featherwood Guard has been captured!”

Silent since beginning to end, the dozen-plus people in the master hall suddenly stood up, their eyes bursting with vigor. A tall man burst into hearty laughter. “Chaofeng lives up to expectations! He has not let us down! Hahahaha!”

“Good…” an old man guffawed loudly, “A good capture! A good capture!!!”

“All of you…” A woman sinisterly looked to the outside. “Wait… Did you truly believe that our White Tiger Hall would be felled in a single day?”

“Wait until we have two command plates, then we’ll let you see the Worldly Transformation Grand Magik that the Linghu Clan relied on to make our name…”

BOOM!!! It was now that a streak of red light exploded from the scar-riddled White Tiger Hall and shined upon everyone’s emotional and excitedly flushed cheeks!

The great hall rumbled with tremors, yet no one cared for this now!

“Quickly… activate the Mass Transference Formation.” An old man curbed his smile, a spirited glint bursting in his eyes. “All armies attack! Don’t hold back any battle strength! Rush to the Featherwood Guard for our victory!”

Swoosh… Ten seconds later in the utterly ruined White Tiger Hall, black smoke originally lingering upon it, the darkened white tiger manifestation’s eyes suddenly erupted with two rays of astonishing light. 

“This…” In the Bluedawn Winding Corridor, the Crimson Rakshasa immediately stopped the assault. Doubtfully, she observed the White Tiger Hall.

“They’re gambling everything on one throw?”

“The White Tiger Hall no longer has any power to counterattack. They… Are they activating their final reserves of spiritual force?”

At the Sky Universe Palace, the Lou Clan’s Five Honored Stars firmly locked their eyes over the battlefield. They were likewise puzzled. So long as the White Tiger Hall handed over the command plate, they wouldn’t bother continue fighting with them. The other hadn’t done so, however. To their surprise, the White Tiger Hall was still able to explode with power.

Huumm… In clear view, countless white runes emerged all over the White Tiger Hall. Meanwhile, the sky underneath it shockingly exploded with soaring brilliance!

Massive and several thousand meters in size, a formation was slowly taking shape in the air! Incomparably profound talismans spun and churned in the sky, sending out a blast of tide-like spiritual force!

In a twinkling, it seemed like a multicolored halo had circled around the White Tiger Hall.

“Good wind relies on power…” The Linghu clan elder shut his eyes, a satisfied smile worn on his face. He mercilessly broke apart the sparkling and pure talisman in his hand. “Deliver me to clear skies!” [1]

Swoosh! A wave of magnificent light flashed! In the light of this radiant burst, the White Tiger Hall had surprisingly begun to dematerialize little by little!

“No good!!!” At the same time, the Crimson Rakshasa, the Five Honored Stars, and Zhao Zhiqiu all cried out in alarm!

“A Mass Transference Formation! That’s a Mass Transference Formation!” The old woman-spider audibly grinded her teeth, suddenly yelling at the ten-odd people below in anger, “What the hell are you all surprised for?! Don’t tell me you didn’t notice the Mass Transference Formation under the White Tiger Hall?!”

“Old thief!” Among the Five Honored Stars, an old man with a mountain-shaped talisman on his forehead spewed out the most insidious curses through his gritted teeth. “You went so far as to hide this move… You would rather use the White Tiger Hall as a target! They… actually want to escape!”

“But escape is not so simple.” Matters had reached this step, the sudden change stimulating everyone’s train of thought. One of the Five Honored Stars clenched his teeth and said, “Transferring such a large target… where do they want to go? Where won’t they be chased by us straightaway?”

“Is there something even more important than a command plate?”

The old man with the mountain talisman only pondered for a few seconds. The five men all cried out involuntarily, “A command plate!!!”

Yes, only another command plate was more important than a command plate!

If the White Tiger Hall was performing a mass transference, then that could only mean that they’d discovered they had obtained a command plate, allowing them the opportunity to continue this war!

And this opportunity… 

The five men all happened to look towards the location of the Xingtian Legion!

Apart from here… was there anywhere else?

Thud! In the city tower of the Kindling Mulberry Wall, Zhao Zhiqiu landed on his high chair, flat on his butt. He shook his head and sighed with boundless emotion, “A miscalculation… We’ve miscalculated…”

As matters stood, what was there not to understand?

“It’s not that the Linghu Clan doesn’t have the power to resist… I also had existing doubts whether a noble inheritance could be taken down in a day like this. I miscalculated… miscalculated too much!” He slammed down on his chair. “This Throne… has been deceived by enormous benefit. The heavenly paradise… How great of an enticement is it? They…” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “Their withdrawal is fake, but their ambush on the Xingtian Legion is real! Such a vicious old man, and what a ruthless move!”

“And his stronghold is the carrot on the stick. We see it, but cannot eat! But we didn’t stop our attack. Now that he’s transferred away… he’s definitely already gained a second command plate! I never could’ve expected… that the ruined Linghu Clan would instead be the first to obtain a second medal!”

“Clan Elder, what now?” At the Bluedawn Winding Corridor, an old man seemed to wake up from his dream. He had been recollecting each and every one of the Linghu Clan’s moves. Even if they were the enemy, he still sighed with incredible admiration, “We must give chase at once! Why don’t we garrote all of the Linghu Clan and the Xingtian Legion?”

“Utter drivel!!!” The Crimson Rakshasa forced down the fury in her heart. She had been toyed with such a fraud, right in front of her face. How could she not be angry?

“Wait!” she gnashed her teeth and said, “If the White Tiger Hall risks acting this way… they surely have another contingency! The Linghu Clan has the confidence to defend against our back-up! But the Xingtian Legion dares to reveal a sword at us… could Xu Yangyi have no other hidden cards?”

“Wait… for the day of the Linghu Clan’s arrival. The final battle will definitely be with the Xingtian Legion! As soon as both sides are at the edge of mutual defeat, THEN it will be our best moment to act!” Her gaze swept over everyone. “Order the Bluedawn Winding Corridor… prepare a Mass Transference Formation. This time… my eyes have granted me some clarity… and as to whoever makes a mistake… I shall execute them on the spot!”

“KILL!!!” The tide-like Linghu army charged all-out towards the Featherwood Guard. However, it was in this moment that the sky darkened without warning! Very soon… a colossus, a silhouette no less than several thousand meters, hazily emerged over their heads.

“It’s the White Tiger Hall… The White Tiger Hall has arrived!!!”

The fortress’s descent caused the eyes of all of the Linghu Clan’s demon cultivators to redden. This was their war under the Linghu Clan’s banner. Yet this war was so simple. All they needed to was rush in, and that would suffice!

“KILL!!!” Sky-shaking roars rang out. Those giving voice to these cries were like a wave. In the sky, the White Tiger Hall’s massive frame slowly formed. From nothingness it materialized. On the ground, the Linghu Clan’s last elites launched a total assault on the Xingtian Legion!

Huuummm… The stronghold’s figure finally appeared in its entirety. Its form was already damaged. Gazed at from below, it resembled a titanic flying saucer from a scifi movie. From top to bottom, it emitted black smoke, but each part of the structure was carved with exquisite runes, even if it was already missing its massive front paw. Here and now, it was concealed under the moonlight. It transformed above the apex of the clouds, peering down arrogantly like a deity.

Shadow quietly overtook the earth. Inside the Featherwood Guard, Xu Yangyi and Chu Zhaonan raised their heads to look at the endless White Tiger Hall that resembled a floating continent. Xu Yangyi said in a soft voice, “Are you scared?”

The gunslinger was silent for a brief moment and shook his head. Instead, he looked to the gun in his hand. “Right fucking now… I’m shaking in excitement!”

If said that the White Tiger Hall, concealing the world and obstructing the moon’s glow, was the sun, then they, they were Hou Yi who shot down the sun at this moment! [2]

Finally, the black light facing the Linghu Clan completely dissipated. Linghu Chaofeng, Linghu Qian, and the masters of the vassal clans all charged in with murderous aura covering them. Black light not having yet vanished cloaked them!

“Hahahaha!” Linghu Chaofeng reared his head back and burst into laughter. Half a second later, he glared daggers at Xu Yangyi. “Mongrel, you’re finished!”

Xu Yangyi simply didn’t glance at him. Instead, he observed the materializing White Tiger Hall in the sky. He smiled as he closed his eyes, taking joy in the monumental pleasure in his heart.

Arrived… you’ve arrived!

All of you… have finally come!

He opened his eyes, smiling as he snapped his finger.

Only then did Linghu Chaofeng feel that the situation was somewhat off. The Featherwood Guard was awfully quiet. Only two people, Chu Zhaonan and Xu Yangyi, were standing on a formation. Over 2,000 people were behind him. They were like a tide, a flood, an iron wall, rushing out from amidst the black light. But these two actually weren’t scared in the slightest?

Nonetheless, Linghu Chaofeng was worried at all!

In the face of absolute strength, any shadowy plots or schemes were merely a candle flame. The White Tiger Hall had arrived in the flesh. In ten seconds, the entire transference would be done. These two… would be unable to defy this great dragon!

It was then that he laid eyes upon a scene he would stay with him forever.

Chu Zhaonan took a deep breath. This time, he didn’t use his usual gun but held out his two hands. Endless spiritual light circled and formed a rifle that was a full meter in size! The mouth of the rifle was aimed straight at the White Tiger Hall in the sky!

“Ready to say goodbye to this world?” Xu Yangyi blew a kiss with two fingers placed at his lips. “You buncha demons and monsters.”

BOOM!!! Following this sound, Chu Zhaonan’s spiritual force was fully unleashed! At the end of his rifle barrel, an arm-thick ray of blue light surged straight to the horizon.

1. This spoken phrase is apparently a line from a famous Qing era novel known as Dream of the Red Chamber, considered one of China’s Four Classics. The specifics of this line refer to the vitality of fallen willow catkins. Although they may scatter everywhere, be swept away, or buried in the earth, a good wind will take them away. So used here in context as the Linghu Clan being saved.

2. Hou Yi shooting down suns is an old legend. There were originally ten suns in Chinese legend that caused the earth to become a wasteland. Hou Yi shot down nine out of ten of the suns, saving the Earth from being a bad place to live.

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