Chapter 333: The Godseal Spark (43)


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Chapter 333: The Godseal Spark (43)

Chu Zhaonan’s attack was not strong… this was Linghu Chaofeng’s first realization. But in the next second, all his hair stood on edge!

“That’s! That’s!!!” Linghu Qian’s heart seemed to stop beating. In the air, a mighty pressure of unparalleled majesty suddenly spread! It was like a mountain crumbling apart, like the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers collapsing! As if the stars were falling! 

It was formless yet tangible! At this moment, 3,000 Linghu Clan cultivators couldn’t help but all kneel, the sounds of legs hitting the ground ringing out!

They trembled in fear, perspiration not even daring to seep out!

Heavenly might!

Core Formation heavenly might!

At this moment, language ceased to be. Linghu Chaofeng’s heart instantly tumbled to the bottom of a valley, an ice-cold domain. Everyone understood what Xu Yangyi wanted to do… 

He actually had a Core Formation origin crystal!

And he… wanted to detonate this demon core! To obtain the coming heavenly paradise in several decades!

Who was strong and who was weak?

In the short term, the origin crystal absolutely dominated. But in the long term… it fundamentally couldn’t be compared!

A heavenly paradise could create one Core Formation cultivator, and then a second! A third!

However… he had not to time to think of this, because the origin crystal was aimed right at the White Tiger Hall!

“No…” Both his eyes were shaded red. He had risked his life for so long, yet the outcome was a massive pitfall! Xu Yangyi had never considered the Lingu Clan’s 3,000-strong army in his eyes; Xu Yangyi wanted the White Tiger Hall! Xu Yangyi desired the Linghu Clan’s command plate!

And he… had actually followed along with Xu Yangyi’s intentions like so, striding over step after step!

“NO!!!!!!” He braced his body with great effort, and howled furiously to the sky, “You despicable charlatan!!! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!”


There was no “if”.

Time seemed to come to a standstill. Two seconds later in the sky, there was no sound of explosion, only a strange blue expanse swiftly infecting the entire horizon!

It was like an ocean tide, like a jade wave, layering level after level, revolving circle after circle. Unexpectedly, a flower with a diameter of several hundred meters formed in the sky!

“My sin… deserves ten thousand deaths…” Linghu Qian looked to the sky in despair. She understood clearly, even if she hadn’t witnessed it herself, she’d still heard the phrase countless times… 

The Red Spider Lily blooms, awing the entire world!

A single flower represented a Core Formation cultivator’s fall… and she, had finally seen this flower of legend today. Nonetheless, it had bloomed underneath her fortress. 

“I deserve to die… I deserve to die!!!” She mustered all her strength and slammed her head on the ground, screaming herself hoarse.

Crack crack crack… In the surroundings, the eyes formed by the Linghu Clan’s seal crumbled with a bang. At this time, all the Foundation Establishment cultivators from the Bluedawn Winding Corridor, Kindling Mulberry Wall, and Sky Universe Palace snapped their heads up and looked to the sky in disbelief!

Blue waves were coalescing in the sky at lightning speed! There within was qi that left one’s hair standing on edge, causing all their hearts to almost stop beating!

Thud… Thud… At this moment, Countless Qi Condensation cultivators were so pressured by this god-like oppressive force that they were robbed of their ability to breath. They all kneeled on the ground, sweat pouring like rain.

“This!!!” On a lotus in the sky, Daomasters Ancientpine, Titanspirit, and Hiddenscent stood up at the same time. Even far away, they were still more astonished than everyone else, not daring to believe as they looked down below!

“OPEN!!!” Ancientpine slashed down with his palm, absent of the slightest hesitation. Hiddenscent’s face was terribly solemn as she cast a spell, her lotus swiftly floating down. In an instant, they emerged on the battlefield!

The three great Dao Masters jointly appeared. At any other time, they would’ve drawn mountains of respectful cries, but not even a bird made a sound now.

Hiddenscent stepped forward and gazed down, a rare graveness on her face. “A familiar scent…” She gazed straight at the Xingtian Legion’s Transference Formation below, as if she wanted to pass through it and see underground. “There below… what is that? As if… I once very much hated it many years ago?”

“A Red Spider Lily… a Red Spider Lily blooms…” Behind her, Titanspirit looked on in shock at the blue vortex that had already expanded by several hundred meters. “He actually…”

“This… A Qi Condensation cultivator actually toyed with it… Two little Qi Condensation juniors actually…” He looked at Ancientpine ruefully. “What kind of fiend have you even accepted as a disciple?”

BOOM!!! Here and now, the domain of blue light below carried savage and frenzied qi! Between heaven and earth, it loudly exploded!

Whoosh!!! A hurricane blew away all the clouds! In the sky, blue shock waves erupted with a bang! The heavens seemed have been boiled, infinite rays of white qi devastating the entire earth as blue impact blasts followed!

In the White Tiger Hall, an old man looked on in astonishment at the qi vortex that had come from the loud explosion below, the storm of spiritual force that caused him to feel worship and prostrate himself… His hand was shaking. Ultimately, he was unable to stand any further. With a thud, he landed on the floor.

In this twinkling, everything was silent in the White Tiger Hall. In the next second, limitless blue light burst forth from underneath! It dyed the sky and earth in blue light!

“My Linghu Clan…” In a flash, the old man’s silhouette was incinerated into flying ash amidst the endless radiance. “How… could… here…”

An old woman stared down vacantly. Her train of thought seemed to halt. In the moment she was swallowed in the blue light, she raised her arms and screamed at the top of her lungs, “Xingtian Legion… I CURSE YOU!!! I eternally curse…”

Swoosh swoosh swoosh… In the tides of the Core Formation explosion, the White Tiger Hall, thousands of meters long, was like a mosquito having encountered a forest fire. It was unable to bring a single trace of resistance at all.

Crack crack crack… Although all workers had left Nanzhou City, the city still had many tall buildings, as a provincial capital. But now, these buildings, ordinarily representing modernization and prosperity, started to disintegrate story after story as if they were struck by a giant, invisible palm. Terrible blast waves, colored by endless blue, decimated all of Nanzhou City’s terrain!

BOOM!!! A plot of land on the ground was directly blown away, revealing the tawny foundation stone underneath. In the sky, explosive shock waves piled up wave after wave. In the end, an elegant blue flower took form!

In tides, magnificent light radiated everywhere, and gave blossom to a splendor belonging only to death, in the black night!

The Red Spider Lily blooms, awing the entire world!

Twenty minutes was as endless as century. At the horizon, over 15,000 meters away, the Sky Universe Palace, Kindling Mulberry Wall, and Bluedawn Winding Corridor were a strange trio of bed partners, each one with differing agendas. At this moment now, however, a defensive wall of golden light unexpectedly formed over their respective strongholds at the same time.

On the surface, countless talismans surged. And yet behind this ten-thousand-meter wall of talismans, not one person’s face could be said to be sightly.

Zhao Zhiqiu was standing underneath the Zhao Clan’s ancient mirror. In his surroundings, all the Zhao Clan’s elders were likewise standing, drenched in cold sweat. Right now, all of the Zhao Clan’s eight sons were beside him.

At the Bluedawn Winding Corridor, the Crimson Rakshasa, Nalan Cuo, and five other cultivators were on top of the rakshasa’s demon-skull cave. From time to time, their tightly clenched cheeks flexed.

At the Sky Universe Palace, none of the Lou Clan’s Five Honored Stars had fallen. On the crown of their giant crane, they fixed their gazes to a distant place.

The blue wave gradually receded. Zhao Zhiqiu faced upwards and let out a long and deep sigh, “Fortunately… fortunately…”

“Fortunately it was the Linghu Clan who went!”

Everyone else kept silent. Over a dozen Foundation Establishment spiritual senses now darted over. They wanted to see… whether the remaining elites of the Linghu Clan and the White Tiger Hall were ultimately still in existence.

However, that which their spiritual senses arrived to was nothingness.

Wiped out clean. Not even an inch of grass was growing.

It was just like nothing had ever transpired here… The Featherwood Guard, the 3,000 cultivators surround it, there was nothing. Only until ten thousand meters away from this blank space did buildings gradually come into view.

“The Linghu Clan… is finished. Completely finished… In the future, one might only find their names in the history books…” Only when looking ahead 5,000 meters away did the appearance of buildings, trees, and earth appear. The Adam’s apple of one of the Five Honored Stars trembled, and he said hoarsely, “A 10,000-meter explosion… If we were there at the time…”

A cold shiver traveled down his body.

This conclusion couldn’t risk being imagined!

“This legion… is too insane…” The Crimson Rakshasa tightly clenched her teeth, and her spiritual sense took a step further into the heart of the explosion. “This Throne has always believed myself to be a madwoman… but Xu Yangyi… is even crazier than me!” 

“This child… is no person of mediocrity! He lacked an opportunity… no, not opportunity. He lacked time!” [1] 

“If he rises to Foundation Establishment, his future will be limitless!” she pursed her lips, “Wouldn’t it be better to… sell him goodness? Give him this command plate… to buy his future prospects!”

“I have a premonition… Someday, this child’s name will echo throughout the cultivation world!”

Zhao Zhiqiu’s face was gloomy. At this moment, he had also figured everything out.

By revealing weakness to the enemy, three great powers had been lured in one step at a time! And Xu Yangyi had been hiding this trump since the beginning! Whoever entered… would die!

“His considerations are meticulous… invulnerable… Why couldn’t such a talent appear in my Zhao Clan! Were he in my Zhao Clan, I would’ve now dared to appoint him as the next candidate for clan elder!”

“First it was Danxia Temple, and then the heavenly paradise… He, did not have the support of a publicity team, yet his name is carved in our hearts… No! He’s also the agent of the Pill Dao! Gasp…” he sucked in coldly.

Strangely, not one person from the Zhao Clan or Nalan Clan presently took advantage of the calamity to line their own pockets. No palace activated Transference Formations.

Of talents, there were many. Of geniuses, each and every great clan had them. But some people… did not require fame, even causing fondness to be born in their opponents’ hearts!

Above black clouds beyond the head of the Sky Universe Palace’s giant crane, a Foundation Establishment cultivator’s eyes revealed chilling light. He faced towards the direction of the Feathewood Guard and gritted his teeth. “Old Five, this has to be the Xingtian Legion’s last card. He’s holding onto two command plates. How about…”

He made a motion of his hand slicing across his neck.

The Fifth Star was silent, but he didn’t decline, either. Moreover, though, he did not answer.

“Have you heard of this story before?” Eventually, the Fifth Star clenched his teeth and said, “Cao Cao… upon seeing Zhao Yun run through the ranks of his army, seven times entering and seven times leaving, gave the command not to injure Zhao Yun. He wanted not for corpses, but only living men… Could you possible be thinking… that even I am inferior to a dead mortal?” [2]

Zhao Yun?

The Featherwood Guard?

The elder looked towards the direction of the Featherwood Guard. He wanted to say something, but ultimately remained silent.

“Don’t go…” Among the Five Honored Stars, the oldest finally spoke out, “Dispatch an emissary.”

“Old Five, an emissary… is sent to a standard power!”

A trifling power of ten-odd people could be called a standard power, as well?

“To be able of wiping out the Linghu Clan, he has the qualifications to have equal dialogue with us!” The old man seemed to firm his resolve. His gaze incredibly deep and hidden in depth. “Ask him… whether he is willing to come to the Lou Clan. The conditions are his to choose. As for the command plate, it is unneeded if he comes to the Lou Clan. If he does not come, we only want the Linghu Clan’s command plate. There is only one condition. If he comes to the Lou Clan, he must enter the Lou Clan’s echelon for young clan elder candidates.”

Xu Yangyi absolutely couldn’t have expected that this explosion would bring forth a new universe!

Originally, he believed that three clans would immediately pounce once they saw he was without battle strength. Then… another even more resplendent firework would explode!

However, the world’s matters were not absolute. Unexpectedly, not a single one of the three clans had come!

An army of a thousand was easily raised, but a fine general was hard sought!

He did not understand noble lineages. To any clan, inheritance was their primary objective! And regarding inheritance, the power of a successor's ability was the number one consideration!

Xu Yangyi had killed his way out of Danxia Temple, exterminated the Linghu Clan with an origin crystal, and was the Pill Dao’s agent. In this moment, an odd transformation surprisingly occurred in the mentality of the battlefield!

1. “No person of mediocrity!” This is a line from a text of the Three Kingdoms era. “池中之物”. “A creature of the pond”. Used in context to describe Zhang Fei and Liu Bei, who were considered dragons and phoenixes not of shallow depth or origin. “They were absolutely not creatures of a pond!”

2. I believe I have mentioned the story of Zhao Yun “running through soldiers seven times and leaving seven times” in the past. Cao Cao is a central warlord of the State of Wei during the Three Kingdoms era (155-220 CE). Zhao Yun was a general of Shu, noted for his valor.

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