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Chapter 386: The Gold-Banded Staff (11)

A million thoughts raced through Xu Yangyi’s mind. Bladevessel’s words were too great of a stir to him. He needed to digest all of this properly. Furthermore, if he was going to head down, he needed to work together with the figure behind Zu Huai’en.

Regardless of whatever solemn oath or words Bladevessel had voiced, Xu Yangyi still didn’t believe him.

“I didn’t know something was being sealed. If you could speak, why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Bladevessel scoffed, “Earlier? You going back and forth was quite out of my expectations. How could I have time to act?”

With difficulty, Xu Yangyi accept this explanation that couldn’t be considered an explanation. After a long time, he nodded and said heavily, “Then I’ll come back in ten years and give you an answer.”

“Ten years?” Bladevessel was dissatisfied. “Too long.”

“Not long,” Xu Yangyi countered firmly, his voice chopping nail and slicing iron. “In ten years, I’ll bring another person. And, ten years will allow both of us to make good preparations. I don’t know what’s down there, is Fellow Daoist not planning on telling me?”

“I do not know either,” Bladevessel said lowly. “I only know that something is being sealed down there, but I am unaware of the surroundings of what is being sealed.”

“What is being sealed?”

“When the time comes, you shall know.”

Xu Yangyi gave Bladevessel a long and hard look, nodding. “Now, let my little brother out.”

A white light shot forth. Zhao Ziqi’s misty body was finally able to move again. He made the choice to first say, Big bro, are you really going?

“It’s not if I want to go or not, but I can’t not go.” Xu Yangyi closely scanned the stone platform, with an eye. “The other things this guy said might be false, but there’s an extreme possibility that this place is the only way leading to Earth is true.”

“In these ten years, I’ll investigate other places as well. Still, the possibility is very low. If there are other places where you can leave, the person behind Zu Huai’en would’ve left earlier. In the end, it still falls on him.”

“Let’s go.”

All business concluded, Xu Yangyi asked for the return of his arm, which Bladevessel did grudgingly. With a final confirmation of his thoughts, he swept Zhao Ziqi up and transformed into a silver thread, rushing straight out of the water’s surface.

Bladevessel transformed into white light and shot into the behemoth’s body. The several hundred eyes on its shell swiftly turned crimson again, and it eyed Xu Yangyi’s figure with seemingly deep meaning. Slowly, the tremendous body sunk into the black abyss.

Splash! Xu Yangyi rushed out from the water. In the wake of his charge, the entire triangle-shaped area of the ocean filled with seawater again. Once more, this place became a part of the Endless Sea.

Yet at this time, Zhao Ziqi’s voice suddenly rang out in his mind. Big bro, hold on!

“What’s up?”

Behind you… look… w-what’s that?

Xu Yangyi turned around in surprise, and his brows immediately knitted together.

There was nothing in front of him.


Big bro, wait, I’ll lend you my eyes!

Before his voice even fell, Xu Yangyi sensed a cool burst from his eyes and closed them for a few seconds. When he opened them again, his pupils had already become Taijis.

The world became black and white, but below his eyes, he finally saw… the sea surface, filled and leveled out of the triangle-shaped sea curtain. However, in the middle of the original triangle-shaped sea curtain, an object shot out.

It was a ray of spiritual light.

Strangely, Xu Yangyi hadn’t felt this spiritual light before. His eyes hadn’t seen it all, either! Moreover, he dared to confirm that not even Bladevessel had felt it!

It was slender yet formed with an exceptional solidness. From the sea level, it went straight to the horizon and entered the vast cloudbank.

“What is that?” He faintly raised a brow and casually waved. A white wind edge fired directly at the spiritual light, but the light only swayed. It hadn’t suffered any damage.

Big bro, there’s no point. It seems to be in an incomprehensible space… mhm… just like it’s separated from the world we see… I’ve never felt qi like this before… 

Xu Yangyi looked on for ages, without the slightest understanding of what the object was. He wasn’t planning on having go at it, so he swiftly left.

Ten years. He had purpose.

Bladevessel was strange. No matter what, his realm couldn’t be felt, but regardless, the man should’ve been Foundation Establishment. Right now, though, he himself was only initial-stage Foundation Establishment.

Still, he’d already absorbed his fill of qi. These ten years would be ten raw years of assimilation for him. Being able to increase his power by some margin was exactly that, an increase in power. Even if he couldn’t assail the middle stage, he’d still be infinitely approaching the next boundary. It was another fraction of assurance for him to enter that stone platform door.

Likewise, in order to ensure that he would be able to gain That Which Could Not Be Said, and guarantee his ability to leave, what he needed wasn’t one person’s help but rather a group!

If he had to handle any danger himself, then why had even achieved Foundation Establishment? And honestly, was putting on a show for mortals even done for as a Qi Condensation cultivator?

As for who he wanted on this team… he’d come to a decision earlier in his heart.

Swoosh! A silver ray of light surged directly to Baizhai City. In Baizhai City, numerous air raid sirens almost started to blare at the same time!

“Alarm, alarm, unidentified flying object is approaching. Alarm, alarm…”

In a combat duty room, an officer stared blankly and then jumped up to his feet. As he was about to turn around, an aged hand patted his shoulder.

“Simmer down a little.” An old voice was heard behind him. “He’s here to find me.”

“State-Magus Zu?” The officer looked at the old man in shock, but became even more nervous. “State-Magus, even if he’s here to find you, n-no unauthorized aircraft are allowed to fly into the Capital’s air space!”

“This isn’t an airplane.” Zu Huai’en had come by himself, even leisurely holding a cup of tea. Although this place was a strategic military location, he still came and went at ease. It was such that each person who saw him, even if they were in a greater rush, still nodded at him respectfully.

“This is a spirit-master.”

“I know it’s a spirit-master. Those who can associate with you, sir, are definitely spirit-masters, but…”

Before he even finished speaking, Zu Huai’en interrupted him again. “I don’t think you understand.” 

“I’m saying this is a spirit-master. Not some spirit-master in an airplane, a hot-air balloon or something else.”

“He, is a spirit-master. Purely a spirit-master. Without any vector, medium, or vehicle of transportation.”

With the conclusion of these words, the entire room was left dazed in place.

“Sir… y-you’re saying…” Three seconds later, an officer said shakily, “H-He…”

“It’s exactly what you’re thinking. The vice premier is having me tell all of you not to make any aggressive actions. Furthermore, if he doesn’t state this matter to the public, it is to never be publicly announced. Do you understand his intention?”

“Yes… Yes…”

Zu Huai’en took one step and flickered away, leaving the room full of dumbstruck people.


Like a demon, this word spiraled in everyone’s minds. After an unknown passage of time, someone said in disbelief, “Heavens… Flying… there’s actually a spirit-master who can fly! And, so fast! Hurry up and tell me, am I dreaming?!”

No one paid attention that Zu Huai’en was holding an empty teacup. Or that his hand had always been shaking non-stop. He quickly returned outside the room. With a couple steps, he was headed to the top of the roof. All those familiar with the State of Shangchen knew that this building was called the Post Horse Station. The name was quite ordinary, but this was the Shangchen government’s most high-ranking strategic location for state business!

It was similar to China’s Zhongnanhai and America’s White House! [1]

He silently walked towards the roof. At this moment, the passage leading up was already being heavily guarded, sentries and patrolmen every three and five steps. Numerous bodyguards in black stood at both sides with their hands hanging down. Upon seeing Zu Huai’en come up, they all nodded.

Creak… The door to the roof was opened by a sentry. In front was an empty several-ten-meter-sized space. This space was almost completely filled with standing bodyguards. All of them were centered around an old man.

The old man’s expression was solemn, and he calmly looked to the sky. Even when he heard the sound of the door opening, he didn’t turn his head back, and asked, “State-Magus Zu… how did you know he was coming?”

Zu Huai’en pursed his lips. “He… and I have been in contact.”

“Then is he willing to become one of Shangchen’s Guardian Magi?” The old man turned his head back. His gaze was fiery, carrying strong expectation. “He… has already surpassed the realm of current state-magi! I suspect he’s already at the stage of Grandmaster Zhang back then! If this Master Xu is willing to join… the State of Shangchen will immediately hold absolute dominance in the development of many international resources!”

He took a deep breath and looked at the already somewhat-visible black dot at the horizon. “For this reason… I didn’t hesitate to come myself. In half an hour, State-Magus Mu and State-Magus Cui will also be here.”

The inside of State-Magus Zu’s mouth was bitter. Eventually, he gently sighed. “Sir, I don’t mean to rain on your parade…”

“He’s not willing to, right?” The old man’s face was motionless.” I guessed so… If it was me, I wouldn’t be willing to, either… Master Xu has already surpassed this continent’s power system. Still, how will we know if we don’t try? Besides, even if he’s unwilling to, we cannot leave a bad impression on him.”

Zu Huai’en was crystal clear on this implication.

If Xu Yangyi was discontent, each nation’s head of state would die over night. This no impossibility!

News of Master Xu was considered top secret by the State of Shangchen! This was also the reason the vice premier had no choice but to come alone this time. Originally, based on Xu Yangyi’s current status and threat, it was no understatement that Shangchen’s premier had to personally invite him. However… if Xu Yangyi’s heart possessed murderous intent, his death alone as Shangchen’s vice premier could be afforded. If only the second-in-command of Shangchen died, then perhaps it would just be an annoyance in the aspect of politics.

The old man silently glanced at Zu Huai’en. Perhaps the other didn’t even know that all government leaders were in an office fifty meters underground right now. Regardless, he didn’t know if it would be of any use in the end. This Master Xu… His exhibited divine abilities were truly too worrying.

Swoosh… Xu Yangyi didn’t have one inkling of a thought to hide his presence. In his eyes, Zu Huai’en’s qi was as clear as the moon, and he made a straight line towards the other.

Closer… even closer… He wasn’t the least bit aware that he’d now entered the state nexus of Shangchen, one of the Clearcloud Realm’s major nations. Nonetheless, even if he knew, he still wouldn’t descend from the clouds. At most, he’d conceal himself while entering, to leave Shangchen a fraction of charity in respect.

As he was 10,000 meters away from the Post Horse Station, though, his brows faintly stirred. “Interesting.”

There were actually so many people?

Could it be that they didn’t know… that once Foundation Establishment was achieved, the divide between it and Qi Condensation was as different as heaven and earth? Even if there were ten times more ordinary people, how could they obstruct him?

As soon as the Ten Cardinals Purgatory was unleashed, perhaps this place would truly become purgatory.

Ten minutes later, Xu Yangyi was like black lightning, suddenly standing on the sky platform in the middle of over a dozen black-clothed people. Even when the hands of quite a few people stretched into their suits, he was simply aloof.

“Stand down!”

A voice rang out. Surprisingly, it was Zu Huai’en.

Everyone looked at Zu Huai’en in shock, but none of them acted accordingly.

“STAND DOWN!” Zu Huai’en gritted his teeth and shouted. “I know… that your bullets have undergone special processing! But… this isn’t something you can use firearms to intimidate anymore! Unless you’re all willing to launch a missile! Vice Premier… do you dare?”

“No.” The old man was exceptionally steady and waved his hand. Only then did all the bodyguards take their hands out from their suits. He said in a faint tone, “If I use a missile to strike Baizhai City, I’ll be a sinner forever.”

“Master Xu.” He earnestly took in the view of the young man before his eyes and unexpectedly took the lead to extend his hand out. “The State of Shangchen’s Vice Premier, Qin Dianji, nice to meet you.”

Xu Yangyi slightly smiled, not refusing as if he was superior. Instead, he shook hands in kind. “Nice to meet you.”

“I just happen to have some business here. I think you’ll all be very satisfied. Mister Qin, do you want to listen?”

Qin Dianji’s gaze brightened, his laughter meaningful. “Of course…”

1. China’s Zhongnanhai (中南海), “Middle and South Seas”. The place where China’s communist party conducts politics of the state. Same level as America’s White House where presidential matters are conducted. I kinda considered just leaving “Post Horse Station” as Yimatai (pinyin).

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Extended note: “The Gold-Banded Staff”. The Gold-Banded Staff or 如意金箍棒 is the weapon of Sun Wukong. In legend, it is a pillar in the Dragon King’s treasury and it is very, very heavy. The full title of the staff’s name is usually translated as the “Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod”. It is compliant because Sun Wukong wishes it to be smaller and it does become smaller—its original height being twenty feet and its width the size of a barrel. When not in use, Sun Wukong tucks it behind his ear.

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