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Chapter 387: Transaction and Seclusion (1)

Xu Yangyi had no thoughts of avoiding the subject. Just as he was about to speak, though, Qin Dianji laughed, “Wouldn’t it be better if we find a more fitting place to converse? How about it?”

This Master Xu could speak freely of taboo, but he couldn’t! The man in front of him seemed to be in his early-twenties, but the things hidden below the former’s surface already transcended his expectations!

Xu Yangyi nodded without care.

Twenty minutes later, he and Qin Dianji entered a luxurious room that was subdued in its decoration. Apart from two secretaries, Qin Dianji actually hadn’t brought anyone else.

Even Zu Huai’en had been stopped outside.

“Mr. Qin has good courage.” Xu Yangyi picked up a teacup and sipped. He sighed for the good tea and said casually, “Do you know, Mr. Qin, if This Throne wanted, not one person would be able to leave this city alive.”

The two secretaries behind Qin Dianji nearly jumped in fright, yet the old man instead waved his hand without great excitement, hinting for them to settle down a little. He laughed as he spoke, “I believe Master Xu wouldn’t.”

“Oh?” Xu Yangyi said noncommittally, “And if, perhaps I would?”

Qin Dianji shook his head certainly. “If Master Xu wanted to then the chairman, vice chairman, and the leaders and ministers of the other nations wouldn’t be alive right now. Now ff that’s the case, how are we talking here?”

Xu Yangyi smiled faintly and nodded.

The room quieted down. After ages, Qin Dianji slightly coughed, his expression cautious. “Master Xu… over ten years ago, the government sealed top-secret information on extraterrestrials. I’m not sure…”

“You suspect me?” Xu Yangyi set down the teacup. He didn’t answer straightaway, but rather sunk into deep contemplation.

In this place… the name of Zhang Guangyao alone had left him terribly careful. However, danger and opportunity forever existed as a double-edged sword.

For some unknown reason, this place hadn’t been branded with Daomaster Floatingcloud’s imprint. Moreover, no one had discovered this place. And although it was unknown why Floatingcloud had tolerated such events to occur, there had been no contact with an upper realm for decades! If he had the chance to access the channel between Bermuda and the Clearcloud Realm… 

To speak of nothing else… the Clearcloud Realm’s decennial Sky Burial Festival would be his greatest present once every ten years! 

“I want to see the Clearcloud Realm’s most precious ores, herbal ingredients, and development technology for qi extraction,” he didn’t directly answer, but instead stated coolly.

“No problem.” Qin Dianji turned around and instructed a secretary. Xu Yangyi, however, didn’t see the gaze in Qin Dianji’s eyes that smoldered like a flame.

Xu Yangyi hadn’t admitted it, but in Qin Dianji’s eyes, the other had already confirmed it!

Xu Yangyi had no political experience, but Qin Dianji understood very well. The statement in the other’s words.

What do you have that you can exchange with me?

With whom was the exchange being down with? What was being exchanged?

Even if Xu Yangyi was carrying a spatial container of legend, how many items could he have? This exchange was bound to be with those behind Xu Yangyi. That which was possibly, perhaps… the existence of “outer world” contact that the Clearcloud Realm had searched centuries for!

Even though Qin Dianji’s heart was already a storm of raging waves, his face was still unstirred by great billows. This was the necessary attainment of one who occupied a leading position. After ten minutes, a secretary brought a laptop, and Qin Dianji inputted his secret account code without a trace of remiss. At once, a fairly hidden website opened.

“This is the international network. Any visit is recorded and immediately scrubbed after shut down. The seven major nations are in joint participation to fully guarantee the factor of maintained security.” Qin Dianji’s smile climbed up the corner of his eyes as he pushed over the computer.

Xu Yangyi mumbled as he began looking. One minute, five minutes, ten minutes, an hour. Qin Dianji wasn’t angry whatsoever, though. In regards to absolute benefit, no one at all would be angry or impatient.

Three hours passed, and Xu Yangyi pushed away the computer, making a long, long sigh. At the same time, he was surprised in heart!

By no stretch of the imagination had he expected that the Clearcloud Realm’s resources would be so rich!

Perhaps to the cultivation world this was a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood, but to him, a single Foundation Establishment cultivator, this was truly a treasure bowl!

Flamebird Grass, a hundred million tons… Goldbell Flower, 7,000 tons… Brightmoon Fruit, 80,000 tons… In his mind, he recalled the Clearcloud Realm’s most precious resources. His heart couldn’t help but be greatly moved. With a trace of Butterflymother Southflower’s memories, he immediately recognized these goods.

And this was merely spirit plants… In respect to ores, there was Skyheart Wood, Lionscale Wood, and Fisheye Jade that were used to refine magik treasures… On Earth, these minerals were absolutely worth quite a few A+ ores! Although Clearcloud was inferior to Earth overall, and these words couldn’t be considered in the scheme of Earth, to him alone, he really could take as much as he could without depleting!

Especially… His finger gently stroked the image of a mineral. It was like a cat’s eye, entirely jadeite in color. It looked similar to a pearl, but Xu Yangyi knew that this object was called… Civet’s Fragrance!

SS-rank heavenly treasure!

Unfortunately, the Clearcloud Realm produced pitifully few treasures of such similar preciousness. Each year in the entire realm, only a nation called the State of Laxia could produce around 500 kilograms.

This was half a ton!

While it wouldn’t make a splash on Earth, this figure of 500 kilograms caused his gaze to start heating up!

“No wonder… no wonder the cultivation world would exploit Lesser Thousand Realms with great effort… One alone isn’t much to look at, but ten, a hundred… can definitely support the progressively declining Earth!” He said to himself inwardly, If a cultivator has a Lesser Thousand Realm behind them, it’s practically an endless treasure bowl! Looks like… Mao Ba’er is going to be busy later…

Upon thinking of the lowly dog, Xu Yangyi couldn’t help but faintly smile. A Lesser Thousand Realm couldn’t deliver its goods to him for free. Amidst this, he needed a business group, a business group that he could fully trust. It was at long last did he understand the true meaning of a legion.

“No wonder… that Sunnihilator’s and Brightpath’s legions aren’t seen outside. With Lesser Thousand Realms around, who’d still be willing to fight over food in a Greater Thousand Realm? As long as one finds a Lesser Thousand Realm suited to them, acting as a local tyrant is far better than being shrouded by a Dao Master’s might… This is the true meaning of a legion. Perhaps only legions like Sunnihilator’s gain the heavy regard of a Dao Master to obtain the location of Realm Anchors and Star Positions.”

In reality, the Clearcloud Realm wasn’t completely suited to him. The production of minerals here far outstripped that of spirit plants, but… if this statement was to be mentioned again, despite the lower amount of spirit plants, he still wouldn’t be able to eat all of them even if he became hungry now for a hundred years.

This was a realm! Not a country!

Putting his thoughts to rest, he looked to Qin Dianji. The other wasn’t the slightest bit impatient and was likewise watching him calmly. Still, Xu Yangyi could sense that Qin Dianji’s current heartbeat was abnormally fast and that the other’s body temperature was quite elevated.

“Have you ever heard of Earth?” Only after a long time passed did Xu Yangyi mumble to himself and speak.

This sentence caused the eyes of Qin Dianji and his two secretaries to suddenly brighten! Qin Dianji was faring well, and while his two secretaries followed a state leader year-round, they were breathing in and out like an ox at this moment!

Earth… Earth!!!

At long last… they had finally heard the name of the second continent apart from the Hou Yi landmass!

As expected… as expected! In the vast cosmos, there were other civilizations! Other continents!

“No.” Qin Dianji finished speaking, his voice somewhat airy. He followed up immediately, “Please show the way, Master Xu.”

Xu Yangyi restrained his smile and studied him gravely. “The power of Earth and its cultivators are a hundred times greater than the Clearcloud Realm’s. The Guardian-Magi of the State there can overturn rivers and seas, and walk the clouds and obstruct the moon. A single bout of their arcane battles can give rise to a level-ten tsunami. If there are coastal cities in range, they will be instantly submerged.”

“Our state-magi are banned from fighting under ten thousand meters in altitude. On Earth, there are dozens of countries. I’m from China, and the state-magi…” His gaze briefly scanned the old man across from him. Qin Dianji’s complexion already somewhat pale yet he was forcibly bracing himself not to fall. “Based on my knowledge, there are fifteen who are known.”

“There are around 20,000 cultivators like me. And this is just China. But on Earth, just barely in terms of cultivation world, there are at least three countries that have strength like China’s.”

Qin Dianji only felt five bolts of thunder crash on the crown of his head!

China… What kind of nation was this?!

He’d already thought that Master Xu was the apex of the other’s civilization, but… this was not so!

Those like Xu Yangyi numbered 20,000! He dared not imagine what the consequences would be if these 20,000 knew about the Clearcloud Realm!

A colony? There was no need. If others came to push… no, if another ten of Master Xu arrived, the Clearcloud Realm would fall into great chaos and turmoil!

Nonetheless… this still wasn’t the origin of his fear. What truly made his blood run cold were those Guardian-Magi of the State! China’s state-magi! They… could actually set off tsunamis! Cause earthquakes! Bury cities!

In comparison… were the Clearcloud Realm’s state-magi playing house?

“Master Xu.” Settling his mind, Qin Dianji took out a cigarette, but his gilded lighter didn’t spark after a few flicks. He forcibly steeled himself and said, “With all sincerity, the Clearcloud Realm wishes to negotiate with Earth. I don’t wish Master Xu to exaggerate the facts.”

Xu Yangyi smiled as he observed the vice premier. Afterwards, he looked to the two secretaries. “Do you think this is fake, too?”

By chance, both of the secretaries sharply nodded!

What a joke! Give rise to tsunamis? Was that even human?! China had such power, and there were three other nations that were the same as it! Perhaps a single army of China would decimate the Clearcloud Realm!

In the end, Qin Dianji ignited his lighter. Just as he was about to put it to his cigarette though, Xu Yangyi’s next words finally caused his hand to tremble and his cigarette to fall to the ground.

“In addition, I want to tell you that there are at least two beings in China that surpass our state-magi. Their might… can destroy a country with a hand flip. I’m afraid it would be nothing difficult.”

Qin Dianji’s countenance maintained great calm, yet it was ultimately broken. A wisp of fathomless trepidation flickered through his eyes. “Destroy… which country?”

“Who knows?” Xu Yangyi picked up a teacup and sipped. “If these great cultivators set out, maybe the countries weaker than China won’t be able to hold on for too long.”

Fake! All of this was fake!

Qin Dianji and his secretaries wanted to scream these words, but another voice was reminding them in the hearts: This is probably true. What need is there for him to lie to you? What methods does the Clearcloud Realm have to apprehend him? Could it be we seriously risk using a missile strike?

Silence, death-like silence.

After ages, Qin Dianji gritted his teeth. “Cultivators are spirit-masters?”


“In that case…” Qin Dianji took a deep breath. “I hope Master Xu can give an introduction to the circumstances of China, the world of ordinary people, and the army.”

Xu Yangyi chuckled, his laughter quite strange. “Have you ever heard about… atomic bombs?”

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