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Chapter 388: Transaction and Seclusion (2)

Qin Dianji and his two secretaries shook their heads in unison.

“This object, and the power of cultivators that the Chinese Government controls in their hands, brings the mortal world and the cultivation world to balance.” Xu Yangyi was a little wistful. “It, can be loaded into any missile. With one strike, heaven falls and earth cracks. A city would be utterly devastated. In addition… the radiation it causes lasts for close to fifty years. All kinds of deformities will appear on those who survive the explosion.”

“It’s known as an inhuman weapon. All nations on Earth signed an anti-nuclear weapons treaty. No one dares to open Pandora’s Box. Mr. Qin, someone as smart as you should know why this is.”

His words received no objection.

Because the other three people were completely dumbfounded!

Atomic bombs… nuclear weapons… What kind of terrible things was this?! One strike to destroy a city! Nevertheless, this wasn’t the worst part. That was the awful radiation that followed for the next fifty years! It was a wretched travesty!

“On Earth… how many countries have this?” Qin Dianji’s voice finally began to stutter a little. He was somewhat regretful, regretful of conversing with Xu Yangyi. “For example… China? The cultivation world is strong, their military strength wouldn’t…” 

Xu Yangyi’s words shattered his dream. “Although China can’t be considered as having the most nuclear weapons, it still ranks in the top three in the entire world. Bombing all of the Clearcloud Realm’s major cities wouldn’t be hard.”

Silence again!

Qin Dianji’s fiery passion came to a sudden halt. His heart was already icy.

Yes… a single Earth cultivator had such divine abilities. How many cultivators were there like this on Earth?

Once the Clearcloud Realm established contact with the other party… it was easier to invite the devil than send him away!

The Clearcloud Realm wanted to grow, but it absolutely didn’t want to become a colony! Especially… since Qin Dianji now saw that the state of Earth’s strength was on a completely different level!

“Master Xu.” After an unknown passage of time, Qin Dianji then looked at Xu Yangyi. “Why are you telling me these things? Why not describe Earth as a beautiful world?”

“Would you believe it with your political accomplishments?” Xu Yangyi set aside his teacup and met Qin Dianji’s gaze head-on. “Everything I just said doesn’t matter. I only want you to know that a collaboration with Earth is possible. However, getting around me isn’t!”

“I’m a fair person. How you treat me is how I’ll treat you. Everyone else won’t do the same for you.”

Unexpectedly, Qin Dianji didn’t cower back, likewise studying Xu Yangyi. “And if… I say ‘no’?”

Xu Yangyi chuckled, his laughter dangerous.

He wasn’t a businessman nor was he a politician. He only needed to straightforward with his objective. If the Clearcloud Realm was truly worried about personal gains and losses, or unable to realize good and bad… 

In that case, he wasn’t to be blamed for being cruel and merciless.

“You think you still have a chance to say ‘no’ now?”

Crack crack crack! Below his feet, a layer of ice permeated the floor, and the two secretaries abruptly jumped up! Appearing pathetically weak to him, two streaks of qi ascended. The secretaries were actually two high spirit-masters!

“Stay your hand!” Qin Dianji shouted.


“But nothing!!!” He stood up and glowered at the pair. “Don’t make him angry… you aren’t his opponent! You are both far, far from it! If other Chinese cultivators are drawn because of this, who will bear the responsibility?!”

This Earth, this China, truly left him dreading the consequences of action! He refrained from shooting a rat for fear of breaking vases!

No… this was a rat he didn’t even dare to shoot!

“Agree to my condition.” Xu Yangyi gaze contained a chilling touch. “Otherwise, I’ll find the leaders of the other nations and talk with them. Don’t doubt my fairness. If I was willing, not to speak of you as vice premier, even your chiefs, your chairman, your secretary of state… You think I can’t kill them?”

His slender finger tapped the table. “I’m not acting like that because I want to tell all of you that I want this business. On the contrary, you wouldn’t even know about Earth. By the time the blade approaches your body, you’ll know of China’s terror, and it’ll be too late.”

Qin Dianji really did sit down. Although his complexion was already pale, he didn’t lose himself. He’d never imagined that this alien visitor’s homeland was actually so terrible! So terrible indeed!

He was ignorant about the other countries, but a single China was enough to annihilate the Clearcloud Realm a million times!

“Business?” he spoke with some unwillingness after ages. In this seemingly colossal matter to them, only this word had been surprisingly used to give summary.

“Business,” Xu Yangyi said certainly, “Interplanar trade.”

Even now, Qin Dianji wore a somewhat forced happy smile. Still though, he laughed and said, “If so… I hope Master Xu won’t disappoint the State of Shangchen.”

Xu Yangyi brushed the other with an eye. “You should all be glad that I came to the Clearcloud Realm.”

To let power be known and benefit exercised, he already knew that the Clearcloud Realm didn’t have any other path to walk.

“I need these things…” He easily pointed and a computer flew over. Qin Dianji made a meaningful glance at the two secretaries and they did their utmost to record.

“I want as much as you can get.”

Only ten minutes later did Xu Yangyi finish narrating what he wanted. All the materials were missing main ingredients of a few ancient pill formulas! On Earth, these ingredients had gone extinct long ago, over the course of several thousand years of excavation. Unexpectedly, however, they existed in the Clearcloud Realm!

“In exchange…” Xu Yangyi mumbled for a few seconds. He’d been too strong just now. Presently, he should probably give these people of a lower realm a little something sweet to chew on.

Rough demands could only drain a pond of fish, to kill a chicken to gain its eggs. A proverbial killing of the goose that laid golden eggs. In a situation he didn’t know when he would be able to walk into bullshit luck, and under the premise that he knew of the location of the Realm Anchor and Star Position, he had to take a sustainable development path for the Clearcloud Realm.

“I will offer this item to the Clearcloud Realm’s top magnates, major political leaders, families, noble lineages, and government.” Eventually, he made a decision. With a casual wave, a pitch-black object gently fluttered into Qin Dianji’s hand. 

“This is?” Qin Dianji looked at the round pinky-sized object that was covered with rings of white marks in his hand.

While he merely held it… he could sense it wasn’t normal! Bursts of pure qi rushed straight to his brain, leaving his mind incomparably bright!

“This item can allow you to live until a hundred without illness or disaster. In addition, it can allow everyone to step into cultivation… the path of the spirit-master,” Xu Yangyi uttered.

Before reaching Foundation Establishment, he’d spent his ten-year seclusion concocting Qi Nurturing Pills. Their effect on initial-stage and middle-stage Qi Condensation could be considered quite good. To mortals, not to speak of adding red flesh to white bones, it was unquestionably a miracle medicine!


These words, light as a feather, caused Qin Dianji and his two secretaries to stand up in shock again. They looked at Xu Yangyi incredulously!

Had they misheard?!?!

A spirit-master… It was no exaggeration to say that only one came from among ten thousand! This object… 

Qin Dianji’s hand gripping the medicinal pill was shaking. The pitch-black pellet had rings of white marks on its surface. This object… could allow the entire nation to enter the path of spirit-masters?!

Just this bit alone was already enough to leave his name in history’s record!

And that moreover wasn’t mentioning… that it could let one live until a hundred without illness or disaster! On this basis, the nation’s citizens would have another forty years of life!

“Is this… true?” Qin Dianji asked shakily. There was no way he could believe that a pill actually had such a massive effect!

“Whether or not you believe is up to you. Go ahead and try.”

Qin Dianji took a deep breath. “Master Xu, is this mass-produced? Or…”

“Mass-produced. But the most I can make in ten years is 30,000.” Xu Yangyi was without a shred of impatience. Wasn’t it just a Qi Nurturing Pill? Wasn’t it fine not making a big fuss about nothing?

“30,000…” Qin Dianji’s gaze had already dispersed his momentary haze. For ages, he muttered to himself pensively.

He cautiously held the pill. “Then what else? Master Xu, do you have anything else from Earth on you?”

“No, but I’ll do my best to bring a few catalogues with me next time.” Xu Yangyi was no longer interested in continuing to talk and stood up. “Lastly, I’m afraid the preparation time will be long. Five years is a conservative estimate. Interplanar travel is far more than difficult than you can imagine. Therefore, I want to underline the next hundred years. If I still haven’t arrived after a hundred years, then just forget about it.”

“Also, what I listed just now are plants. Have them delivered to District A-31 in a week. A ton for each one.”

Qin Dianji stared blankly, yet Xu Yangyi’s silhouette had already vanished from the room.

Inside the room, only the peaceful second hand of the clock could be heard. Tick… Tock… It seemed to urge Qin Dianji, to make a decision that might ascend the Clearcloud Realm to paradise or possibly doom it to hell.

After a long time, he finally stood up and said lowly. “Immediately, gather all staff and a few doctors from the scientific research institute! Tell them there’s important business and that an emergency meeting needs to be convened at once!”

“Yes… but Doctor Ma and Doctor Zhao are outside the country…”

“Have them return now!” Qin Dianji said without hesitation. No one saw, but he dared not loosen the slightest grip on the medicinal pill clenched inside his pocket. “If there are no airplanes, contact all airports! A chartered plane! Have them come on the fastest channel! The state will bear all expenses! But the latest they can be is tonight! I want to see everyone! Not a single one of them can be missing!”

“Yes!” An assistant made a salute yet said worriedly, “Head Chief… if Master Xu is telling the truth… then I’m afraid that this China’s foundation is unfathomable. We…”

“I know we’re scheming to get skin with a tiger!” Qin Dianji stood up and clenched his teeth as he pinched a window curtain. Nonetheless, he didn’t pull it aside and said in determination. “But… what room is there for us to refuse?”

“Not to speak of his other items…” He extended his hand, and the black pill in palm emitted a thread of delicate fragrance, dazzling like a black diamond. “Even if this is the first deal that Master Xu puts forth… how many can refuse this item? Is there anyone of us who doesn’t need it?!”

“If a true talent gets a forty-year increase in lifespan, with moreover no illness or disaster, and they can even cultivate… If this thing is real, then the State of Shangchen… no, the Clearcloud Realm will turn upside down on its head!”

Indeed, this benefit was already sufficient that many could ignore the coming danger. Most importantly though, Xu Yangyi’s final words forced him to steel his heart.

Another hundred years of time… 

If the Clearcloud Realm could develop that wondrous and awesome nuclear weapon in a hundred years, then they would have a bargaining chip!

“Have all military research specialists participate.” He issued his last command. At the conclusion of his words, he finally opened the window and looked gravely at the sky outside.

“Earth… China… in the end, what kind of world are you? To develop such a splendid civilization? Even spirit-masters beyond the high-rank, who can overturn oceans and rivers, are forced into submission because of atomic bombs? This really is unbelievable…”

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