Chapter 456 - Case Closed (Conclusion) ChouFleur's Thoughts

Bone Painting Coroner

Jing Rong asked, “Lord Liu, are you surprised that Du Sanniang is here?”

No reply!

“It’s very straightforward. This Prince will never allow any theft or deceit to happen within my sight. How could this Prince let Du Sanniang slip away when she had stolen from the opera troupe? Hence, I’ve had someone shadowing her discreetly. Surprisingly, she was here in Anfu on the night this Prince arrived. My people reported to me that she had snuck into the Zhang Residence and tried to discreetly leave not long after. It’s not surprising for an opportunistic thief like her to rob Residence Zhang during the banquet. When the Guanyin Seal was stolen, she was the only person who came to this Prince’s mind. Thus, I had sent my people to arrest her yesterday night and bring her to the yamen once the murder case of Residence Zhang was solved. Coincidentally, Teacher Ji found the case record which put you wily fox on the line. Tog  now evident that you have been colluding with Du Sanniang for all the theft cases.”

Liu Zhiliang did not argue further. He fell onto the ground as if he was a dead body. 

Du Sanniang, who was kneeling on the ground, did not appear to be frightened at all. She laughed, “I, Du Sanniang, never thought that I would be arrested by you. However, I admit my defeat. I am a person who has never yielded but today, I submit. I will bear the consequences of my own acts even if I have to give up my life. 

“Du Sanniang has a stronger backbone than Liu Zhiliang.”

“Pfft. Don’t compare me with that animal. He’s a coward who always makes me clean up his messes. If it wasn’t because of his official position and my need for his help in hiding my traces, do you think he’d even still be alive?” Her face was full of contempt.

“Du Sanniang, if it wasn’t for me, you would have been dead.”

“I’ll use your body as my cushion in the grave.” It was a dog-eat-dog situation.

Ji Yunshu walked over and asked Liu Zhiliang who was still on the ground. “Lord Liu, how much money have you stolen over the past few years?”

With his head lowered and darting eyes, he remained silent. 

“Lord Liu, this one gives you another chance. You’ve been corrupt for so many years, you must have a lot of money and treasures, don’t you? Why don’t you surrender it now? It may lighten your sentence.” 

“I’ve spent all the money.” He avoided looking at Ji Yunshu as if he was afraid to expose his lie. 

Ji Yunshu smiled purposefully. “Fine, let us secure your legacy.” She turned around and ordered the yamen runner, “Please bring that big yellow dog to the yamen too.” The yamen runner was caught off guard. When he finally came back to his senses and was ready to bring in the dog, Ji Yunshu stopped him again. “Bring a few big hammers here too.” He went off in confusion, scratching his head. 

A moment later, the yamen runner returned with a few big hammers, old man, and his yellow dog. He was bewildered at the scene in the hall of the yamen. On the other hand, the dog seemed to be afraid of Ji Yunshu. It hid behind the old man when it saw Ji Yunshu and did not bark at all. Instead, it appeared very obedient and quiet.

Ji Yunshu walked over and squatted in front of the yellow dog, then she reached out and stroked its smooth fur. Astonishingly, the yellow dog did not shy away but instead rubbed its head on Ji Yunshu’s palm excitedly. “The hard-earned money of the people now depends on you. If you can locate it, I’ll reward you with bone. How does that sound?”


“You agree?”


“Great. Carry on.” 

“Woof!” The yellow dog escaped from the old man’s hand and ran away. 

All the audiences were startled. ‘Is dog the zodiac of Teacher Ji? He can converse with the dog?’

Ji Yunshu stood up and said, “Bring your hammers and come over. Let us go for a treasure hunt.” Then, she walked out confidently. 

Jing Rong signalled his guards to bring along Liu Zhiliang and Du Sanniang to join the crowd. Following behind the dog, the people had now arrived in front of the wall that the yellow dog was barking aggressively at it. 

Ji Yunshu patted its head, “Good boy. You are our hero. Just wait a moment, I’ll give you some bones later.”

“Woof!” It obediently ran to the side, curled its body and rested on the ground. 

Ji Yunshu continued, “Those with the hammers in your hands, break this wall. The treasure is hidden inside.”

Very quickly, the yamen runners raised their hammers and started to break the wall. Bit by bit, the things hidden inside started to show and glitter. Wow! There seemed to be a golden glow! The moment the wall fell, everyone was shocked and dumbfounded. “It’s gold. There’s gold in the wall,” they exclaimed. 

The gold bars mixed together with bricks presented an exceptionally garish scene. The gold bars were stacked on each other, almost entirely filling the hollow inside of the whole wall. “Woof woof woof!” The dog charged forward. 

The truth and evidence were lying in front of their eyes. The old fox, Liu Zhiliang’s face had turned green and seemed to even be considering suicide as a way out of this bind.

Jing Rong ordered, “Guards! Send Liu Zhiliang and Du Sanniang into the prison, then immediately report this matter to the royal court. Anfu County needs a new magistrate.”

“Yes!” The guard answered.

“Regarding the gold, keep it temporarily until the Ministry of Revenue takes over the case.”

“Yes!” Liu Zhiliang and Du Sanniang were dragged to prison. 

Jing Rong went to Ji Yunshu’s side and asked curiously, “Did you really… Talk to the dog just now?”

“What else could it be?” She answered.

“You’re a dog?”

“You’re a dog.” She showed her hand, and in the middle of her palm, there was a small gold pendant, “The dog is very sensitive to the scent of gold. I carried this in my hand while I stroked its hair. As he smelled the gold, he barked naturally.”

“How did it know that it was asked to go to that wall?”

She pondered, shook her head, “I don’t know. really understands me.” Jing Rong’s face remained puzzled. 


Not long later, the incident had been spread across Anfu County. All the people were discussing the smart Teacher Ji,  who not only solved the murder case of Zhang Residence but also sent the corrupt County Magistrate to the jail. 

At the meantime, the people were also preparing for the annual Lantern Festival. Initially, Jing Rong planned to leave Anfu County right after the case was solved. However, now Liu Zhiliang was removed from his position, and the gold was waiting to be surrendered to the Ministry of Revenue. Moreover, it was not possible for the royal court to immediately appoint a new magistrate. This responsibility naturally fell on Jing Rong and so they moved into the yamen for a few days until the new magistrate arrived.

While Jing Rong was working, Ji Yunshu was helping out by writing the reports of the previous two cases. When they came out from the study, they saw Wei Yi squatting behind a rock and staring right in front. 

“Wei Yi, what are you doing?”

“Shh!” He pulled Ji Yunshu to his side to squat beside him.

“What happened?”

“Shu’er, lower your voice. It’s going to explode soon. ”

“What is going to explode?” Ji Yunshu spoke in a lowered tone. 

Wei Yi pointed at the firecracker that was erected, said, “I’m playing with firecrackers.”

Ji Yunshu glanced at where he pointed. There was a firecracker placed at that spot, but there was no spark but mere smoke on the live wire. “Why are you playing with the firecracker? The fire has been extinguished.”

Wei Yi stood up in disappointment as he sighed, “I heard that it is the Lantern Festival today. Shu’er, do you still remember? During the Lantern Festival six months ago, you drew me a lantern and released a Kongming lantern with me.”

“Yes, I remember.” Of course, she remembered.

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Whee all wrapped up. And Wei Yi again! Where is this going?

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