Volume 10: Chapter 18 - Five Gods Defeating the Monster

Child of Light

Volume 10: Chapter 18 - Five Gods Defeating the Monster

Satan unyieldingly said, “You’re still acting tough. Alright, watch my blade.” A movement sound sounded by his side, making the Dark Monster Blade to strike towards me. There was a definite gap in power between me and Jia Si Ke Li Duo. Even though I had increased drastically since the previous fight I had with the Demon Emperor, I was still not a match. Mi Jia Lie’s remaining memory told me that this fellow was one of the great three right-hand men of the Monster King. When he was defeated during the previous Great War of the Gods and Monsters, his spirit was forcefully brought back by the Monster King. If Mi Jia Lie’s power were to make a full recovery, he would be a force to be reckoned with.

Even though I couldn’t know how much power Jia Si Ke Li Duo recovered, I could block his move with 10% of the Holy Sword’s power. His recovery should just be around the same as well. Since the Monster King’s body was being sealed in the God’s realm by the God King, Jia Si Ke Li Duo should be unable to recover to his peak state.

As those thoughts flashed through my mind, Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s Dark Monster Blade had already reached near my head. Since I wasn’t his match, I wouldn’t fight head on with him. However, when I prepared to avoid the attack with teleportation, I discovered that my body had been locked into place by Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s aura. I noticed that in his eyes were traces of cunning and ruthlessness in his gaze.

I didn’t have a choice, but to forcefully gather the remaining Holy Sword’s power to shield the front of my body. ‘Hong!’I was blown away 500 meters by his power. He had great strength, the power shot out by Jia Si Ke Li Duo, completely uncompromising tyrannical powers, containing a thick sinister aura within it. The sinister aura infiltrated my body on contact, forcing me to feel devoid of any comfort.

I once again sprayed up a mouthful of blood, also the light radiating from my wings of light dimmed drastically. I managed to use the Holy Sword’s Divine power to force the sinister aura from my body, but with great difficulty. I didn’t know if I could withstand his next move. ‘Are you still alright, Big Brother Xiu Si and the rest? Your brother is at his limit.’

At that moment, a thunderous dragon roar was heard emanating from Ström Fortress as a golden streak was moving like lightning towards my position. I instantly became elated as I knew that Xiao Jin had rushed to join the fray, knowing that I was in danger.

Jia Si Ke Li Duo noticed Xiao Jin’s appearance about the same time when I did. A trace of shock flashed past his eyes as he said, “The dragon race has also come, and here I still thought that they were extinct already. Oh Great Monster King, please bestow me your sinister powers.” So, he also knew how to chant.  I had kept an eye on the slowly changing  Jia Si Ke Li Duo. While I tried my best to adjust the powers in my body, I only saw the robe of his body expand outwards and his hair stand on end. His body became enclosed with the sinister grey aura from before. I knew that he was gathering power, in order to eliminate me before Xiao Jin could reach me in time.

Redness shone in Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s eyes. Suddenly, there were eight identical clones that appeared before him. They weren’t illusions, each copy controlled great powers. I immediately raised Sukrad’s staff and chanted to activate the Holy Sword again, in order to preserve my life. “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens. Even though I didn’t have much power left, with the Sukrad’s staff assistant, I could just barely mobilize the silver Holy Sword out of my body.

Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s grey eyes suddenly turned completely red as he hollered, “Go and die, Mi Jia Lie.” All eight of his clones charged towards me as he pointed the Dark Monster blade at me. When I saw them advancing, I knew that I was finished. The clones before me weren’t something I can deal with. Currently in my mind, I could only think about one thing. ‘Goodbye, my Mu Zi.’

Suddenly, white, yellow, red and green powers rose from below me. At that moment those four powers suddenly entered my Holy Sword, which caused an intense Divine power that instantly stimulated a rapid recovery of my body. Three of my light wings suddenly solidified on my back, increasing the previous Holy Sword’s power threefold. Golden rays flashed past my eyes as I brandished the Sukrad’s staff to circulate around my body, momentarily knocking the eight clones to be blown away.

White, yellow, red and green figures that moved like lightning to gather behind me. It was Xiu Si and the rest who had finally dealt with the remaining Monster race and immediately came to assist. It was their Divine power, from which we shared the same origin, that had previously led to my drastic growth of in power, while they injected their powers into my body.

I could see the fear that showed in Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s eyes as he withdrew his eight clones back to the front of his body. Xiu Si whispered, “Zhang Gong, how are you holding up?”

I smiled wryly as I replied, “If you had come any later, I’d have returned to heaven. Let’s deal with this fellow first before chatting. Don’t let him get away.”

While Jia Si Ke Li Duo focused on us, Xiao Jin had arrived. I didn’t know what he chanted, but his entire body formed into a golden arrow and struck towards Jia Si Ke Li Duo, like a shooting star. The piercing strike had instantly attracted his attention. He dodged to the side the moment just before contact. But, even though he dodged, without his scrupulous control, the eight clones of him weren’t as lucky. They momentarily dispersed under Xiao Jin’s tremendous attack. Xiao Jin gave off a strange cry and his entire body seemed to be in pain as he flew towards the side, while his body emitted a grey aura. I knew that he was being stricken down by the sinister aura. But with his Dragon King’s physique, he should be able to withstand it. Currently, the most important objective was to quickly eliminate the harbinger of doom, Jia Si Ke Li Duo.

I shouted, “Quickly, combine our powers to eliminate him.”

Xiu Si said, “The God King bestowed upon me the Sky God’s horn. My horn’s roar will pierce through the nine heavens.” The white Sky God’s horn was raised towards the sky, emitting faint white rays that blocked the north.

Xin Ao said, “The God King bestowed upon me the Titan God’s hammer. I will shake the heavens and move the earth to protect the righteous path” Numerous unknown runes carved onto yellow Titan God’s hammer, making the tyrannical God power to block the west.

Gao De said, “The God King bestowed upon me the Lightning God’s shield. Even ten thousand blades shall not stop me.”A red Lightning God’s shield’s red ray intensified, blocking the east.

Dong Ri said, “The God King bestowed upon me the Wind God’s bow. My ethereal arrows will flash rapidly and with violence.” Dong Ri flew to the south, aiming his intangibile long green arrow at Jia Si Ke Li Duo.

Jia Si Ke Li Duo was locked in place by the four seals coupled with their divine instrument's aura. I floated above him and sneered, “I’m sorry but to prevent you from causing further harm, it’s inevitable that we would combine our powers to eliminate you.” My entire body gave off dazzling gold light that shone downwards, using the powers that I had previously absorbed from everyone.

When Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s eight clones were annihilated by Xiao Jin previously, he was suffering from severe internal injuries. It was the first time that he felt that we had the power to eliminate him as the five of us relied on the our divine powers to restrain him. He frantically struggled about in fright, trying to break free from his confinement.

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