Volume 10: Chapter 19 - The Monster Disappears

Child of Light

Volume 10: Chapter 19 - The Monster Disappears

I calmly shouted, “Everyone, get ready! The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens. Attack!”

The silvery-white Holy Sword charged downwards. Xiu Si and the rest had also activated their various divine techniques through their divine instruments. Jia Si Ke Li Duo gave out a mournful cry as he brandished his Dark Monster Blade to try his best in blocking out attacks. However, I knew that he wouldn’t be able to withstand for much longer since his power was weakening. He definitely didn’t have any hope of escaping under the power of the five great divine instruments. The grey aura around his body was gradually thinning and grey fluid was flowing out from his mouth.

Suddenly, a figure flew over at this moment. I shot a glance over while I was busy dealing with Jia Si Ke Li Duo; it was Demon King Xiu Yu.

Xiu Yu pleased, “God inheritors, please have mercy. Don’t kill my brother.”

After hearing that I stunned, that was right. Currently, Jia Si Ke Li Duo possessed Demon King Satan’s body. If we were to kill him, Satan would simultaneously be eliminated. If that was the case, how could Xiu Yu cooperate with us? As I thought about it, the divine power in my hand weakened.

Jia Si Ke Li Duo took advantage of that moment to suddenly spray out a grey mist, instantly stopping our attacks. His body formed a grey smoke and was rapidly moving away from below.

I inwardly shouted, ‘Not good!’ Since there wasn’t Big Brother Zhan Hu to secure the bottom portion, there was a hole in our formation. Furthermore, Xiu Yu’s previous comment had given Jia Si Ke Li Duo another chance to make his escape. Jia Si Ke Li Duo let out another mournful cry due to the five divine powers that heavily landed on the grey mist. The grey mist shrunk to one third of its original size, rapidly floating to the west.

“Mi Jia Jie, just you wait. After the great king returns to the world, my power will recover again. At that time, I’ll come for your life……..”

I looked at Demon King Xiu Yu with a heavy heart, unable to say anything at the moment.

Xiu Si flew to my side and said, overwhelmed with shock, “That fellow is really powerful. The combined power of five of us still wasn’t able to eliminate him. I’m afraid that he won’t be easy to be deal with in the future.”

I heavily replied, “He’s only one of the Three Great Monsters under the Monster King. If the Monster King returns, what will the result be?”

Xiu Yu embarrassedly replied, “I’m sorry, but I only have my older brother. I really can’t bear for him to die just like that!”

This fellow didn’t pay attention to the overall picture. I initially wanted to berate him, but for the negotiations with the Demon and Beast alliance troops, I didn’t have a choice, but to swallow those words. I consoled, “Forget it, there’ll still be other chances. I’ll try my best to rescue Demon King Satan our next encounter. Let’s head back.”

I already consumed all of the divine powers that everyone had previously supplied me. A sudden wave of weakness came over me, making my body to sway. Xiu Si caught me and used his horn’s power to treat my damaged meridians.

I instructed Xiao Jin to head back in order to notify Big Brother Shan Yun before descending to the ground with the rest. Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo were guarding Big Brother Zhan Hu. Mu Zi said fumingly at Xiu Yu, “Uncle, you……”

Xiu Yu guiltily lowered his head and took out the military seal before passing it to My Zu. “This is the Demon troop’s military seal. I’ll pass it to you now. Mu Zi, you must try to understand uncle’s feelings. Satan has been possessed by the Monster race. I…….”

I walked over and pressed on Mu Zi’s shoulder. “Forget it, we can’t blame His Highness Xiu Yu for this. Your Highness, you should now believe that the Monster race’s existence is true, right?”

After this commotion, it was already impossible for Xiu Yu not to believe it so he just silently nodded.

I told Mu Zi, “Mu Zi, you should return the military seal to His Highness. We’ll need to depend on His Highness to command the general situation of the troops.”

Xiu Yu raised his head, stunned, as he said, “You still trust me?”

Ke Lun Duo said smiling, “His Highness is loyal to the Emperor so how could we not trust in you? There’s also no candidate more suitable than you to command my race’s great army.” Upon saying that, Ke Lun Duo gave me a respectful expression.

Xiu Yu took the military seal from Mu Zi before replying lamentingly, “The current world is you youngsters’ era. I’ve really aged. After this is over, I’ll ask His Majesty to let me retire and return home. It’s all up to you whether to fight or reconcile. Let’s return to the main camp to discuss.”

Ke Lun Duo looked at the ruins behind Xiu Yu before replying in smiles, “The main camp has already become an empty field. We should find another place instead.”

Xiu Yu then responded, with his old face’s flushed, he shouted, “Servants, clean up the mess and set up a large tent. Also, someone is to head to the Beastmen’s side to invite the Beamon King over.”

A domineering voice voiced out, “Don’t bother. Your place was so lively. Can I not join in?” An enormous black figure blocked the sky’s star light. I turned my head back and really caught a scare. The person before me, ah! I couldn’t say he was human, but should be from the Beast race. He was at least 5 meters tall, and his entire body was covered with thick armour, exposing only his arms and head. His giant arms were sparsely filled with green fur and his cyclops eye was constantly giving off fierce gazes. The first half of his head was bald, and back half had his remaining yellow hair tied back. His body’s ancient copper-like skin was emitting golden light. I dare to say that his finger was as thick as my arm. There was also an enormous wolf tooth club in his hand at least 3 meters long. The thickest portion of it was wider than 50 cm. I couldn’t guess how heavy it was, but clenched in his hand, it seemed non existent, without giving off any signs of difficulty.

Xiu Yu hastily greeted him. “Ah! Old Brother Beamon has come. Perfect, let’s head to the camp to discuss.”

The cyclops eye of the Beamon King blinked before he replied, “Forget it, your tent is too depressing. Let’s just discuss it here. What happened? There seemed to have previously been fireworks in the sky. I thought that you were celebrating something.”

Xiu Yu smiled bitterly, “What celebration would there be? It’s hard to say with just a few words.” Upon saying that, he shifted his gaze at me and after seeing that I had nodded, he continued, “Let’s chat here then. Servants, bring a large table and some chairs over. Order the troops to return to their camp to rest up. No one is to be in the 500m perimeter of the main tent without my command.”


The night air tonight was exceptionally refreshing as everyone sat at the table in the battle-worn ground.  The three different powers in my body had recovered a little already. The damaged meridians had been mostly repaired by Xiu Si’s treatment. Big Brother Zhan Hu dispiritedly leaned on a chair. Since the Beamon King was really too gigantic, he could only sit on the floor.

Xiu Yu pointed at us and said, “Old Brother Beamon, I shall give you an introduction. This is my Holy Radiant Empire’s princess, His Majesty’s first successor-in-line.  This is the Beast race’s top warrior, the elder of the Beamon race, Sen Si Beamon.”

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