Volume 10: Chapter 30 - Deployed for the Mission

Child of Light

Volume 10: Chapter 30 - Deployed for the Mission

I gathered everyone after returning to the Prince’s manor. Since time was pressing, I couldn’t continue to be courteous.

“Big Brother Xiu Si, can I trouble you to gather all of the brothers into the Ström Fortress as soon as possible? Since there are 500 of them, we can temporarily call them a Guardian Battalion. The 500 of them will be divided into 5 groups, known as the first five companies. It will be up to you, Big Brother Zhan Hu, Gao De, Xin Ao and Dong Ri who will lead those five companies. When you hear the signal, you’re to immediately gather at the eastern entrance.

The current situation is extremely disadvantageous towards us. I also don’t know what outcome there will be when Ke Zha comes. They’ll most probably be against us so everyone must be prepared to breakout from the encirclement. Twelve of you guys, including Mu Zi, Brother Ke and Jian Shan are to follow me. I’ll instruct Xiao Jin to bring Xiao Rou out of the city first, so later they will be able to receive us at the eastern entrance at all times. Xiuda already has a peace agreement with us after all. Everyone is to be gathered here as soon as possible.”

After I made the arrangements, Xiu Si told me, “Zhang Gong, you actually don’t have to be this tense. Even though the tables are against us, I reckon that with Ke Zha’s cunningness, he shouldn’t make a move against us. Currently, one of the three powers is supporting the negotiation after all. The officers and soldiers also don’t want to fight. Currently, we must defend against his conspiracy.”

I smiled as I whispered to Xiu Si, “The reason I want to gather everyone is not only to prepare for a retreat, but I also plan to make them cower with our military might at crucial moments. Everyone, I wish that you will be ready to release your powers at a moment's notice, but only as a last resort. Our power will only provoke them while we’re in front of the millions of troops.”  

Xiu Si was apprehensive. “Zhang Gong, does it mean that you’re going to use…..”

I nodded. “We don’t have any alternatives, but to use that plan. Even though our powers aren’t sufficient, we should still be a threat to them.” After hearing that I would be using our trump card, everyone’s expression became grave, but no one objected.

The prince and Shan Yun walked in at this moment. We hastily got out from our seats for them to take a seat.

I consoled the prince, “Uncle, you don’t have to be anxious. This matter might not be as bad as we imagine it to be. I also want to have a look as to what Ke Zha will be trying when he comes tomorrow. I don’t believe that he’ll stake the lives of numerous army troops’ from the two kingdoms.”

The prince nodded. “Zhang Gong, if they are against you, I’ll send Shan Yun to follow you. Once something seems abnormal, you’re to immediately leave the fort by the eastern entrance. We won’t need to be afraid that we won’t have firewood to burn, as long as you live. It’s crucial for you to preserve your powers as much as possible.”

I thought, ‘Ke Zha definitely won’t negotiate readily. Otherwise, it’ll be unnecessary for him to ally with the Kingdom of Dalu. He must have a motive in doing that, but we are still unaware of what it is now. Uncle Ke Zha that I once knew, what are you planning to do?’ I also thought of my best Brother Ma Ke and Hai Shui as I thought about Ke Zha. I don’t know if they will come as well.

Ke Zha had unexpectedly brought the two mage regiments along with him. My mood sank,  he didn’t look as though he had come to negotiate.

Ke Zha first met up with Marshall Feng Hao and Dun Yu Xi before they met up with the prince and us after discussing for a whole two hours period of time.

Ma Ke was astonishingly here. He was extremely excited as he saw us enter. He pushed through the crowd to embrace my shoulders. “Boss, boss, you’re still alive! That’s great, I’ve missed you to death.” Ma Ke's feelings touched my heart, but my mood mustn’t fluctuate now as there was still too many important matters for me to get down to.

I gently pushed Ma Ke away. “Brother, let’s reminisce later as I’ve got some important matters that I need to discuss with His Majesty Ke Zha. Is that alright?”

Ma Ke nodded with reddened eyes as he went back to his seat.

Ke Zha looked as though nothing had happened before as he personally walked in front of me. He patted on my shoulder as he said, “Zhang Gong, it’s great to see you again. How have you been?”

I replied indifferently, “I won’t die anytime soon thanks to your blessings.” I was frightened as I thought about it, he was actually able to treat me as though nothing had happened before. He was too frightening.

“I heard that you’re a God’s inheritor now. It’s a fortune to our Aixia. It was all just a misunderstanding what happened before. I’ve already withdrew my previous orders so you’re still a citizen in my Kingdom of Aixia.” He was using his status to suppress me.

“I thank you for that. May I know what is your purpose in coming to the front line?”

Ke Zha smiled. “It’s definitely for the negotiation. Since you, the God’s envoys, have appeared, what other plans will I have? Negotiating is also beneficial to both sides. Only I don’t know when I’ll be able to see the commander of the Demon race to discuss the details of the treaty.”

Mu Zi stood up and said, “My greetings to you Emperor Ke Zha. Currently, I am the one that holds the full authority over the Demon-Beast alliance to enter into a negotiation with you. You can freely state what requests you have for the negotiation.”

Ke Zha replied, “Oh,  Mu Zi, it’s really great that you are the representative. What is your suggestion for how both sides should unite?”

Mu Zi replied, “Since it’s a cooperation, both sides have to show sincerity. First, both sides should withdraw half of our troops from the frontline and sign a peace treaty stating that we won’t battle against each other for next three years. In order to express our sincerity, we won’t need any repercussions this time.” The Demon-Beast alliance held the advantage during the current battle. They could totally suggest for reimbursement during negotiations.

Ke Zha smiled. “In that case, you’ve already made quite a bit of concessions. I don’t have any requests nor terms. We shall accept everything that you’ve suggested. Since the God’s inheritor said that the threat of the Monster race is imminent, we should conclude our negotiation as soon as possible. How is that? Alright, let’s arrange the ceremony for the peace treaty three days from now.”

Emperor Ke Zha’s attitude had stunned all of us. We really didn’t expect him to freely agree to the negotiation. He also didn’t make things hard for us. I originally thought that he would make a fuss about my identity. Who would know that not only did he pardoned my crimes, he also treated it as though nothing had happened between us.

Ke Zha saw that we didn’t believe him so he continued to say, “It can’t be that everyone doesn’t trust me, right? I’ll personally attend the ceremony that is in three days time and will only bring a few guards along with me. It should be fine, right? I need to put my safety into consideration after all.”  

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