Volume 10: Chapter 31 - Peace Talks? Conspiracy?

Child of Light

Volume 10: Chapter 31 - Peace Talks? Conspiracy?

I nodded. “Since all three kingdoms agreed in negotiating, the future matters will be easy. We’ve already notified the Demon-Beast alliance . It makes me extremely elated that Your Majesty was able to consider the bigger picture. My thanks to you for that.” I bowed deeply to Ke Za after saying that.

Ke Zha stopped me from continuing to bow towards him before replying, “Zhang Gong, it was Uncle’s fault in misunderstanding you previously. Can you forgive me for what I’ve done? I really regret it. You’re the most talented genius in the new generation of the Kingdom of Aixia. After these matters are over, I hope that you’ll return to Aixia. Principal Di and Principal Zhen really miss you. I’ve temporarily passed the management of the Kingdom of Aixia to them now. Honestly, I’m already sick of staying in the palace. I’ve taken this opportunity this time to sneak out.”

I was really doubtful of his dubious words and I, who had been tricked by him before, wouldn’t be that easily convinced by what he said. I respectfully replied, “We’ll discuss about the matters about returning to Aixia after everything has concluded. Since Your Majesty has agreed in negotiating, we shall leave first. If you have any queries, you can dispatch people to the Prince’s interim manor to find me. We’ll leave now.”

Ke Zha smiled. “Alright, it’ll be you youngsters era from now on. I’ve aged. Aixia will be passed to Ma Ke in the future. I hope that you’ll support him.”

“I will. I shall bid my farewells to Your Majesty now.”

Ke Zha said, “Ma Ke, you should see Zhang Gong and the rest off. It has been such a long time since you last seen each other. You must have lots of things that you want to say to each other.”

Ma Ke excitedly received the order and followed us out of the commander’s division.

“Zhang Gong, are you really disfigured?”

I smiled wryly as I took down the conical hat. “Can this still be fake? They should have already told you what happened to me, right?”

Ma Ke nodded. “Boss, you’ve suffered. However, you’re really able to get Mu Zi back. It’s worth it then.”

I embraced Mu Zi’s  slender waist. “That’s right, it’s worth it. How is Hai Yue and you fairing?”

Ma Ke flushed red as he replied, “We’re doing well as we are already engaged. We’ll marry each other after we graduate from the Royal Advance Magic Academy in the future.”

I smiled. “Won’t Hai Yue be the Crown Prince’s imperial concubine then?”

Ma Ke glanced at Mu Zi before whispering, “Hai Shui has been bitterly thinking about you. She’s completely different from who she was before. We can no longer see that lively Hai Shui anymore.”

My heart hurt. “What happen to her?”

Ma Ke complained, “It’s due to missing you. Currently, she has been anticipating when you will come to get her everyday. Hai Yue had said that when I meet you, I must make you account for her sister.”

Mu Zi moved out from the side and said, “Don’t worry, Zhan Gong won’t let Hai Shui down. After everything here is over, I’ll head back with him to get Sister Hai Shui.”

I tightly grasped her hand. “Thank you, Mu Zi.”

Mu Zi replied, displeased, “What’s there to thank me about? I’ll be fine as long as you don’t forget what I’ve told you before. Ma Ke, your father won’t have any conspiracy to harm Zhang Gong this time, right?”

Ma Ke sighed. “Boss, I really don’t know what to say about what happened previously….”

I patted his shoulder. “There’s nothing to comment on. Your father wasn’t in the wrong as a ruler. Moreover, I’m the only one involved in that matter. But the current matter is different as the negotiation is extremely important. I hope that there will be no mishaps this time as this concerns the world. Do you understand?”

Ma Ke nodded. “Father didn’t tell me anything during this trip, but he still brought two mage army troops along. He’ll definitely do something. It’s better for you to be careful. I’m also don’t completely understand my father’s temper. Boss, I really hope that nothing dangerous happens to you. I’ll feel my father out after heading back.”

“Thank you, my brother. Let’s bid our farewells here. We’ll still be able to see each other again in the future.”

“Boss, I’ll send you here. Please take care.”

“You too.”


Interim prince’s manor

“Big Brother Xiu Si, how much sincerity do you think Ke Zha has this time? I unknowingly feel an ominous feeling after he agreed to negotiate.”

Xiu Si smiled. “Since Ke Zha was able to inherit the throne as a prince, it proved that he’s not simple. Even though we don’t know what he’s thinking, he has agreed to negotiate. Even if it’s a conspiracy, we’ll just follow him through. How about this? Brother Ke, I’ll have to trouble you to notify the Demon-Beast alliance about the peace talks in three days time. Similarly, they are to also maintain a complete defensive formation during the negotiation as a defensive measure against both sides.”

After hearing what Xiu Si said, my eyes brightened as I had gotten what he meant. “You’re to say that Ke Zha will be raiding the Demon-Beast alliance.”

Xiu Si nodded. “Since they have brought so many mages, it’s the proof that they will make a move. It’s impossible for them to fight against each other when they make their move. Their opponent is only the Demon-Beast allianced. During the negotiation, it’ll be the most opportune time for their opponent to relax. Judging from Ke Zha’s mind set, he will definitely not let such a good opportunity slip away.”

I continued from what he said, “He definitely will have picked a direction and location for the surprise attack. It will be almost impossible for them to attack from the rear as there are plateaus behind the troops. When we negotiate, we’ll be at the center of the two opposing forces so they definitely won’t direct assault the allied Demon and Beast races. Moreover, direct assault will no longer be a raid so there’s only two possibilities left. Is my guess correct, Big Brother Xiu Si?”

Xiu Si smiled and nodded. “It’ll be up to you to make arrangements, now that you understand the situation.”

This guy, he really shirks his responsibilities quickly. However, I didn't have time to play around blaming him as we were racing against it.

“With Brother Ke’s wisdom, he should know what to do to defend against those two possibilities. You are to command the allied troops, while the Guard Battalion will be divided into two groups in our tactics. One of them is to conceal themselves on both sides of the Ström Fortress. They should be able to sneak out of the city with their cultivation and it must be under the condition that no one finds out when they are heading to the ambush location. Once the human troops shows signs of attacking the allied troops, the mission of the Guard Battalion is to delay their advancement. The other group will be under Big Brother Xiu Si’s command. ‘Hehe! I’ll give you some trouble.’ The remaining people here will have another mission. Jian Shan, you are now to bring 11 brothers with you to scout out the deployment of the army at the Ström Fortress. I need you have to immediately report to me when there is a change in the situation.”

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