Volume 10: Chapter 33 - The Expected Attack

Child of Light

Volume 10: Chapter 33 - The Expected Attack

Mu Zi said, “Our Demon-Beast alliance doesn’t have any conditions to add.”

Ke Zha smilingly stood up. “You don’t have any conditions? But I have some.”

I raised my hand. “Please state your conditions, Your Majesty.”

Ke Zha’s expression changed. “My terms are for you, the Demon-Beast alliance, to surrender to us and offer tribute to us year after year for the years to come.  If you were to do that, I’ll sign this pact with you.”

Mu Zi rebuked fumingly, “I knew that you’ve ill intentions and didn’t have any sincerity in this.”

Ke Zha sneered. “Did you really think I’ll obediently follow, just by you few little children? How can that be?” Upon saying that, he raised his hand and shot a fireball into the sky. Even though Ke Zha’s magic couldn’t be compared to the few teachers, he wasn’t a weakling. The simple fireball in his hand expanded to become exceptionally large and abnormal.

I knew that he was signalling his forces.

Beamon King roared angrily as he smashed his enormous wolf tooth club towards Ke Zha. Ke Zha chuckled disdainfully. He extended his hand across his chest, resulting to enormous magic hexagons to appear under his, Feng Hao’s and the prince’s feet. After a light shone, they simultaneously vanished from our sight. This should be their premade short-range teleportation scroll. Consecutively, the dusk sky suddenly lit up by the human’s two mage unions as numerous magic spells were shot into the sky towards the allied Demon and Beast armies.

I said apprehensively, “Everyone, prepare to make our move. It’s time for us to release the signal, Big Brother Xiu Si.” Upon saying that, I waved Sukrad’s staff in my hand, hastily casting two protective light screens at the two portions of magic rain in the sky. I definitely wasn’t arrogant enough to think that my magic could resist against the numerous mages from the human race. My purpose was only to deviate their spells’ trajectory.

Xiu Si made his move simultaneously when I did mine as he took out his Sky God’s horn and played it, making a long humming sound to sound in the sky.

While we were starting to adapt to the situation, numerous humans surged out unknowingly from both sides of the fort as though they were two sharp arrows heading towards the allied Demon and Beast races. ‘Ke Zha, you are really ruthless. You really think to take advantage of this time to attack the Demon-Beast alliance?

The human’s soldiers were arranged in an orderly fashion. The majority of them were light and heavy cavalries as they moved fast as lighting when they headed towards the Demon-Beast alliance in a pincer attack. The first group of the Guardian Battalion had appeared at this moment. About 100 of them moved like lightning to obstruct the frontline of the human’s army. Even though the momentum of the cavalry was powerful, the members from the first company of the Guardian Battalion were elites among the elites. Every one of them were comparable to a general from the human race. Their motive was to delay the human race’s troops to help gain extra time for us.

The both opposing parties collided against each other in a short period of time. The weapons that the first division of the Guard Squad held was a coarse and long club. They managed to forcefully stopped the human race’s advancement by continuously brandishing their weapons. The horses in the frontline fell over after being hit by the club, instantly making the soldiers from behind to fall. I sighed inwardly as it seemed that some casualties were unavoidable.

The Demon and Beast races’ soldier started to be mobilised as they moved towards the both side as a preparation to face the attack from the human race. If Ke Zha was smart, he should understand that he wouldn’t have any advantage over us now.

I glanced at Mu Zi. “Let’s resist against them together, in order to avoid further casualties and bring real peace and harmony into the world. Let’s begin.” Upon saying that, I gently raised Sukrad’s staff in my hand, instantly summoning wind elements towards my body to elevate from the ground. Everyone followed my lead to soar towards the sky. I glanced at Zhan Hu, Dong Ri, Xiu Si, Gao De, Xin Ao, who had already taken out their individual divine instruments. I took in a deep breath and said, “Let’s start.”

The light ray of the War God’s armour flowed throughout Zhan Hu’s body. He nodded towards me and hollered, “The God King bestowed upon me the War God’s armor. No evil shall pass me for I shall obstruct the evil demons.” As he chanted, the blue light covering his body intensified. The divine aura, carrying a War God’s fighting intention, that permeated in the air.

Xiu Si raised the white horn in his hand and chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Sky God’s horn. My horn’s roar will pierce through the nine heavens.” A gentle light ray was instantly emitted from the Sky God’s horn; the light ray enclosed Xiu Si’s body from the top to the bottom of his body. The white light ray turned into a light ball, which was as dazzling as the blue light being emitted from Zhan Hu’s body.

Xin Ao gripped the handle of the Titan God’s hammer with both of his hands as he raised it over his head and chanted resolutely, “The God King bestowed upon me the Titan God’s hammer. I will shake the heavens and move the earth to protect the righteous path.” A yellow light ray was emitted from the Titan God’s hammer, which was completely different from before as it acted in concert with Xin Ao’s powerful grandeur.

Gao De extended his right hand and the Lightning God’s shield enlarged, giving off an eye piercing red light ray. Gao De chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Lightning God’s shield. Even ten thousand blades shall not stop me.” Upon saying that, with his right hand across his chest, the light ray from the Lightning God’s shield intensified, giving off a sense of loftiness as though it could resist against ten thousand swords.

After Dong Ri looked at the crowd, he gently drew his Wind God’s bow and gently chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Wind God’s bow. My ethereal arrows will flash rapidly and violently.” Green intensified light rays raised from the Wind God’s bow.  When Dong Ri imposingly pulled on the bowstring, the Wind God’s bow that was giving off flashing green light ray formed a full moon shape.

The glittering light rays from the five people’s body were blue, white, yellow, red and green respectively. The human’s soldiers and the allied Demon and Beast’s troops attention fell on us due to the tyrannical powers we possessed.

I no longer hesitated at this point. I took in a deep breath before I stretched out both of my hands and chanted, word after word, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens.” A small silver sword appeared from my chest as I chanted. It gently floated above my head, instantly enveloping me with a silver light ray. A warm power continuously communicated with me and the Holy Sword. The six of us formed six peaks. The six light rays moved again after I completed the chant. The six coloured peaks formed a six coloured magic hexagon.

Divine aura surged out from our hexagon, instantly shooting towards the towards the sky. The six light pillars constantly spiralling as it rose, breaking through the clouds in the sky. As the sunlight shone on our fused powers, I momentarily felt my spirit shake.

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