Volume 10: Chapter 34 - Symphony of Chanting

Child of Light

Volume 10: Chapter 34 - Symphony of Chanting

Zhan Hu hollered, “I represent the War God!” Powers surged out from his back, forming an indistinctive large orchid colour image at his back. This was how Zhan Hu looked when he represented the War God.

Xiu Si yelled, “I represent the Sky God!” An enormous white phantom appeared on Xiu Si’s back. Even though the phantom wasn’t distinct, we knew that it possessed the recovery powers of the Sky God.

Xin Ao called out, “I represent the Titan God!” A yellow silhouette soared from his back.

Gao De shouted, “I represent the Lightning God!” A red silhouette appeared on his back.

Dong Ri yelled, “I represent the Wind God!” A green silhouette emerged, showing an image that it was pulling on the bowstring in preparation to shoot.

I hollered loudly, “I represent the Radiant God!” A gold silhouette appeared from my back. Six enormous light wings were gently fluttering, constantly gathering numerous light elements towards me.

There was no longer just the six of us in mid air now as we had our phantoms that appeared when we represented the gods. This peculiar sight made all of the soldiers beneath us to stop fighting as they looked at us flabbergasted.

I gravely nodded towards everyone. We then harmoniously chanted, “Great God King, please bestow us your boundless divine blessing  in order to merge all of our divine powers into one. In order to uphold justice in the world, to eliminate all sinister beings, and bring peace and harmony to the world-----Forbidden Symphony of the Gods' Awakening” The phantoms behind us raised simultaneously. They halted in mid air for a moment before suddenly charging towards the six spiralling light rays that were heading towards the horizon. The six divine phantoms fused with those lights. I felt that my sight suddenly turned completely white at this moment.

The ray of the six light pillars in the sky instantly intensified after our phantoms fused with it. I felt the rapid draining of my powers from my body being continuously extracted by this enormous light pillar as they rapidly spiralled.

An extraordinary sight occurred. The mages from the human race had just started their second wave of attack, making numerous magnificent light rays to cover the sky once again. However, it wasn’t towards the Demon camp this time. Just when the magic spells were in mid air, they gathered towards the pillar at lightning speed, under the powerful attractive power of the enormous light we cast. No spells were able to escape from the attraction force.

The six light pillars spiralled to it’s maximum speed before turning into magnificent light rays. Xiu Si and the rest’s complexion, excluding mine, had already turn pale white. They were purely using their willpower to support their bodies. I gathered the fusion body in my body with great difficulty before roaring out to frantically brandish the Sukrad’s staff to draw a gold hexagon in the sky, which was constantly giving off light rays. This was the final step of the spell to allow the Symphony’s power to display its might.

Using my will power, I urged the magic formation into the pillar of light. The attractive forces increased so much that I was abruptly pulled up into the light pillar. I felt that I was already reaching the end in casting the forbidden spell. I used all of my powers to float myself back downwards. It felt like there was a force behind me that seemed to have the power to destroy the heavens and earth.

The initial gloomy clouds were completely influenced by the six rays of light to metamorphose into prismatic multicolored clouds.

I unhesitantly followed the plan previously made to directly charge towards the ground in preparation being received by the 12 Guard Squad, who were already soaring into the sky. Ke Lun Duo already brought Mu Zi, the Beamon King and the rest to retreat to the camp of the allied Demon and Beast armies long ago. I currently didn’t have the energy to think and just continued to follow what I had planned previously.

I brandished the Sukrad’s staff backwards when I was nearing the ground to make my body fly inclined. Even though my body was moving, my mind was still on the forbidden spell. I controlled the powers to violently hit towards the ground as that was all I could do with my current strength. The power of the forbidden spell was really too much to handle. I couldn’t command it to do anything further.

The forbidden spell successfully charged towards the ground quickly trailed by the prismatic clouds. Controlling such power made me feel as though a centuries of time had passed, even though it was only for a few blinks of the eye. The clothes on my body were completely drenched in perspiration. I had almost completely used up the remaining powers in my body so I could just support my body to hover.

When the sky recovered its normal state, the sunlight that appeared due to the power pillar was once again covered by gloomy clouds. It seemed as though nothing had happened and was extremely peaceful. On both sides of the battlefield every soldier remained silent. By this time the First Company of the Guard Battalion had secretly retreated already.

Two guards supported my body as they inserted their battle spirit into my body without any restraints. The three gold dans in my body rapidly revolved, making their inserted powers into my own powers. I momentarily felt much comfortable with their assistance. I nodded towards them. “I’m fine already. I can support myself.” Only then, the two guards released their hold on me.

My heart suddenly leapt, just as I wanted to head towards Zhan Hu and the rest’s side to see the might of the forbidden spell, the ground started to violently quake without any warning. It was coming! The Forbidden spell of forbidden spells----Forbidden Symphony of the Gods' Awakening was going to display its might. I anxiously hovered in the sky as I looked downwards, waiting for a historical moment to occur. This was the first time that we used this move. I definitely wanted to see the outcome from using it.

The ground increasingly quaked so violently that the entire land started to sway irregularly. I inserted power into my voice as I shouted, “To all soldiers from the humans and the Demon-Beast alliance, retreat immediately!”

Nobody was willing to listen to their commander’s order at this moment. The Demon-Beast alliance armies were slightly better as they were further away from the center of the earthquake. The human soldiers were panicking, but they seemed to have listened to my command as they dashed towards the Ström Fortress with all their might.

The quaking of the ground was still increasingly violently that even the Ström Fortress seemed to be affected by it.

I suddenly felt an enormous fluctuation of powers from the ground. “This isn’t good!” I hastily called for Zhan Hu and the rest to immediately fly towards the Ström Fortress.

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