Volume 10: Chapter 35 - The Forbidden Spell Explodes Forth

Child of Light

Volume 10: Chapter 35 - The Forbidden Spell Explodes Forth

Before we had even flown a kilometer away, there came a loud rumbling sound that reverberated from behind us. ‘Hong! Hong! Hong!’ A absolutely violent power surged from our backs. There wasn’t any possibility to resist against it so we were pushed forward three times our initial speed by the shockwave. I didn’t dare resist against it, but instead cast a boundary to enclose everyone within to freely move along with the force in moving forward. The impact of the power was too strong. The boundary that I cast constantly vibrated, making me to spit a mouthful of blood. It was only when we were reaching the Ström Fortress that the power behind us weaken.

I stopped my movement and turned back to have a look. The sight before me momentarily made me stupefied.

Was this our doing? The sight before us was a really spectacular. Six light rays constantly emitted from the area that the forbidden spell had hit. The entire sky was covered with dust and rocks. The ground had completely fissured and was still caving in reaching a kilometer radius from the explosion. It cut across the entire flat plain until it reached passed both sides of the distant mountains. There were even a few enormous fissures rapidly heading towards Ström Fortress.

The sky and land were filled with concentrated magic elements, dust and stones. The earth constantly quaked, while the magic elements in the air continuously warped. If we had stayed at our previous spot, we would definitely be engulfed by the limitless divine power. There was a 10 Km radius  that was filled with deadly atmosphere. The few human soldiers that were slower had completely disappeared under the devastating power. The biggest fissure was passing beneath our feet towards the city walls of Ström Fortress. The fissure was still a couple meters wide even when its quaking power had already drastically weakened.

There were continuous loud calls for mages at the fort. However, I knew that there wouldn’t be any magic that could be used until the might of the ultimate forbidden spell ended. The sight before us could no longer use terrifying to describe the scene. We were shocked by the power that could devastate the heavens and the earth. I constantly thought, ‘Have I overdone it? I’ve taken at least a thousand of lives for this negotiation to succeed. Moreover, it’s the ultimate power that we activated was the cause in taking so much lives.’ I took a deep breath to calm down. I couldn’t worry too much for their sake so more people would be able to survive after the imminent battle against the Monster race.

There was a loud sound that came from the back of the Ström Fortress. As my thoughts was constantly turning, I was stunned when I turned around to find that the world’s most secure fort’s city walls had unexpectedly collapsed. The main culprit in that was the enormous fissure that was beneath our feet. The fissure had already stopped expanding. Its end was beneath the city wall of the Ström Fortress .

The sky was covered with yellow dust and soil, making our sight fuzzy. It was impossible to see the specifics of the current situation. I felt that the power of the forbidden spell was gradually getting weaker. It would disappear shortly. The agitation of the magic elements didn’t disappear after the forbidden spell disappeared. It was impossible to absorb them with my capabilities as all of the fusion powers in my body had been converted to battle spirit so that I could forcefully sustain my body. My cultivation was the strongest among the group, but I had consumed the most power when activating the forbidden spell. My body was already extremely feeble. But I knew clearly that I couldn’t fall now as I hadn’t accomplished what I needed to do.

I hadn’t made my move as it wasn't the right moment yet. I calmly watched on as the dust and soil that was blocking out the sun until the dust clouds dissipated. It took half an hour’s time for them to completely dissipate and for our sight to gradually clear up. Not a single sound could be heard from the million people from the Ström Fortress or the Demon-Beast alliance within that half an hour.

The scene before me was more appalling than I thought it would be. There was an enormous kilometer wide gulf that linked both sides of the plain. There were numerous smaller fissures from both sides of the gulf. The longest fissure was the enormous fissure that had just destroyed one fifth of the city’s walls. As steam constantly poured out from the mouth of the gulf I had everybody hold their positions. I headed to the gulf alone before circulating the powers in my body to absorb the gradually calming magic elements.

I was once again shocked after reaching the border of the gulf. The depth of the gulf was indeterminable. When I looked down, I could only see a red line at the far bottom that my sight could see. The surrounding air turned burning hot. I took in a cold breath as I suddenly understood what that red line meant. It was lava! It was lava from volcanoes!  If it were to erupt, I couldn’t and didn’t dare to imagine the outcome. However, the depth was bottomless so it should be extremely difficult for it to come up to the land.

I flew back to the crowd as it wasn’t the time to consider this problem. I eye signaled to everyone before I forcefully circulated my three gold dans that were now much weaker, making my body emit a weak golden light as I took the lead to fly towards the Ström Fortress.

As we neared the broken city walls, I could see Ke Zha, Ma Ke, the commanders from Dalu and Xiuda, and the high ranking officers from the three kingdoms as they looked forth dumbstruck at the city wall.

I recovered my breath and under the assistant of my magic, I said coldly, “Emperor Ke Zha, are you aware of your crimes?”

Ke Zha’s body shuddered and when he raised his head to look at me, his eyes were filled with terror. It was beyond his expectation that we could create what we had just done.

I didn’t wait for Ke Zha to reply as I continued, “It’s God’s intention for the three human kingdoms, the Demon race, and the Beast race to reconcile. However, you almost caused a catastrophe to occur due to personal gain and clearly thought nothing about the current circumstances. What everyone just saw was the Gods’ power. We can freely use divine powers as their envoys to accomplish any favorable outcome for the world. If you continue to obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way, I’ll reactivate the divine power. Perhaps, you think that the Ström Fortress is safe, but if I were to use the previous forbidden spell here, you should know the outcome. The Gods are merciful and just gave you a warning. I want your decision now. It’s your choice on whether to reconcile or perish.”

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