Volume 10: Chapter 36 - Successful Peace Talks

Child of Light

Volume 10: Chapter 36 - Successful Peace Talks

The officers and all the soldiers on the city wall had dropped their weapons, making continuous metal clangs were heard and the floor was filled with weapons. It was unknown as to who started it, but all of the officers and soldiers knelt and bowed with joined hands at forehead level towards the sky. It was the soldiers that took the lead before Marshall Feng Hao, Zhan Hu’s father and even the prince of the Kingdom of Xiuda knelt. Ma Ke whispered something to his father. After whispering, he also knelt, leaving only Ke Zha that remained standing.

Ke Zha’s complex was pale and expressed that he didn’t believe what had happened. He let out a long sigh after a long time. “Let’s forget it. God's plans supersede my own! Ma Ke, you’ll be in charge as the representative of the Kingdom of Aixia.” After throwing those words, Ke Zha turned and descended from the city wall.

I knew that he definitely won’t stir up havoc after today as I looked at his fading back. Ke Zha was a gifted and formidable person. But he was only a person after all. It was impossible for him to resist God’s power.

I sighed as I couldn’t take everything into consideration. “Since the three human kingdoms wishes to reconcile, I’ll represent the Gods to trust you once more. I’ll let the representatives of the Demon and Beast races join us and discuss the details for the peace treaty. Currently, you’re to first settle with the aftermath.” Upon saying that, I eye signaled everyone before turning around and flew towards the Demon-Beast alliance armies. I had constantly consumed the remaining specks of powers in my body for another long period of time so it was already near the state of it being fully used up. I needed to rest soon.

We surveyed the outcome as we flew across the large crevice generated due to the forbidden spell among all forbidden spells, Forbidden Symphony of the Gods' AwakeningGod’s Symphony. After letting out a sigh, I increased my speed as I headed towards the Demon-Beast alliance camp.

Mu Zi, Ke Lun Duo and Demon King Xiu Yu were waiting for us at the entrance of the camp. The armies from the Demon and Beast races also knelt towards us just like the humans when we arrived at the entrance. While we emitted peculiar light rays from our body, the shock that we brought with us had conquered the hearts of all three races.

Mu Zi ran to my front. I slightly let out a breath after seeing her before I momentarily felt as though the sky was spinning and the earth was round. But I knew that I currently couldn’t topple over now. Otherwise, all of the hard work until now would be wasted. I nodded towards her. “Everything has been going smoothly. We shall discuss further after entering your camp.” I saw that Zhan Hu and the rest’s complexion were dull as I turned to look at them.

I took the lead to strut into the Demon camp, with everyone following me. I was bitterly enduring the successive waves of exhaustion as we headed quickly towards the camp with great difficulty. When we had finally reached our destination, Zhan Hu, Xiu Si, Xin Ao, Gao De and Dong Ri were the ones to collapse to the ground. Mu Zi hastily supported me as my body started to sway before exclaiming, “Zhang Gong, what’s happening to all of you?!”

I smiled wryly. I no longer cared about my image to sit directly on the ground while Mu Zi supported me. “Do you think the God’s forbidden spell is easy to use? We have completely used up our powers and need to rest up as soon as possible. I’ve already settled the human’s side. I believe that they won’t play any more tricks so I won’t be accompanying you when you sign the pact. You should head to the fort now with Big Brother Ke Lun Duo and the Beamon King from the Beast race. You must sign the agreement. I...I have to rest now. “My vision started to blur and couldn’t resist against my feebleness and exhaustion as I collapsed on Mu Zi’s shoulder as my body slipped into her embrace, I slowly entered my dreams.


The sleep this time was extremely sound. I didn’t know how long has passed before I gradually woke up. I used my groggy vision to realise that I was in a tent. This should be at the demon’s camp. I propped my body and felt that my entire body was exceptionally sore. It seemed as though everything was just a dream.

I sat crossed leg before examining the interior of my body. I realised that my powers were still extremely weak, the three gold dans were transparent. I was only slightly better off compared to when I collapsed. The outcome on overusing my power after casting the forbidden spell was really severe, even the astonishing recovery speed of my powers had decreased drastically. I also didn’t know how the peace talks went, but I currently couldn’t consider that. As I took in deep breath, I gradually prompted the three gold dans to revolve slowly, absorbing the natural magic elements in the surrounding area.

The result in using the forbidden spell didn’t damage my meridians, so my gold dans would momentarily recover a little after calmly recuperating them for about a week. My inner body was illuminated by gold light rays again and the warmth from the Holy Sword at my chest could be felt again.

When my mind shifted, I felt someone nearing my side. I hastily circulated the gold dans to their respective locations before awakening. I was looking directly at Mu Zi, whose eyes showed traces of feelings, when I opened my eyes.

“You’re awake. You really can sleep!”

I smiled, embarrassed, before replying, “How long have I slept?”

Mu Zi replied, “You’ve slept for three entire days. Your brothers woke up at about the same time as you did, but they have awakened already. You’re alright now, right?” Mu Zi took the initiative to enter my embrace as she talked. I felt slightly intoxicated as I gently embraced her well developed and alluring body.

I leaned my head on Mu Zi’s hair, while I closed my eyes, to calmly enjoy this comfortable moment. Mu Zi complained after a long time had passed, “You still haven’t replied to my question.”

Only then did I woke up as I asked blankly, “What question? Owwwh, stop hitting me. I’ve remembered. I’m already okay, but my powers still haven’t fully recovered. You don’t have to worry about me. That’s right, how did the peace talks go? The three human kingdoms shouldn’t have played any more tricks, right?”

Mu Zi nodded. “The Kingdom of Dalu and Xiuda originally had intentions to negotiate. Currently, Ma Ke holds the rights in controlling Aixia’s mage union so there won’t be a problem anymore. You can be rest assured that everything has finished successfully. The Demon and Beast races also won’t initiate war against the human race in the future. Actually, there’s already a natural protective screen at the center of the three races. The nearly one kilometer wide deep ditch seems to be like a natural moat, how can it be that easy to cross over it?”

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