Volume 10: Chapter 37 - Relaxed Back

Child of Light

Volume 10: Chapter 37 - Relaxed Back

I scratched my head. “I actually didn’t know what was going to happen when I activated the forbidden spell. I initially just wanted to display some divine powers for the three races. Who would have known that the ultimate forbidden spell was so potent? It’s lucky that we haven’t mastered it. Otherwise, the Ström Fortress would have been completely destroyed.”

Mu Zi was stunned as she cried out, “What? You haven’t mastered it? It’s already that amazing without you mastering it? Won’t the world be ruined after you can completely bring out its full power?”

I expressed helplessness with my hand gesture before nodding. “There’s a high possibility for that to occur. The forbidden spell equates to the combination powers of the six of us. Our powers will become increasingly stronger if we improve our capabilities in bringing out the divine powers. When our powers gets stronger, the potency of the awakened powers would also be greater. My Holy Sword is the crux for the forbidden spell. The disparity in the powers I hold to the essential powers required for the spell is large. Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest also hasn’t been able to fully utilise their divine instruments. Thus, from my estimation, the forbidden spell that we cast can’t be beyond 40% of its full potential.”

“Silly girl, don’t be shocked. You have seen the powers of the Monster race. Currently, there’s no trace of the Monster King, but his subordinate that used Demon King Satan’s body already was that powerful. The formidability of the Monster King is really unimaginable. There should be a purpose as to why the God King had passed the task of eliminating the Monster King to us. Moreover, this ultimate forbidden spell is a bane to the Monster King so it should have formidable power.”

Mu Zi snapped out from her shock after a long time. “I really hope that we can eliminate the Monster King so that I can really be with you….” She blushed, but didn’t continue to speak.

I didn’t reply her, but tightened my hold on her body. We had finally accomplished our task. The three great races of the world have finally united. We only needed to constantly improve our powers from now on. Everything would conclude once the Monster King appears. We didn’t have any methods than that, even if it seemed spontaneous. The God King shouldn’t know the location for the clone of the Monster King as he currently must be resisting against the sealed body of the Monster King at the God’s realm.

After a long time had passed, I said to Mu Zi. “I want you to bring me to see the brothers since they have awoken.”

Mu Zi obediently nodded before supporting me as I stood. After warming up my sore muscles, I smiled. “It is already much better. Let’s go.”

I followed Mu Zi out of the camp with my Sukrad’s staff in hand. When the patrolling soldiers saw us, they immediately saluted towards us with reverence expressed from their eyes.

The living quarters of Zhan Hu and the rest were near to mine as after passing a few camps, I had already arrived at the huge camp they were in.

I saw that everyone was present after entering their camp. Ke Lun Duo seemed to be telling them something and everyone was expressing relaxed smiles. They should really loosen up a little after finally accomplishing a huge matter.

“Zhang Gong, you’ve woke up.” Zhan Hu commented.

I smiled and sat beside him. “Big Brother Zhan Hu, are all of you alright?”

Zhan Hu replied with lingering fear, “The forbidden spell is too scary. I felt as though my body had been completely controlled by the War God’s armour when we used the spell. I had almost collapsed at that time. It was great for you to make prior arrangements for the Guards to insert their battle spirit into my body. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to sustain myself till we reached the Demon-Beast alliance camp.”

Dong Ri laughed. “Isn’t that the same for all of us? I’ve already understood what it meant to be a forbidden spell among the forbidden spells this time. It was so powerful! Seeing how the situation looked that day, what will the Monster King account for? Once we used this God’s Symphony spell, we’ll be able to annihilate them, even if there were ten thousand armies.”

Even though no one spoke, everyone, excluding Xiu Si, expressed approval.

I frowned as I told Dong Ri, “You’re wrong.”

Dong Ri expressed at stunned expression. “Why?”

I replied gravely, “I admit that the power of the forbidden spell we used is great. However, do you know that I was almost unable to control the power of the forbidden spell? Our current power is still too weak, we can’t withstand the power of the forbidden spell and are also incapable in utilising its full power. Do you really think that the Monster King is going to be easy to deal with? If it was easy, the God King wouldn’t have been troubled in the first place. The God clan almost faced extinction. Our current powers aren’t bad, but how will we fare compared to the God clan? There’s definitely a disparity between our powers. What will we be counted for when the God clan had dealt with the Monster race with great difficulty? Thus, we mustn’t be blindly optimistic and immediately use as much time as possible to increase our powers. I’ve already decided that once we return to our base, I’ll immediately head towards the to the God Rended Canyon for the Radiant God’s inheritance. All of you should also try to reach the War God’s rank.”

Dong Ri lowered his head and muttered, unconvinced, “It shouldn’t be that bad.”

Xiu Si stood up and glanced at me before saying, “No, perhaps it’s even much worse than what Zhang Gong had said. What he said is right. We really don’t know how strong the Monster race will be. They are in hiding, while we’re in the open. We mustn’t slack off at the moment in order to accomplish the task that the God King had passed to us.”

Big Brother Xiu Si and my thoughts was close. I smiled as I said, “Everyone’s cultivation hasn’t recovered yet so we’ll stay here for a few more days. We’ll set out to head home once everyone’s injuries has recovered. You all can just take a break. I still have to make a trip to the Ström Fortress.”

I held onto Mu Zi’s hand as everybody saw us off as we headed out of the camp. “You come with me to head back. I want to see the situation there and Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou are also still there. I must pick them up.”

Mu Zi exclaimed, “Alright! Let’s go. Ah! That’s right, can you still fly now?”

I smiled wryly. “I’m not that weak. A short flight still won’t be a problem for me.” Upon saying that, I embraced Mu Zi’s waist. The fusion power in my body naturally circulated after I kicked off the ground. We soared in the sky, bringing a faint gold light along with us. We had set out from the Demon-Beast alliance camp towards the Ström Fortress, while Mu Zi screamed in fright.”

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