Volume 10: Chapter 38 - The Stronghold After the Peace Talks

Child of Light

Volume 10: Chapter 38 - The Stronghold After the Peace Talks

I had noticed that the red-hot lava had already seemed to have dried when we passed the huge gulf on our journey towards the Ström Fortress. It was dark brown in colour and longer steamed. I was relieved after knowing that I hadn’t created a major problem. I must really must be cautious whenever I use the forbidden spell.

The city wall of the Ström Fortress in front of us was still breaking apart. It wouldn’t be easy to repair it.

Mu Zi leaned into my embrace and clung on my neck. She didn’t use any of her powers and just let me to carry her as we flew across. It was fortunate that I had significantly recovered my powers, otherwise it would really be bad if we were to fall into the gulf.

It perhaps might be due to the divine light ray emitted from my body that the people at the fort didn’t obstruct us when we neared the fort, giving me an easy descent onto the top of the city.

The guards on duty momentary knelt before me as they said harmoniously, “Greetings to Lord God’s envoy.”

It seemed that the shock that day was still in effect. I had really became well known this time. When the numerous gazes accidentally fell on Mu Zi, Mu Zi’s charming face flushed, burying her head into my embrace and didn’t dare to lift her head.

I smiled. “You don’t have to be courteous and continuine working.” When my body flashed, I had already leaped into the city as I flew over the city wall, bringing Mu Zi along with me.

Mu Zi jumped down from my body. She complained with a flushed face, “You’re irritating. Why didn’t you put me down in front of that crowd?”

I smiled. “You didn’t ask me to let you down. I thought you were comfortable staying in my embrace.”

Mu Zi glared at me before saying, “Where are we heading to now? Is it to receive Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou or to meet up with your best brother, Ma Ke?”

I thought for a moment. “We’ll meet up with Ma Ke first. I’m afraid that he will feel uneasy as I had forced Uncle Ke Zha away.”

Mu Zi sighed. “You aren’t at fault for that matter. You didn’t want that to happen , but for the big picture, you had to do that. Let’s go.” 

I pulled on Mu Zi’s small hands as I headed towards the fort’s Commander division. The soldiers were in a jubilant mood, even when the city wall of the fort had been destroyed. I was no longer in doubt on the peace talk as I saw their looks. I kept my head down and pulled up my shirt as I didn’t want to be recognised. Sigh! My scarred covered face was extremely easy to be recognised. Mu Zi seemed to know that I was in a gloomy mood as she clung on my arm. I could feel deep sense of empathy from her gesture. Currently, I was no longer dwelling in the shadows of my heart. I didn’t care about anything else, as long as Mu Zi didn’t avoid me. If I was to be ugly, then so be it.

We finally reached the commander’s division after a short while. It was partially due to the success in the peace talk that there was no longer as many guards. There were only 8 soldiers, wearing the Kingdom of Dalu’s uniform, guarding. There were two guards that immediately hindered our path as we neared. One of them said, “Stop! This is a restricted area of the fort. You are forbidden to freely enter it.”

I lifted my head and took out the Sukrad’s staff from my clothes. I replied, in smiles, “I’m not going to barge in. I want to make a request to meet up with the Prince from the Kingdom of Aixia, His Highness Ma Ke.”

That guard was stunned as he instantly recognised me. He said dumbfoundedly, “You...You are…..”

I nodded. “That’s right, I’m Zhang Gong Wei. I’ll have to trouble you to make known my presence. Thank you.”

That guard nodded and said, as he bowed to me, “It is unnecessary. Please enter. You’re the God’s envoy so it’s unnecessary to report your comings. Please quickly enter.” The guards, who had already recognised me, moved to the side to allow us to enter.

We could hear them discuss unceasingly as we entered the entrance of the Commander’s division.”

A soldier said, “He’s that God’s envoy? The feeling he gives to me is so comfortable, even though his appearance is a little ugly.”

Another soldier replied distainly, “Did you know that that God’s envoy originally had a handsome appearance? It seemed that it was due to eliminating the Monster’s race that resulted to his current look. Did you see that beauty with impeccable look by his side? She should be the princess from the Demon race. If the God’s envoy was that ugly by nature, how could the princess follow him?”

Another soldier said, “It might not be true. There’s a proverb that beauties love heros. Who can be more heroic than God’s envoy, Zhang Gong? If it wasn’t for him to make the peace talk successful, we’ll have to battle again.”

The first soldier that spoke replied, “You make sense. It’s really a great feeling that we don’t have to fight! Brothers, how about we go for a drink after our shift is over?”


Mu Zi and I looked at each other, expressing smiles of happiness towards each other.

We directly headed to the lounge of the Commander’s division. Ma Ke and the rest should be here now. It was as I expected after entering the lounge. Not only Ma Ke was present, Marshall Feng Hao from the Kingdom of Dalu was also here. Only the Lord Prince, Zhan Hu’s father, wasn’t here.

Feng Hao and Ma Ke simultaneously looked stunned at each other when we entered. Ma Ke momentarily stood up excitedly after seeing us and walked briskly towards us. He hollered, “Why haven’t you come after so many days?! Could it be that you don’t trust your home country?”

I smiled and shook my head. “How could I? I definitely wouldn’t distrust my best brother, even if I don’t trust my home country!”

Ma Ke’s eye rims reddened. “It’s father’s fault previously. He has kept it from me for so long. It was already too late to stop him after knowing his plans in going against what he said. Boss, your powers are really too terrifying. Father will forever be unable to lift his head to govern Aixia after this.” Ke Zha was his father after all so Ma Ke’s expression momentarily dampened a little.

I asked, “Aixia really cannot go on without a leader. Uncle Ke Zha wouldn’t have left just like that right?”

Ma Ke’s face flushed as though he was gathering his courage. “Brother, father has passed me a letter before he left. It might be due to our relationship. He wants me to immediately head back to the Kingdom to pass the throne to me after everything here has settled.”

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