Volume 11: Chapter 13 - Casting Another Forbidden Spell

Child of Light

Volume 11: Chapter 13 - Casting Another Forbidden Spell

The power gradually got stronger and both of my hands were raised involuntarily. Sukrad’s staff gave off a peculiar glow as numerous runes were released from the transparent gemstone at the head of the staff, surrounding me.

My eyes turned completely gold, just like when I used the Holy Sword. The hexagon on my back became brighter. There was a faint light phantom that appeared behind me. It was the figure of the Radiant God’s battle angel, Mi Jia Lie! His silhouette gradually appeared from my back as the enormous divine power enclosed my body. I gave out a roar while I gathered all of the power into Sukrad’s staff, causing a gold light ray to shoot into the sky. The light ray seemed to have substance as it broke through the sinister cloud. The gold light that I shot out was extremely clear in the dark sky, and I felt exceptionally feeble as I had used up 70% of the fusion power in my body. This was a forbidden spell after all.

The pitch black sky suddenly brightened and a fragrance permeated the area, allowing me to refocus. The deathly aura in the sky became increasingly weaker, and the monsters in the surroundings also became sluggish. I tried my best to expand the area of the fusion spell, blowing away the surrounding monsters. The fragrance intensified, giving off a gentle and faint power, giving hope to the humans.

The night suddenly lit up again as the light element rain poured down. The light rain was extremely small as it landed and fused with my body. It not only soothed the meridians that were damaged from overusing my powers, it also constantly recovered the powers in my body.

I specifically restricted the range of the Eternal Recovery Light to a 100 meter radius, which covered the clearing and surrounding forest, so the impact of the forbidden spell would target this area. The light rays intensified, forming an even more densely packed light rain. The monsters in the surrounding area suddenly stopped attacking us and uniformly looked at the change in the sky, their bodies gradually became evanescent wisps of dark energy under the purifying light rain. They were disappearing one after the other. However, the monsters didn’t show painful expressions, they seemed to be relieved instead. Why was that? The light rain flowed constantly without any intention of stopping. I didn’t know how much longer it would last, but I definitely couldn’t be careless and lose this opportunity as the Eternal Recovery Light wouldn’t be able to annihilate all of the monsters in that den.

I used a short teleportation spell to enter the protection of Ke Er Lan Di and the troops. The injured crowd was already affected by the treatment of their pain and recovery of their powers. I said seriously, “Ke Er, please help by guarding me for a while. I’ll exterminate them all at once.”

My voice woke Ke Er Lan Di from his stupor. He looked at me with respect and reverence. I slightly nodded towards him before instantly crouching on the ground, using the back of Sukrad’s staff to draw lines in the ground. A complicated rune rapidly appeared on the ground from my drawings. A medium sized magic array appeared at the center of the defensive line. This was an assistance magic array that could rapidly increase the user’s powers. However, it had a negative side effect. The attraction of the elements wouldn’t be orderly; when absorbing the elements it wouldn’t just be of a single type, so the caster would have difficulty in controlling the spell. It was just to use its power to achieve your objective. After using it, my cultivation would fall drastically but I didn’t consider it much because my fusion powers should be able to convert those elements. Anyway, the drop in my cultivation wasn’t really something I could control, due to needing the power of the array.

I took in a deep breath and started to float above the magic array. With both my eyes closed, I coaxed the fusion powers in my body to enter the magic array. The magic array momentarily gave off intense light as it shone with constant great flashes of magic. The countless magic elements in the surroundings, especially the unceasing light rain, rapidly gathered around me as its center. The monsters on the ground had already disappeared, since the light rain was still going, there wasn’t any movement from the hole.

Wave after wave of power surged from all directions towards me. Light elements made up the majority, yet various other elements came as well. The moment I started to absorb the powers, a feeling of fear crept in my head, I was too careless. If it wasn’t for the Eternal Recovery Light that eliminated the deathly aura, my assistance magic array would have absorbed those deathly energies into my body. I wouldn’t be able to activate the Holy Sword’s power then, nor would my body be able to withstand it. I definitely couldn’t make the same mistake, the danger was too great. The thought made me break out into a cold sweat.

Luckily, my trial and error worked out fine. Countless powers were being absorbed into my body. The three dim gold dans were constantly solidifying. I had absorbed half of the power from a forbidden spell, which were my light element friends, born from the power of heaven and earth. My power returned back to its peak state after a moment. I was elated as it seemed that the side effect of using that magic array wouldn’t appear. The effect of using this magic array, coupled with the Eternal Recovery Light, wasn’t bad.

Power was constantly absorbed by me. The forbidden spell was already getting weaker as the light rain had become much smaller. As the effects of the forbidden spell were vanishing, the powers in my body had already changed into golden liquid, constantly revolving and surrounding the three gold dans. My cultivation seemed to have increased! Under my will, the tremendous fusion power surged to my chest and the silver Holy Sword let out a brief burst of intense light from my body. I yelled with confidence, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance from the vault of the heavens.”

The fusion power in my body rapidly converting to the Holy Sword’s divine aura. The six light wings that disappeared before reemerged again from my back. My entire body shuddered as the silver Holy Sword left my body. Its size was much larger and it silently floated in front of me. I could clearly feel that I could completely control the power before me.

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