Volume 11: Chapter 14 - Destroying the Monster Hole

Child of Light

Volume 11: Chapter 14 - Destroying the Monster Hole

“Ke Er, quickly bring everyone to retreat. I’m going to eliminate this sinister hole.”

Ke Er Lan Di was astonished when he saw the Holy Sword before me, he wasn’t able to react for a moment.

I anxiously said, “Quickly go! There may be a huge explosion when it happens.”

Ke Er Lan Di was abruptly woken up from his shocked state. He then led his 18 subordinates, that had already recovered due to the light rain, to leave the area. I heaved a sigh of relief and focused on the hole in front of me. The light rain had already disappeared, so the sinister aura was constantly brewing again from the hole. I knew that the monsters would emerge again. I raised the Sukrad’s staff in my hand and inserted my fusion power into it, causing light rays to intensely shine from the enormous transparent gemstone at the head of the staff. The Holy Sword once again got larger and flew towards the top of of the hole. Under my control, I willed the Holy Sword that constantly emitted silver divine aura to point downwards towards the center of the hole. I narrowed my eyes and circulated the power of the Holy Sword’s power to my very limit before shouting, “Go to hell!”

When the Sukrad’s staff was brandished downwards, the Holy Sword, carrying its silver aura, suddenly disappeared into the hole. Numerous mournful shrieks could be heard, shaking the heavens and earth. The ground started to quiver constantly. I focused and rapidly teleported 100 meters away. As I disappeared, the hole suddenly erupted. After the large explosion was heard, the plains, along with 10 meters of the forest, was completely blown away. The remains of soil and plants were constantly raining down in the air. The Monster aura had completely vanished after the silver flash reached the hole.

I brandished Sukrad’s Staff to withdraw the Holy Sword immediately. The light ray from the Holy Sword was clearly much dimmer after releasing its tremendous power. I took in a deep breath and erased the magic array that I had previously arranged and inserted the powers from my body back into the Holy Sword. I didn’t move to leave as I was waiting for the main leader of the hole to emerge. The previous experience was still fresh in my memory. I didn’t know if there was anything remaining in the hole, but if there was, I would annihilate all sinister beings without second thoughts.

My judgement was correct. There were two black specters that floated out from the hole shortly afterwards. I snorted coldly and brandished the Sukrad’s staff in my hand to restrain those two specters. Perhaps they were previously severely damaged by the Holy Sword, as they were unexpectedly caught easily. The two black specters were too suppressed to maintain their human form after being restrained. Those two people looked deathly. As they humanised, I was shocked because I knew them. One was Si Feng Ri, the continent’s magister and the leader of the Ri Family’s leader in the Kingdom of Aixia. While the other was his grandson, Hai Shui’s previous boyfriend, Feng Liang Ri. Even though their appearances didn’t change, their auras were just like when Li Si Dun Wei Bo and I had previously met. They were also dressed in the same fashion.

Si Feng Ri and Feng Liang Ri glared viciously at me. Feng Liang Ri had already lost an arm. The both of them showed a sorry figure as grey fluids were constantly flowing from their mouths and noses. I felt that they were no longer a threat to me with their current powers, especially since the Holy Sword’s power having already severely injured them.

“You interrupted our great matters again.” Si Feng Ri said with hatred.

I sighed. “Leader of the Ri family, is this really worth the trouble? Your position in the Kingdom of Aixia was so prestigious, so why did you help the Monster King harm the Human race? What benefit do you have in doing that?” It was extremely illogical as to why the leader of the Ri family, which was one of the three great families in the kingdom, had fallen into such a sorry state.

The deathly aura was still constantly surging outwards, but due to his power deficiency, he was unable to break out from the restraints. “Zhang Gong Wei, you killed all of my clan members today. Just kill me. The Lord Monster King will definitely not let you off for this. It’ll be your death once he reappears in this world.”

It seemed that the people leading this hole wasn’t just the two of them, but the entire Ri family’s clan. Despite that, they were still killed under my attacks, I felt upset because they were once humans and killing them wouldn’t make me happy. However, I understood that Si Feng Ri and Feng Liang Ri could no longer turn back. If I was to forgive them, the Monster Race would simply have that much more power.

“Ri family head, the Monster Race is filled with detest and hatred that only knows how to invade and annihilate. If they were to take over the continent, the Human race would be exterminated. Is that really what you want to see?” Even though I knew that it was useless asking, I still couldn’t beat the temptation.

Si Feng Ri snorted viciously. “That’s right! That’s exactly what I want to see. The Humans have lived for a long time, but how can they be compared to our Monster race? Ah!!!” Suddenly, his entire body’s grey aura expanded and unexpectedly broke through the restraints on him, forming into a grey lighting that charged towards me.   

I shook my head helplessly. The Holy Sword before me moved without my command to receive that blow. With a mournful shriek, Si Feng Ri’s body vanished. I still killed him, even if I was unwilling.There was traces of fear in Feng Liang RI’s eyes as he silently looked at me in a daze.  I sullenly said, “Feng Liang, I won’t let you go today. Do you have any last words?”

Feng Liang Ri’s eyes suddenly cleared up. He said in a daze, “I don’t know why I turned into this state. However, what more can I say for what has happened until now?! Please help me tell Hai Shui that initially, I really did love her. If there’s a next life, I’ll definitely treat her extremely well.” Upon saying that, a sliver of sadness filled Feng Liang Ri’s eyes. ‘Hong!’ His body suddenly expanded and exploded. His grey aura vanished into nothingness.

I withdrew the Holy Sword and descended to the ground. I looked dazedly at where Feng Liang Ri had vanished. I wasn’t the slightest bit happy, even after successfully annihilating all of the monsters here; sadness filled my heart instead. ‘Feng Liang! Why did you do that? If you had come back to your senses, there really wasn’t any guarantee that I’d kill you!

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