Volume 11: Chapter 15 - Onward to the Stronhold

Child of Light

Volume 11: Chapter 15 - Onward to the Stronhold

I awoke from my thoughts after a long while. I looked at the bottomless hole in front of me and chuckled wryly before heading towards the direction where Ke Er Lan Di had disappeared to.

It was unexpected that I hadn’t used up a lot of my powers during the previously unexpected battle. I was even able to maintain better control over the Holy Sword instead. If one of the three Great Monsters were the ones that appeared, I wouldn’t have dealt with this so easily. I doubt I would even be a match to any of those three great monsters. The Monster race had already started to stir. It looked like time was pressing so I needed to obtain the Radiant God’s inheritance as soon as possible. The reemergence of the Monster King was nearing.

I lifted the hood that was covering my head and moved my long hair to my back. Currently, there wasn’t a need to continue hiding my identity as I knew that Ke Er Lan Di and the rest had already figured out my identity!

When I flew to the main path, Ke Er Lan Di and the rest were already waiting for me. Ke Er Lan Di looked anxious, but when he saw me appear, he instantly became elated. He was stunned after seeing my scarred face. I chuckled wryly. “It’s very shocking, right? This is how I truly look.”

Ke Er Lan Di’s face reddened. “Your name shouldn’t be Eighteen, right?”

I nodded. “I think that you should have guessed that I’m Zhang Gong Wei. Just call me Zhang Gong.”

Ke Er Lan Di’s expression changed as he cried out, “You’re really the God’s Envoy, Child of Light, Zhang Gong Wei!”

I smiled wryly. “I don’t need to hide my identity from you anymore. It was the Monster race’s doing with that hole previously. If I didn’t notice and eliminate it in time, there would have been a reign of terror that would occur nearby. You should now believe that the Monster race really exists, right?”

Ke Er Lan Di’s expressed fear, which was probably when he thought back to what had happened. “You’re right! The Monster race really exists. That horrifying deathly aura was much more powerful than the Demon Beast from the Demon race. God’s Envoy Zhang Gong, I hope that you won’t hold what I said previously against me in your heart. I feel bad for trying to recruit you into join the army of the Kingdom of Dalu. I was really overestimating my capability. You’re the most powerful mage that I’ve ever seen. The previous spell that you used should be a light element forbidden spell, right?”

“You’re correct. The burden in using the light forbidden spell is very heavy on me. I’ve got an extremely important task to do in heading to the fort. The emergence of the Monster race pressures me greatly. I hope that your Kingdom of Dalu will make its preparations as soon as possible by training troops to deal with the major changes coming. Those previous monsters were of the lowest of standards. If the Monster King revives, I really don’t know what will happen.”

Ke Er Lan Di’s eyes expressed resolution. “God Envoy Zhang Gong, rest assured. I’ll definitely report what has happened today. We, the Kingdom of Dalu, will do our very best for the continent’s peace and harmony.” He must already have enough experience on the terror of the Monster race. I hoped that there would be more people like him that could understand my painstaking effort.

“Ke Er, I won’t continue traveling with you as I need to save time to accomplish my task. We’ll definitely meet up in the future.”

Ke Er Lan Di replied heartfeltly, “I really look forward to battling along side with you.”

I nodded and bid farewell to his subordinates, who were looking at me with reverence, before activating the divine powers in my body to carry me off in a white light. I flew into the night which had recovered its serenity.

I was currently burning with anxiety! According to what the God King had said, the Monster King would appear at least two years from now. However, the Monster race had already started to appear. There was a possibility that the Monster King would emerge earlier than expected as well. If that was the case, it would have a great influence on the continent. I was deeply aware that my powers were insufficient. If I couldn’t fully control the Holy Sword, it would be hard for me to pose a threat to the Monster King. I must receive the Radiant God’s inheritance as quickly as I can, in order to have enough power to resist the Monster King. I was lacking time so I couldn’t dally any further.

I previously wasn’t in a rush, I simply had a shadow weighing on my heart. Mi Jia Lie had previously indicated that the inheritance wouldn’t be easy, which made me slightly apprehensive. If the inheritance were to fail, I would probably disappear from the world. At that time, not only would I be unable to see my beloved Mu Zi, the entire continent would gradually fall into ruin by the appearance of the Monster race. I was merely a 20 year old human, how could I not be scared when facing death? However, I couldn’t afford to consider that any further. I must do what is needed for the continent’s peace and harmony, my family, and my friends.

I maximized my flight speed so the night wind would unceasingly hit my body. The icy feeling stimulated my mind, making my spirit to maintain its peak state. The scenery beneath me constantly flew by. I should be reaching the Ström Fortress soon with my current pace.

Dawn had already appeared. The sun had gradually risen from the horizon, shining warm light rays onto the world. I was already very exhausted after last night’s battle and the entire day’s flight. The Ström Fortress was already in view from a distance, so I decided to descend and take a break. I withdrew all of my powers and nimbly descended, landing on a hill, which was 100 meters in height, allowing me to see the scenery of my surroundings. There wasn’t anything special around me, so I sat crossed legged as waves of exhaustion constantly infiltrated my body. I rapidly drew up a simple magic defense array before leaning on a large tree to gradually enter a dream state. I really didn’t know where the God Rended Canyon was. I had already passed the fort several times, but still didn’t see the God Rended Canyon. I needed to sustain all of my physical strength and magical powers.

The fusion powers in my body started to circulate slowly. While my consciousness faded, I constantly took in the light elements from my surroundings to recover my powers.

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