Volume 12: Chapter 2 - Circumstances of the Continent

Child of Light

Volume 12: Chapter 2 - Circumstances of the Continent

Hai Yue said resolutely, “No! I will head there with you. I’ve got the power of a Magic Scholar. I may be able to help. How can I not help but worry about you heading out alone? Can you really bear to make me wait bitterly at home?!”

Ma Ke replied gently, “Hai Yue, don’t make things more difficult for me. If you were to go, I will definitely be distracted. I don’t know how risky things will get. If something were to happen to you, what am I supposed to do then? Be obedient, you should stay in the capital.”

Hai Yue replied, “It’s because it’s risky that I refuse to let you head out alone. If you don’t bring me along, I’ll sneak along. You decide.”

“This…..I….Alright.” Ma Ke helplessly conceded.

I smiled inwardly. It seemed that Ma Ke was still unable to deal with Hai Yue even after becoming emperor! I winked at Jian Shan to signal that it was time for our appearance. Instantly, Jian Shan and I appeared at the center of the main hall.

“Who's there?!” A couple of loud shouts were heard and cold lights shot towards us. The Emperor and Empress of the Kingdom of Aixia were here after all so the security would surely be tight. Naturally, when we appeared, we were treated as assassins. But how could their standard of attacks harm me?

I didn’t need to particularly block them and instead, cast a gentle defensive boundary in my surroundings. When the cold lights struck the boundary, it was naturally pushed back. Since I didn’t intend to harm anyone, the guards weren’t hurt. The surrounding mages were already chanting spells as though they were confronting their nemesis.

I hastily said, “Stop attacking! Ma Ke, after recently becoming king, you already don’t recognize me?”

“Wait!” Ma Ke stopped the attacking mages and stood up from the throne with Hai Yue. They were both in formal attire and stared at my masked face in shock. Ma Ke, who had known me a long time, said in a shaky voice, “You..You are….”

I nodded and calmly replied, “That’s right, I’m back.”

“Boss!” Ma Ke charged at me like lightning from his throne. After learning from what happened to Jian Shan, I hastily withdrew my power, tightly embracing Ma Ke. The feelings between Ma Ke and I were like real blood brothers. Our everlasting friendship started from the instant we met.

“Boss, you’re finally back. Do you know how we all suffered waiting for your return?!”

Sigh! I also didn’t expect that I’d be gone such a long time. Be gentler, it can’t be that you want to crush my bones?”

Ma Ke released his hands from my shoulders. With tears glistening in his eyes, he said, “Boss, it’s great that you’re back. The world changed greatly while you were gone.”

I nodded. “Jian Shan already told me about the appearance of the Monster race. Where’s Mu Zi and the rest now?”

Ma Ke chuckled. “Boss, you really pay more attention to your lover than your friends! You didn’t even ask me how I’ve been. The moment you come, you look for Mu Zi. Sigh! Ai!”

I took back my hand after knocking on Ma Ke’s head as I mockingly scolded him, “You brat, you’re asking for a beating. You’re strong enough to stand so what more should I ask? Since I don’t know where Mu Zi and the rest are, I definitely have to ask. Quickly tell me. If not……” I rubbed my hands together, giving off cracking sounds. I chuckled as I looked at Ma Ke with ill intentions. The surrounding guards and mages were stunned as they didn’t expect that their revered Majesty would be sorted out by somebody wearing elementary mage attire.

“Hey! Zhang Gong, how can you just bully Ma Ke the moment you return? You bullied him in the past, but now you’re not allowed.” Hai Yue smiled as she walked beside Ma Ke, clinging onto his arm and displaying the appearance of a harmonious couple.

Ma Ke looked affectionately at Hai Yue as he said lovingly, “My wife is the best.”

I could be unrestrained with Ma Ke, but I couldn’t with Hai Yue. Not to mention that she was a girl, not to mention the matter with Hai Shui. I couldn’t help but fear Hai Yue’s temper. I quickly smiled apologetically. “On behalf of Hai Yue, I’ll forgive you this time. But can you quickly tell me the locations of everyone? I’m in a hurry! Time is pressing, the Monster race can make a huge movement anytime now. We must preemptively  prepare to deal with them.”

When I mentioned the Monster race, Ma Ke’s expression changed as he slightly nodded and replied, “Boss, that’s what I thought. It has been very calm lately, but five days ago, there was an urgent report from the Ström Fortress. The report stated that various monsters were surging outwards rapidly from the massive rift you previously created. The monsters that spawned were at an unprecedented number and had exceptionally strong offensive capability. Our side was better off, the protection from the fort and the magic cannons to temporarily defended against them. But the Demon-Beast Alliance’s losses are increasing daily. Mu Zi and your brothers already led the God Protector Domain to the fort to eliminate the source of the monsters. But I don’t think this time will be that simple. Why would the Monster race choose to appear at the borders surrounded by all three races? That position can’t be beneficial to them, they would be attacked by all three races! It can’t be that they have sufficient powers to resist us, right? We’ve been at an advantage ever since the Dragons and Nature Elves appeared! I really don’t know what they are thinking.”

I sighed. “Perhaps this final battle will determine which side will be victorious. The Monster King should really be appearing.” It was no wonder that I could feel the surge of demonic aura since coming from the God Rended Canyon, the Monster race had decided to emerge from the rift.

Ma Ke and Hai Yue were alarmed and looked at each other. After a while, Ma Ke spoke with some difficulty, “Boss, are you saying that the Monster King will appear?”

I replied, “En! Ma Ke, in the last two years, have you exchanged blows with the three Great Monsters as you fought the Monster race?”

Ma Ke replied, “Only once, but they were run off by Xiao Jin’s father. There wasn’t any more movement from them after that.”

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