Volume 12: Chapter 3 - Outside the Capital City

Child of Light

Volume 12: Chapter 3 - Outside the Capital City

“It seems that my judgement wasn’t wrong. The monster race hasn’t been fighting with all their might. They were hiding their power, waiting for their king to revive. By my calculations, the Monster King should be appearing soon.”

Ma Ke asked, “Boss, are you saying that the Monster King will be appearing at the fort?”

I nodded. “He should. The Monster King possesses peerless power. He made his subordinates attack the three races from the gulf in order to create an opportunity for him to appear. Once the main forces of the three main races are eliminated, he can slowly dominate the entire world. Monster King, I definitely won’t let you win.” I clenched my fists and made my body surge forth with an intense desire to do battle. Both Ma Ke and Hai Yue, who were in front of me, were momentarily pushed back a few steps as a faint golden light shone from my body.

Ma Ke looked at me with amazement. “Boss, your cultivation improved again. Could it be that you’ve already…….”

I nodded. “Yes, I’ve succeeded.”

Ma Ke was jubilant. “That’s great! Boss, the army of my Kingdom shall fall under your leadership. Let’s head to the fort and eliminate the Monster race.”

I shook my head. “Leading the army isn’t my forte. You should do it. Any commander from Aixia are surely stronger than me in that area. That’s right, I heard that the teachers are already on the frontline. Is that true?”

Ma Ke replied, “That’s right! The teachers, Mu Zi and the rest are already there. Boss, don’t be modest. With your current power, you are the most suitable for commanding the Mage Army Squad.”

I said, “Ma Ke, I must head to the fort as soon as possible and bringing along a large amount of troops will slow my pace. We also aren’t sure how the situation is like at the fort. You should immediately gather your Mage Army and head over to rendezvous with everyone after I leave.”

Hai Yue suddenly asked, “Zhang Gong, how do you plan on dealing with my sister? My sister has made nothing of the hardships to head to the God Protector Domain. She had abandoned her privileged life for you and fought daily alongside your brothers against the Monster King.” Hai Yue got agitated, feeling indignant.

After hearing her mentioned Hai Shui, my entire body shuddered as I said dejectedly, “I’ve let her down. I’m uncompatible with her so I won’t ruin her life!”

Hai Yue fumed. “That’s only an excuse. Do you even understand my sister’s feelings? How could she care about your appearance? I don’t care you must give me a satisfactory response. If not, never forgive you.”

I smiled wryly. “Hai Yue, I know Hai Shui treats me well, but…….forget it, this discussion should be in the future. We should first eliminate the Monster King. The existence of the Monster race is an imminent threat, how can I talk about relationships in a time like this?”

Hai Yue’s expression relaxed as she nodded. “Alright, I’ll wait for your reply. You must take care of my sister when you meet up with her at the fort. Don’t let her be in harm’s way. Do you understand?”

I nodded. “I certainly will. I don’t want anyone hurt. You do understand that, Hai Yue?”

Hai Yue smiled. “Of course, I understand. If it wasn’t for your help, Ma Ke and I wouldn’t be together, so I know. Ma Ke is the best choice for me.”

I thought about the words that Feng Liang Ri said before he died, but I didn’t reveal  it. I didn’t want it to influence Hai Yue and Ma Ke’s feelings after they developed after so many difficulties, instead covering them with shadow. ‘Feng Liang! I’m sorry. I hope that you’ll be a good person in your next life.’

When Ma Ke wanted to say something, someone suddenly shouted from outside. “Reporting to Your Majesty! I have urgent news!”

Ma Ke frowned. “Come in, report.”

A soldier hastily ran in and knelt. “Your Majesty, it isn’t good. There are two monster dens that have appeared within 5 kilometres of the capital and the monsters have started causing destruction in every direction.”

Ma Ke was stunned. “What? The monster race has appeared? Can it be that we guessed wrongly?” He looked at me slightly panicked, obviously shaken up by the report. Even though it couldn’t be said that the Kingdom of Aixia had no fighting force, but since our God Protector Domain had been mobilized and neither the Dragons nor Nature Elves were around, he could only rely on his Royal Mage Army Squad.

I muttered irresolutely, “Ma Ke, don’t be anxious. Our prediction should be correct. The Monster race’s appearance had increased the credibility of my hypothesis. I think that this situation should also be occurring in the Kingdoms of Dalu and Xiuda. The Monster race must be trying to decrease the forces at the fort. You should immediately gather the Royal Magic Army troops while you wait for my report. You can leave those two monster dens to me.” I was confident. ‘Isn’t it just two monster dens? Eliminating them shouldn’t be too difficult.’

Ma Ke asked, “Boss, how can you head out by yourself? Bring me along.”

I smiled. “Ma Ke, don’t worry. Those monsters aren’t a threat to me. That’s right, I’ll leave Jian Shan in your care, so wait for my return. Once I’m back, we’ll immediately head to the fort.” Upon saying that, I used a short teleportation to teleport from the main hall. I activated my divine powers at once to soar through the sky, quickly leaving the Capital.

The sky was filled with an intense Demonic aura. The previously clear sky was now covered with heavy, sinister clouds, giving an oppressive feeling. After distinguishing my direction, I moved like a shooting star towards my destination.

Soon, I saw densely packed monsters that climbed out from two enormous, black monster dens, which were about 300 meters away. The monsters that climbed out scattered in search of prey. Those monsters were built much larger than what I saw before. The only similarity was their bloodshot eyes. There were a few villages near the dens so numerous monsters gathered towards those villages, commencing a massacre. A couple of humans died under the monsters in the blink of an eye, leaving no corpses behind. Since the Kingdom of Aixia had many mages, there were definitely people that knew magic in those villages. Unfortunately, their negligible powers were useless against the monsters, making them unable to kill them.

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