Volume 3: Chapter 25 A Battle of Strength

Child of Light

Volume 3: Chapter 25 – A Battle of Strength

As long as we can enter the sixteen strongest, we will come across Duke Bi Qi’s Wind Dragon battle squad. Therefore, we must overcome the Prince’s team. After a day of rest, we arrived at the same stage as yesterday and prepared to compete in our hardest match yet. For today’s battle, I specially wore my Light God Robes. Xiu Si and the rest of the team had also worn their best armor.

Standing on the stage, a feeling of unease sprung up when I saw our opponents. They presented a strong sense of unity. But in order to make up for our mutual weaknesses we had to fight as a team.

The competition had yet to start, so I let my teammates warm up beforehand. Grasping my magic staff, I walked two steps forward and politely said, “Hello, we feel very honored to have the privilege of competing with the Prince’s team.”  

All of our opponents were wearing silver warrior’s attire. They had replied to me courteously. The tall team member in the middle walked forward two steps and said, “Hello. We saw your performance yesterday. Your magic is quite powerful, but today we will certainly halt your advance here. Our target is the championship.” Although he spoke in a very polite manner, his self-confidence was evident in his pleasant words.   

I carefully looked at him. I noticed that he and Big Brother Zhan Hu had many similarities. The main difference was that he was a bit older. I couldn’t help but ask, “Excuse me, are you Prince Xiuda’s son?”

Clearly surprised, he said, “How did you know? I am Shan Yun Xiuda and the corps commander of our country’s First Earth Dragon Corps.”

He was Zhan Hu’s older brother! I had prepared myself, but the fact that he was an Earth Dragon Corp’s commander scared me. After a pause, I asked, “Is Prince Xiuda well?”

Shan Yun suspiciously looked at me and casually said, “He is very well, why do you ask?”

I smiled, “I’ll tell you after the competition. Let’s use all of our strength in this match and see whether or not you can truly stop my advance.”

My words stirred Shan Yun’s heroic spirit, with a bright voice he said, “Very well. Younger Brother, let me witness whether or not your magic is truly ferocious!”    

The judge announced the start of the match and in accordance with our prior plans, Xiu Si, Xing Ao, and Gao De were in front. They were responsible for obstructing the opponent’s assault while Dong Ri and I were behind them. I was responsible for casting magic and Dong Ri was responsible for protecting me with covering fire, to let me focus on attacking.    

I didn’t dare hesitate. I waved the magic staff in hand and started chanting.

“Light Elements, my friends, use your endless light to expel evil.” Holy Light, it bestowed upon teammate’s clarity of mind and also increases their defense.

“Light Elements, my friends, become a divine halo and protect my friends.” Divine Halo, not only does it protect my teammates, but also harmonizes with their battle spirit, further strengthening their defenses.  

“Light Elements, my friends, transform into sharp swords and annihilate the enemy before you.” Light Severing Sword, rank 6 attack spell. It immediately attacked the five opponents.  

I successively used three rank 6 spells. After I laid down my defensive enchantments, the three in front accompanied the Light Severing Sword charging toward the opposing knights. The opposing team had Shan Yun as their vanguard and met the attack in a cone formation, with their swords emitting a white battle spirit.   

Three meters before they clashed, Shan Yun loudly shouted, “Brilliant Stars Banishing Evil!” The five people brandished their longswords simultaneously, converging five lines of battle spirit into a powerful sphere of battle spirit, colliding head on. It was too late to dodge. The first to meet it was my Light Severing Sword. With almost no effect, it was swallowed by the mass of battle spirit. Close to it was Xing Ao and Gao De. They hadn’t expected the opposition to make a move from that position. Unprepared, they were unable to dispatch their own battle spirit skills and could only use their swords to resolutely withstand the blow. Xiu Si reacted a bit quicker and loudly shouted, “Illusory Execution!” The longsword in his hand dispatched a void of light and shadow to meet it.

We had lost the first bout. Gao De and Xing Ao were knocked back to my side. If Dong Ri hadn’t caught them, they would have exited the stage. They violently coughed up a mouthful of blood and it seemed that they no longer had any battle spirit power left. Xiu Si was in slightly better condition and was pushed back only by five or six steps. A thread of blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

Compared to our miserable condition, our opponents were faring much better with only their warrior’s clothing being a bit damaged. That damage should have been caused by my Light Severing Sword.

Too powerful. Their combination technique truly was too powerful. I fear that we would have all collapsed if I hadn’t protected Xiu Si and the others with my magic.

Shan Yun’s Knights clearly poised themselves well and hadn’t pursued. Shan Yun calmly said, “You can still concede. Although I am surprised you were able to withstand this strike, you won’t fare as well with the next strike. Concede.”

Xiu Si used his sword to prop himself up as he said with an indignant light in his eyes, “We definitely won’t surrender. If you have the ability, then knock us all down!”

Shan Yun shook his head and said, “You’re forcing my hand here.”  All five of the Prince’s Battle Squad simultaneously raised their longswords.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I ran in front of Xiu Si and lifted my magic staff high chanting,

“Oh Great Light Elements, my life’s most intimate companions, become the most magnificent halo of light to be shed on this earth.” Following my incantation, a speck of light came out of my upper dantian. It gradually grew brighter and brighter before taking the form of a small pale golden orb. The small orb gradually changed its form to become a massive golden halo before it flew towards Shan Yun’s team. In order to further enhance its strength, I had to pour all of my magic power into the halo, causing it to become even more formidable.

Shan Yun’s eyes gave an astonished expression. He lifted the longsword in his hand and yelled, “Combined Star Execution!” Five Longswords were lifted simultaneously, and let out five streams of white battle spirit, converging into a huge sword of battle spirit, chopping at my Brilliant Halo. I focused all of my spirit into the Brilliant Halo. When the battle spirit sword slashed at my halo, my whole body felt a huge vibration. It took an extreme amount of effort to maintain the halo’s form. If this were magic, then these were five Magic Scholars casting a spell together.     

The opponent’s sword formed of battle spirit shattered when it clashed with the halo. However, the halo was also knocked back. Blood could be seen dripping from the corner of the mouths of Shan Yun and his team. It seems that they have received some internal injuries. I wasn’t feeling well either. It was only that I was a bit stronger than them, that’s all. I concentrated my efforts on stabilizing the halo in preparation for the next attack.

In this circumstance, Xiu Si and Dong Ri’s battle spirit power was unable to intervene. The powerful pressure of both the battle spirit and magic power had pushed us to the edge of the stage. I knew that it would be our victory so long as I could trap the opposing team in my Brilliant Halo.

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