Volume 3: Chapter 26 With Xiao Jin

Child of Light

Volume 3: Chapter 26 – With Xiao Jin

Shan Yun wiped his mouth. He bitterly smiled and grudgingly said, “It seems I’ve underestimated you. I hadn’t expected you, who is so young, to achieve the power of a magister. It is truly unthinkable. It seems I can no longer conserve my strength. Originally, this maneuver was meant to deal with Bi Er, from the Wind Dragon Squad. It seems I have no choice but to enjoy using it on you first. Come Brothers! Let them witness our true strength.”

Saying this, he lifted his longsword into the sky. Shan Yun’s four teammates sent out four streams of white battle spirit into the sky. Shan Yun appeared very strained. The white light on his sword gradually changed into a red radiance. Suddenly it soared into the sky, fusing with the four streams of white light. It formed an immense blood red longsword.

Xiu Si exclaimed, “Not good! This is divine battle spirit.”

Shan Yun’s complexion was quite pale, but he wore a victorious grin. He proudly said, “Right. This is divine battle spirit. Let’s see whether or not my strength as a radiant knight can defeat a Magister’s. Come! Witness my ultimate technique, Bloodstained Glory.”

Just a moment ago, I directed my halo towards the Prince’s team. But after I heard Xiu Si’s exclamation, it was already too late to evade. I’ll go all out. I clenched my teeth and released all of my magic power. Brilliant Halo flickered an even greater, dazzling golden light. I willed the halo to charge at them a second time.

These two powerful forces collided in the sky, violently exploding, scattering their energy onto the stage. Shan Yun and his team crashed down to the ground. The most miserable was me; I was violently coughing up blood. My mind blurry, I collapsed into Dong Ri’s embrace. I felt my entire body had depleted all its magic power, my golden sphere pitifully depleted.

It was fortunate that the audience wasn’t affected from this distance. When they all saw our tyrannical strength, they all let out gasps of amazement.

Dong Ri and Xiu Si were behind me and hadn’t received any impact. They were only coated in grime.

Shan Yun climbed up from the floor. “Such powerful magic! With the strength of us five combined, we could barely withstand your attack. I have already exhausted my fighting spirit.”  He looked at his teammates knocked down onto the ground. He shook his head and bitterly smiled, saying, “They can no longer fight.”

Xiu Si coldly said, “Then concede. We still have two that can fight.”

“Concede? Impossible. Come, Young Hawk. Fuse.” Although my body could no longer move, I knew that if Shan Yun used a magic beast fusion, he could recover some of his fighting strength. Fused with his magic beast’s strength, Shan Yun was about to stake it all against Dong Ri and an injured Xiu Si.

With a weak voice, I called Xiao Jin from the bottom of my heart, “Xiao Jin, I no longer have any magic power. Can you still fight? Help me.”

Xiao Jin replied that he had accumulated enough energy to support me for about three minutes.

With great difficulty, I extended my hand to stop Dong Ri from charging. With a faint voice, I said, “Keep your secret skill hidden for a later match. Let me. Come out, Xiao Jin.”

A gold light flashed, Xiao Jin appeared into the world, covering the sky. With a rough dragon’s appearance, he roared toward the sky. I knew that time was pressing and immediately sent out an attack command. In order to save his strength, I had him directly using physical attacks. .

Xiao Jin beat his huge wings and charged into Shan Yun.  Shan Yun was scared stiff. It wasn’t until he sensed danger that he brandished his fantasy beast infused longsword. He shouted loudly, “Divine Hawk’s Storm Sword!”  A hawk composed to battle spirit appeared on the tip of the sword, charging together with it towards Xiao Jin. In fact, Shan Yun’s power was almost exhausted. He was entirely relying on his magic beast.

Xiao Jin waved his large wings and had already won when he extended his front claw. The scene was somewhat humorous. The hawk of battle spirit that Shan Yun dispatched was snatched by Xiao Jin’s claw, much like the grab of a bird of prey. It struggled with all its might. Xiao Jin shook his claw back and forth and with a grab of power, he crushed the hawk. Then he pounced towards Shan Yun.

I feared Xiao Jin would kill him and immediately told him with my mind to not injure the opponents. Xiao Jin withdrew the sharp claws he extended and instead use his wings to beat Shan Yun flying.  He fainted on the ground. This time he won’t be getting back up.

Relying on Xiao Jin’s formidable strength, we won the final victory. I was already very weak and could barely withdraw Xiao Jin. I didn’t know what happened next.


I gradually regained consciousness and opened my eyes in a daze. I was in a small wooden room. There was nobody around. I tried moving a bit and my body ached from head to toe, making me groan. It seems I’m still exhausted. I concentrated my spirit to look at my magic power. It can only be described with one word. That word is wretched. It was exceptionally wretched. The remainder of my magic power hadn’t even reached 30%. He hadn’t even known this was the result of a long period of rest.

Dong Ri’s voice came from outside, “Teacher, I think I heard Zhang Gong move. I’m going to see.”

Dong Ri pushed the door open and walked in, “Zhang Gong, you’re awake. How is your body?”

Yes, my body is very sore all over. What time is it now?” I weakly asked.

“Currently it’s already the afternoon of the next day. You were unconscious for one night and day,” Dong Ri replied.

“Ah! Then tomorrow we’re going to face wind dragon squad. How are the others?”

Dong Ri sighed and shook his head. He grudgingly said, “Gao De and Xing Ao is certain to be unable to appear tomorrow. They received serious injuries. Although Xiu Si can fight tomorrow, I’m afraid that he cannot fully recover in time. I hadn’t expected the the Prince’s squad to be so ferocious. It was truly a disastrous victory for us. We still don’t know what to do tomorrow.”

Teacher Wen’s voice came from outside the room, “Is Zhang Gong awake?”

Dong Ri replied, “Yes, he’s awake.”

Teacher Wen also came over. Ashamed, I said, “I am sorry, Teacher Wen. I failed to live up to your expectations.”

He laughed and said, “Foolish child, what are you saying? You’ve already done extraordinarily well. I hadn’t actually expected Qi Lu to dispatch Shan Yun to battle. Even more so, I hadn’t expected him to have already become a Radiant Knight. Originally there were only six radiant knights on the continent. Xiuda has four of them. The rest belong to the Dalu kingdom. If Bi Er is also a radiant knight then it is impossible for you to win tomorrow. You’ve already defeated opponents that were far greater in strength than you five. I am already very happy. Even if you lose tomorrow, nothing terrible will come of it. Rest well. If you can’t fight tomorrow, it’s fine if you just forfeit.”

With a resolute voice, I said, “That won’t do. No matter what, tomorrow we must compete. Even if it’s only me and Dong Ri we still have to compete.” Actually, I knew that if I wanted to win tomorrow, a miracle would have had to occur.

Teacher Wen had simply smiled and said, “Rest well. We’ll talk about this again tomorrow.”

After Teacher Wen left, I closely stared at Dong Ri’s eyes. Gritting my teeth, I said to him, “Tomorrow no matter how well I’ve recovered, we must go fight and go all out using even our very last strands of power.”

Dong Ri had tears in his eyes and grabbed me, “Right. Tomorrow I will go all out with them. We must get back face for Teacher Wen. We are the just ones. Justice must win.”

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