Volume 3: Chapter 27 The Winning Arrow

Child of Light

Volume 3: Chapter 27 – The Winning Arrow

Dong Ri left. Right now I only focused on recovering as much magic power as I could, as quickly as possible. I closed my eyes and focused my entire spirit onto my shrunken golden sphere. The golden sphere within my body was slowly revolving, absorbing and compressing magic power. This was too slow. I let go of my body and mind, and summoned the light elements in the air.

I felt many small specks of light hastily gathering toward me. I was recovering at a rate much faster than before. I directed my entire mind toward recovering my magic power.

When the match was about to begin, there were only three people on our side: Dong Ri, Xiu Si, and me. Xing Ao and Gao De’s injuries were too serious and were unable to continue competing. If my magic power had fully recovered, perhaps our situation would have been a bit better. But it’s no use saying that. Currently my magic power wasn’t in an optimal state, as it was only at 70% capacity, but I still wanted to fight.

Early morning, when I discovered that my magic power was unable to fully recover, I spoke to Xiao Jin, hoping to rely on his power to win the match. But no matter how much I called for him, he wouldn’t wake. Later, I learned that this was because I had used too much of my magic power during the previous match. Xiao Jin was afraid that my body was unable to bear the strain and passed his long accumulation of magic power onto me. Having exhausted his energy, he became dormant. Had he not, I absolutely could not have been able to recover 30% of my magic power at the time.

There were many people who had come to watch the battle today. Naturally Duke Bi Qi and Teacher Wen were included.

Currently, it was too late to say anything else. We can only fight with our all. Like the last match, we chose to fight as a team. But this time, I was standing in the front. My hand grasping the magic staff, I looked at Bi Er Zhu opposite of me. Standing there, I sensed that although they had the unconditional advantage today, they did not have a pleased appearance. He stood there peacefully like a towering mountain. I was unable to see through him. I knew that this time I had run into a truly powerful opponent. Bi Er’s power was not at all inferior to that of Shan Yun’s.

Today we must win with a surprise attack. Without speaking, I raised my magic staff and closed my eyes. Carefully feeling my surroundings, I didn’t chant an incantation but instead I gathered battle spirit and filled half of my magic staff with it. Simultaneously, I separated a portion of magic power from my gold dan and gathered it in the magic staff. I let both powers slowly fuse together, until they finally reached a state of resonance. Not bad. This was the fusion technique of magic power and battle spirit I had accidently invented while I was big brother Zhan Hu. It mainly based on magic power being assisted by battle spirit, each inclusive of the other. Although I wasn’t proficient in this technique yet, I didn’t have any other methods. With my current magic power, I’m not able to use several of the larger spells. With this method, I would be able to conserve some magic power.

Bi Er felt a power pressure produced from my body, especially from the formidable power gathering at my magic staff.  He did not know that this was magic. His team formed a powerful defensive formation.

I used my spirit to tell Dong Ri to ready his bow. This is our only opportunity. We absolutely cannot be defeated.

I extended my left hand, and concentrated all of my remaining magic power into it. My hand emitted a faint golden light. I chanted, “Light Elements, my friends. I request of you, burst forth as endless blaze, annihilate the enemy before you.” This was a rank seven light spell, Flames of Light Engulfing the Heavens.

Following the incantation, light elements flooded a large area of the sky as flames of light, as if they were surrounding us. Before this attack, Bi Er knew that a pure defense was far too passive, and did not hide his strength, letting out a faint golden radiance from his body. He had his teammates form a defensive line. Holding his knight swords high, he loudly shouted, “Spatial Ten Tear Slash!” He hadn’t slashed towards me, but rather at my magic in the sky. The air itself had seemed to have ripped apart, showing ten cracks in the air. The light elements I dispatched had been completely absorbed within those cracks. It seemed he was also a radiant knight. Xiuda truly produces many talented people.

In the audience, Teacher Wen’s complexion had a huge change. He understood what this signified.

This gave me a fright. His Mysterious Slash and my Dimensional Decapitator were very similar except his was much more powerful. I couldn’t hesitate anymore. I hurriedly wielded my magic staff’s explosive power and turned it into a sword of light before slashing at the opponent. This was my ultimate attack. The previous spell was merely used to confuse the opponent. I didn’t know how powerful it would be either. I used this nameless technique with all my strength, consuming nearly all of my magic power as well as my physical strength. Half kneeling, I thought to myself, ‘It’s all up to Dong Ri now.’

Bi Er shouted, “Not good. Be careful everyone.” At the same time, he moved to the front of of his battle squad while holding his knight’s sword horizontally as it emitted a golden light. “Friction Sword Slash.” If he had time to prepare, the outcome would have resulted in a draw. But he had just received a rank 7 spell from me so he didn’t have enough time to react. He couldn’t possibly match the ferociousness of my rank eight fusion attack spell. He will definitely suffer the worst from it.

An explosion was let out on the stage, filling the air with smoke. A part of the stage was destroyed. The intense vibrating power threw me towards toward the rear. Xiu Si held me, keeping me in place. At that moment, I had released my true killing blow. It was also the final winning strike.

Five faint lights and shadows appeared from behind me and Xiu Si and flew into the smoke. Immediately, groaning voices came from the smoke. My heart was overjoyed. We had won.

Not bad. The lights and shadows just now were something I ordered. Rather, it was Dong Ri that was always waiting for an opportunity. He had gathered all of his battle spirit and magic power into these five arrows. With his elven eyesight in a situation where no one could see clearly, the arrows had become our ultimate attack.

Duke Bi Qi and Teacher Wen were both standing on the spectator’s platform. The smoke gradually faded away. Bi Er’s companions were painfully lying on the floor, their left shoulders all pierced with a short arrow. Bi Er was using his knight sword to support his body. Similarly, his left shoulder was also pierced with a short arrow.

Dong Ri shouted, “Zhang Gong, we’ve won!”

Just as we were about to celebrate, Bi Er’s voice resounded, “Although I admire your strategy and strength, you still can’t win.”

Bi Er slowly rose, the spectators exclaimed in surprise. He used his right hand to pull out the arrow shaft, not letting out any blood. It was clear that he used battle spirit to seal his acupuncture point.

He faintly said, “Actually, if this was an ordinary match I would have already admit defeat. Because you started of leniently, apart from me, no one else would have been able to resist those magic arrows.” He emphasized those last two words.

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