Volume 3: Chapter 36 Repelling the Enemy

Child of Light

Volume 3: Chapter 36 – Repelling the Enemy

What is this magic? Could this be the Dark Elves’ distinctive skill? From the Elder’s surprised expressions, I could tell that they’ve never seen this spell before. It was more or less the same as the magic used by that Bamboo Pole I met from the demon race. Yet it seemed quite different. I don’t know how.

The Third Elder murmured, “This isn’t the power of a Dark Elf. Where did this evil power come from?”

Right at this moment, the Nature Elves’ King was no longer able to endure and fell, having succumbed to the power of the formidable evil devourer. The four Nature Elves’ Elders used their power of nature to catch their king.

The dark power still relentlessly pursued him. It’s time for me to lend a hand. “Oh Great Light elements, I request of you to allow me to borrow your formidable strength. Let the infinite light of the earth shine, Brilliant Empire!” This is a spell I am quite familiar with, I slowly floated from the floor and met the evil power head on. My whole body emitting blinding white light, I raised my head. A third of my magic power came out of the gold dan within my upper dantian and covered my body. I gathered together the energy of the light elements into a pillar of light approximately two meters wide and sent it straight forward.

My pillar of light and his Endless Devourer collided into each other. The mist of black ash let out a mournful blood-curdling screech. Perhaps because of the great amount of energy it had just used, it dispersed upon clashing with my Brilliant Empire. The Dark Elf King immediately brandished his longsword to resist the remaining energy of my Brilliant Empire.

“Who are you to dare interfere in a matter between us elves?”

I faintly smiled, “Hello Dark Elf King. Your question is quite foolish. I am obviously a human. As to why I interfered, it is only natural I have a reason. In such a large elven forest, why can’t everyone get along? Killing each other only causes more hurt feelings.”

The Dark Elf King body let out an evil, icy air and sinisterly said, “What do you understand? This subspecies of elves also deserve to live in this forest? Only we Dark Elves are the elves’ genuine rightful rulers. Tactfully depart at once or else you shall meet a tragic end.”

Why do the elves care this much about their racial origins? Is there difference between this and the struggle between commoners and nobles? I shook my head and sighed, saying, “You are truly obsessed and do not understand. You believe that by using power that is not your own, you can take over the elven forest?”

The dark elf king said with great alarm, “How do you know that I use power that isn’t mine?” Haha, I guessed correctly.  I calmly replied to him, “Dark elves should be using dark magic. But that magic you just used was not dark magic. I will give you an opportunity to quickly leave or else you will suffer the inescapable fate of clan extermination.”

After I said what I felt, the Dark Elf King felt my words were timid. I covered my body in light elements and chanted, “Oh Great Light Elements, my friends, bestow me your pure strength, expel all resentment, let the spring winds warm and illuminate the Earth, World Illumination.” This was the most powerful spell I could currently use, a rank eight support spell. Not only that, but the highest ranked support spell can expel all anomalies from a large area in addition to having a devastating firepower against dark magic.

Following my chat, I slowly floated off the floor. My body emitted a pure and holy white radiance. With the continuous magic power flowing out of my body, the white brilliance gradually became a dazzling golden light. While the gold light quickly saturated the white light, it burst forth vertically towards the sky. A golden ray of light of about a diameter of a meter rushed toward the direction of the sun.

The Dark Elf King was starting to become scared, but when saw that he had not suffered an attack. He said with disdain, “Was that just to scare? All Dark Elf Soldiers, prepare to attack!” All of the dark elves unfolded a pair of black wings and raised their black longswords. It was during this bloody prelude that something unexpected had happened.  

The sky suddenly changed color. It was no longer blue, but golden. Golden rays of light illuminated the Earth, giving people a feeling of warmth. All of the Nature Elves, even the Nature Elf King, all felt the beauty of the light. The wounded soldiers gradually recovered their strength and the light dispelled their corruption.  

But it had an opposite effect for the Dark Elves. Under the illumination of the light, their bodies experienced extreme pain. Even those stronger were unable to bear it. Those weaker had already begun to drop to the floor. The Dark Elf King cried out in alarm, “What did you do? What did you do to my clansmen?” Brandishing his longsword, he threw himself towards me.

I lifted my hand and sent out a ray of light, forcing him back. I gently said, “This is light magic, specialized to expel evil. Stop, Dark Elf King. Could it be that you don’t care and wish to see your clansmen suffer in such a way? Could it be you want the Dark Elves to now be exterminated?”

Although the Dark Elf King’s power was profound, he still felt unwell. He couldn’t even produce a half of his might. He hesitated and knew that today, he would not be able to annex the Nature Elves. He hatefully said, “Fine. Withdraw your magic. We will leave.”

I faintly smiled and withdrew my magic power. I secretly let out a sigh of relief. Actually, the current burden was far too great. In supporting such a large area advanced spell I had quickly reached my limit. Having them quickly retreat was certainly good.

The Dark Elf King gazed at me with great enmity and said, “I will remember this day well. I surely won’t let you get away with this. Withdraw!”

The energy I used to support the spell scattered and floated down to the ground. The Nature Elves let out an earthshaking cheer. The Third Elder came over and gripped my hand and said, “We are truly grateful to you. Were if not for your assistance, we may have not survived this crisis.”

My body instantly swayed and Dong Ri immediately came over to supported me. I bitterly smiled and said, “Had they not retreated, I’m afraid we would have had to stake it all. I am nearly exhausted from supporting such a large spell. Lucky, so lucky.”

The Nature Elves crowded around us six and returned to the village. The Third Elder started to frown and worry again. I asked him, “What’s wrong? The Dark Elf King retreated. Why are you still so worried?”

The Third Elder said, “Although they retreated, a moment ago, our king received a grave injury while fighting. None of our medical treatments have any effect. How could I not worry?”

I looked at the magic power within me. I should still have enough to use Spiritual Restoration without problem. A good person is almost dead. “Let’s go, I’ll go with you to take a look.”

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