Volume 3: Chapter 37 Spirit of Hospitality

Child of Light

Volume 3: Chapter 37 – Spirit of Hospitality

The Third Elder and I went to the Nature Elf King’s bedroom. Not in the mood for admiring the room’s splendor, I tensely walked forward to his bed. All I saw was the pained expression of the Nature Elf King as he constantly moaned and groaned. A faint black gas was leaking out of his face. It seems that his pure nature power and the evil power were currently struggling against each other. I’ll help him out then.

“Oh Great Light Elements, as your friend, I request you to dispel this evil using your endless strength and save the person before you.” This is the strengthened version of my Spiritual Restoration. Not only was it very effective at recovery, it was also very effective for removing abnormal states. A pure white light was emitted from my hands, covering the whole body of the Nature Elf King. In the wake of the white light, the black gas gradually faded causing him to become more and more peaceful.

After letting out a breath of relief, I faced the Third Elder and said, “I’m finished. There shouldn’t be any more problems now. It’s just that that His Majesty the Nature Elf King has exhausted his mental strength while I have basically completely healed his body. He only needs to rest now, so we should all leave now.”

Emotionally, the Third Elder grabbed my hands but I stopped speaking and instead dragged him out of the room.

“I truly can’t express how grateful I am. I don’t know how to repay you for this favor you have done for us Nature Elves.”

“It’s fine. Just quickly give us some delicious foods and drinks then arrange a place for us afterwards and you can consider the favor repaid. I’m about to die from exhaustion, so stop holding onto me like an old woman. Let’s go.” Saying so, I dragged him back to everyone.

After the Nature Elves found out I cured their king, they all began to cheer happily. I couldn’t bother with this so I found a comfortable chair, closed my eyes and began resting. Naturally I told Dong Ri that he definitely has to tell me when it’s time to eat.

So fragrant, very fragrant. What is that smell? My nose had awakened my eyes. Hazily, I saw a big table filled with food. I shook my dazed head a few times and began moving my aching muscles and bones.

“What delicious foods are these, that smell is so savory? You guys truly aren’t acting as brothers! You didn’t even tell me!”

In response, Zhan Hu burst into laughter and said, “Look. It happened just like I said! As long as there are delicious foods, Zhang Gong doesn’t even need to be told. Ah, his nose isn’t any worse than his magic.” Zhan Hu’s words caused the whole room to roar in laughter.

Embarrassed, I arrived at the seat left for me at the table. It seems that the Nature Elves really are courteous. Without any formalities, I simply sat down and said, “So what if my nose is good? It’s only good for finding delicious food. Ah. All of the Elders are here. No need to be formal. Go ahead and eat everybody; no need to wait for me.” I grabbed an unfamiliar violet fruit and at it. Ah, it’s so sweet! It’s fragrant and sweet juices immediately permeated throughout my body. Simply too splendid.

Sitting beside, Dong Ri nudged me. He was indicating that I should act a bit more elegant. I’ll just ignore him. My stomach is already hungry, so how could I still bother with something like that? It’s not like this is a marriage interview.

The Great Elder began speaking, “Everybody, hurry up and eat. No need for formalities.” It was only after his words that everybody finally began moving.

The elven banquet had a focus on fruit. The fragrant aroma was actually the various fruits they brewed and fermented, making drinks that were simply too tasty. Mellow and rich fragrant wines were mixed together with all kinds of balmy fruits. After it entered my stomach, a warm current would spread throughout my body from the wine. It was exceptionally comfortable and was very effective at relaxing my fatigued body. Big Brother Zhan Hu simply loved the wine so much that he couldn’t part with it. Each drink he took caused the elders to feel a pain in their hearts. I heard from the elders that this fruit wine was very hard to make and they only took it out for the most respected of guests. The wine had some effect of maintaining one’s youthful appearance. When the wine first entered the mouth, there wasn’t much of an impact, but after a bit, there would be a powerful impact. The elders all continuously urged us to drink a bit less. They really are stingy. Apart from Dong Ri, we were all becoming drunkards. We were still polite though. I originally wanted to inquire about the Holy Sword, but after a while I couldn’t manage to do it. Forget about it. I’ll ask about it tomorrow. Right now I should just replenish my strength. Haha!

While stroking my round stomach filled with food, an elf lead me to my room. To speak the truth, I was very tired. My spiritual strength has already been exhausted. After laying down on the bed, there I began feeling dizzy. It seems that the fruit wine really does have a powerful aftereffect! I examined the state of my magic power and discovered that it’s actually quite good. I still have about 30% of it left. With this I’ll be able to recover back to 80% tomorrow. While in a daze, I entered the land of dreams.

Dawn. I was extremely excited because Xiao Jin had finally awakened from the deep sleep he has been in since the incident at the tournament. Through our spirit connection, I knew that his magic consumption was very great last time so he had to lay dormant for a while to recover. Now he was basically fully recovered. Xiao Jin is my most powerful assistant but in a certain sense, Xiao Jin could still be considered very weak. If he didn’t have the support of my magic power, he would only be able to endure 3-5 minutes of attacks. It really is too short. If we encountered a powerful opponent he wouldn’t have much of an effect. I didn’t have a good way to increase his strength either. Forget about it. For the time being I won’t bother with that. Now that I am a magister I generally didn’t need his help. My own magic power was also about the same; it had recovered to about 80%.

I let a royal guard elf bring me to find the Third Elder. We’ll have to depart after asking him about the location of the Holy Sword.

The royal guard returned and told me, “The elder invites you and your friends to go discuss your matter in the reception hall. I’ll lead the way.” Following the royal guard, we arrived at a very large building.

The Third Elder welcomed me outside saying, “Zhan Gong, you’ve arrived. I’ve already told the royal guard to go get your friends so they should be arriving soon.”

I politely replied, “Hello elder. Thank you for yesterday’s hospitality. How is His Majesty the Nature Elf King?”+

“Luckily you were there to treat him. Right now His Majesty has already recovered greatly. He’s waiting for you inside the building.”

“Then we should quickly enter.” Following the Third Elder, I entered the room. This room is so gorgeous! The floor was made of an unfamiliar stone with 12 pillars surrounding the center. On the roof there was an engraving and in the middle of the room was an extremely large oval table. Arranged around the table were roughly 30 to 40 chairs. On top of the table there were many different fruits displayed. It seems like they had already prepared for this. The Nature Elf King was seated at the head seat.

After seeing me, the Nature Elf King immediately stood up and said, “Magister Wei, you’ve arrived. Please take a seat.” The strength I had revealed yesterday could be seen by anyone with eyes so I didn’t find it strange at all that they knew I was a magister. However, this was the first time anyone had addressed me like this. I wasn’t used to it at all. He had me sit to the seat right beside him on his left.

“It’s fine if you just call me Zhang Gong Your Majesty.”

The Nature Elf King didn’t take a sit down with me, rather he deeply bowed to me. “I must first thank this powerful Magister’s kindness for the aid you have given to my people as well as for saving my life.”  As he walked towards me, I sprang up straight just before I sat down and said, “By all means, you don’t have to mention it. Aiding you all is what we ought to have done. We also need some aid from you all so it’s just everyone mutually benefitting. That’s all. No need to thank me. Besides, I’m a person who likes peace. So I’m very happy with being able to repel the Dark Elves assault without causing any deaths.”

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