Volume 4: Chapter 12 Heavenly Sun Devouring Hound

Child of Light

Volume 4: Chapter 12 – Heavenly Sun Devouring Hound

I slowly rose from the ground, my body glowing with light. I raised my head. The Gold Dan from my upper dantian surged with magic power that filled my entire body. I gathered the light elements to make an approximately five meter in diameter pillar and made it fly toward Feng Liang.

“Light magician!” The surrounding students gasped.

With my magic power at the time, Brilliant Empire was very different from before. When the violent Wind Tornado and Brilliant Empire spells collided, Feng Liang’s magic power was unexpectedly very powerful. This was probably related to the way his spell was cast.

Atop the field, a hurricane began swirling into existence. I was pushed back three steps by his Wind Tornado as I wasn’t prepared for it. The air that was lost came back again.

Feng Liang was fine, but he looked shocked. “You could actually easily counter my violent storm wind!”

I dusted the dirt off my body. “It’s been some time since someone placed me in a disadvantageous position. The magic spell you just used was great! Is that your original spell?”

Feng Liang nodded. “I made Wind Tornados spinning in opposite directions to collide. The final, fused Wind Tornado has a very strong offensive power.”

I was surprised. “Your magic control is really strong. Let’s continue! I want to see if you have any other exceptional spells. Any spells weaker than the one you used just now will be useless against me.”

Feng Liang couldn’t help but smile. “You’re interesting for warning your opponent. A good opponent such as yourself is really hard to find. I shall let you experience my Ri family’s traditional magic spell.”

After hearing that he was going to use a traditional spell, my heart trembled in fear as I remembered how disastrous it had been when I previously fought with Hai Shui. I instantly raised my guard and secretly started to gather my magic power in my right hand.

Feng Liang quickly chanted and six walls of wind swiftly gathered in front of him to protext him. ‘It was obvious that it is to gain some times to cast the more powerful spell. Seeing how cautious he was, I knew that the long spell he was chanting wouldn’t be easy to counter.’  

I waved my right hand and a huge light blade struck his defensive wall of wind. Feng Liang’s facial expression suddenly changed. “The day lights up in the sky, the heavenly hound shall descend. It is impossible to resist and will engulf everything and bring endless darkness to the land—Heavenly Sun Devouring Hound!

Once my light blade succeeded in breaking his walls of wind, he finished chanting the spell. Feng Liang’s face paled and his blond hair turned black and straightened. His eyes seemed to emit a light. He started to chant something I didn’t understand. A dark aura surrounded his body.

When the light blade struck at his head, the dark aura vigorously scraped against the blade. The light elements unexpectedly started to diffuse and no longer released their powers.

‘I was scared! What was that magic? Why did it seem so similar to that magic clan’s bamboo pole’s magic? Wasn’t Feng Liang from the Ri family? How could he know dark magic?’  

Mu Zi, who was in the crowd watching the match, showed a strange expression and was very interested in the spell Feng Liang cast.

The black aura surrounding Feng Liang thickened. He started to speak in a foreign language. “This is our Ri family’s Heavenly Sun Devouring Hound spell! You are lucky that I only recently inherited the spell. The main special effect of the spell is that it can engulf everything, including magic elements. I hope that you will not be the first sacrifice to this spell! Hehehehe…”

Hai Yue who was behind him was also frightened by his evil appearance. She had never imagined that her prince on a white horse could become so cold. He was like a totally different person.

I was totally frightened from his sudden change and hurriedly chanted, “Righteous, gentle, warm, serious, strict lights and lights of destruction! Please gather at my side and become endless light rays to exterminate all evil and bring salvation to the world!—- Infinite Radiant Lights!” This was my last trump card, the advanced spell I had only learned recently.

Feng Liang’s spell finished. He suddenly let out a long, mourning cry. The black aura surrounding his body surged out and formed a huge hound shape before pouncing towards me.

A strong pressure suddenly covered the area. My body began to radiate golden lights. They were from my upper Dantian’s Gold Dan, a clear, spherical, transparent golden ball the size of a ping pong ball that could increase my magic power. All I could do was release it to increase my magic power gathering speed. The light elements from my surroundings started to gather. Under my control, my Gold Dan released a ray of gentle, one meter in diameter golden light, and shot it towards the ‘Heavenly Hound’.

The ‘Heavenly Hound’ in the air opened its mouth to try and devour the golden light. I could feel my magic power quickly decreasing. Feng Liang’s situation was also not that good. Once the ‘Heavenly Hound’ started to absorb the golden light, his entire body shivered and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He continued to bitterly hold on as supporting the spell used a lot of his energy. He continued to chant foreign words and his body kept supplying dark energy to the ‘Heavenly Hound’.

‘This couldn’t carry on. If I allowed him to continue supporting the spell, my power would eventually weaken and the spell would totally engulf me along with with my magic spell! I could only fight using all of my abilities.’

I thought of my total failure in defeating him as I made the Gold Dan emit golden light and simultaneously made it go towards the mouth of the ‘Heavenly Hound’. As the Gold Dan and the golden light vanished in the huge mouth of the ‘Heavenly Hound’, I got nervous. If I couldn’t defeat it with that move, my chances of succeeding would decrease, even if I was to recover all of my lost magic power.’

The ‘Heavenly Hound’ that was in the air tumbled and slowly lost its Hound shape. “Peng!” The ‘Heavenly Hound’ exploded, leaving the dim Gold Dan in the air. I immediately used my remaining power to retrieve it. I had used a lot of magic power, but luckily the Gold Dan hadn’t been completely used up.

Feng Liang showed a strange expression and I started to shout. Not good! Feng Liang spat out a mist of blood. Blood came gushing out from all seven of his apertures and he fell to the ground.

I used short distance teleportation to move to his side. ‘Previously I really couldn’t have held back! If not, I really would’ve been engulfed by that magic spell.’

When I appeared in front of him, his hair had gone back to normal. He was in a severe condition. I immediately used my remaining power to cast a recovery spell to stabilize his condition.

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