Volume 4: Chapter 13 A Student Facing Death

Child of Light

Volume 4: Chapter 13 – A Student Facing Death

The first person to run up after the barrier dispersed was Hai Yue. She glared at me viciously and shouted, “You are ruthless! If Feng Liang dies, I will make sure you are buried along with him! Gentle water, form a cone of ice and charge towards my foe!”

I had just used all of my remaining power to help Feng Liang. I heaved a sigh of relief; it should be enough to secure his life. The ice cone flew over. With my whole body devoid of strength, I could only watch as it hurtled towards me. When the cone was about to pierce through my chest, an unfamiliar power suddenly surged out from my body and stopped the ice cone after it pierced half an inch into my body.

The impact of the ice cone still made me fly backwards and sent violent shock through my body; which made me spat out a mouthful of blood.

“What are you doing? Can’t you see that Zhang Gong was saving Feng Liang?” Ma Ke shouted as he ran in front of me and shielded me. Hai Yue directed the same vicious gaze to him. “You’re all terrible!” After this outburst, she lifted Feng Liang, turned around and walked away.

Ma Ke sighed and hurriedly came to help me. “Boss, are you ok?”

I held onto my pain throbbing chest and said, “I will survive, but Hai Yue was really fierce.”

Ma Ke said, “We will be her enemies from now on! There is nothing we can do to salvage the situation! That said, you really are capable, Boss. Even after such a tough match, you still had enough power to cast a defensive spell at the end. I’m truly impressed by your strength.”

Hai Shui walked over and Ma Ke instinctively shielded my body.

There was a complicated glimmer in Hai Shui’s eyes as she spoke. “I don’t have any bad intentions. Just let me have a look at Zhang Gong’s wound, will you?”  

Ma Ke turned his head and looked at me questioningly. After seeing me nodding my head, Ma Ke stepped aside.  

Hai Shui chanted, “Gentle water, use your kind heart to form a recovery potion and completely heal the wound before you.” The water elements gathered in her hand and formed a light blue colored ball that flew towards my chest. An icy feeling flowed through my entire body as the wound on my chest slowly healed and my internal injuries recovered and my internal pain I was feeling felt much better. Only the massive amount of magic power I had used had not fully recover.

I smiled, “Hai Shui, thank you.”

Hai Shui shook her head, “Why did your relationship with sister become so terrible? Please don’t blame sister, alright? She was just too angry to think about what she was saying.”

“Why would I blame her? If I had been in her shoes, I probably would’ve reacted even more fiercely than she did. I’m alright already, you should head back to check on your sister.”

Hai Shui was elated and said sweetly, “Thank you, Zhang Gong! I’ll head back. See you later!”

“See you later!”

Watching Hai Shui’s back fade, Ma Ke said, “Boss, it looks like Hai Shui really does have feelings for you. If she didn’t, she never would’ve treated you.”

I frowned and said, “Stop talking nonsense and help me go back.”

Ma Ke supported me all the way back to the dormitory.

A pair of clear eyes were focused on our backs, and its owner muttered to herself, “Did you challenge Feng Liang for me? Your magic power is stronger than before. Could it be that you really fell in love with me? I should hate you, but I just can’t. Why did you have to disturb my heart? It is impossible for us to be together, you should have chosen Hai Shui instead.” After muttering these words, she turned around and walked in the opposite direction. I didn’t hear the mutters at all.

After we reached the dormitory, Ma Ke asked, “Boss, how are you feeling?”

I lay on the bed. “Ma Ke, please don’t blame me, okay?”

Ma Ke quietly sighed, “Boss, why did you do that? Why didn’t you inform me before you challenged Feng Liang Ri? After this, I have no hope of getting her.”

I slowly shook my head. “Stop thinking like this, there is still hope. As long as you continue to love Hai Yue, nothing is impossible. When I fought against Feng Liang, did you see the last spell he cast, ‘Heavenly Sun Devouring Hound?”

Ma Ke nodded. “I saw, why?”

I replied, “Don’t you feel that he looked really sinister at that time? If he really does have an evil personality, there is a big chance that Hai Yue will dump him. There are three reasons as to why I challenged him. First, I wanted to help you to get your revenge. Second, I wanted to have a look at his power, and lastly, I also wanted to figure out his personality flaws through his magic power. If I know his weak points, then you will stand a chance in getting Hai Yue. Do you understand?”

Ma Ke looked thoughtful. “I believe that even if they really break up, she still won’t fall for me. There’s nobody she hates more than me.”

I smiled. “Actually, there is a positive side to her hating you to the core. If she didn’t care about you, you would really have no hope at all. She hates you, which means you still have a place in her heart. Whether you can turn this hatred into love depends entirely on you. The best way is to do something that will move her to the point where she’ll forgive every single one of your shortcomings.”

This got Ma Ke interested. “What should I do to move her to that extent then?”

I frowned. “You really are incorrigible! How could I teach you this? You have to create chances on your own. If you can’t change Hai Yue’s heart before graduation, you’ll really lose her. You have to head back and think carefully about what you want to do. I need to start cultivating now, I’ve used up a lot of my magic power.”

Ma Ke said, “Thanks a lot Boss! I’ll head back now, you should rest up.”

When seeing Ma Ke out, I quietly laid back down. I thought back to the spell that Feng Liang had used. ‘It was very similar to the spell that the magic clan’s Zhu Gan used, but it was slightly different. It felt more sinister. Feng Liang Ri was from the Ri family, so he couldn’t be from the magic clan. He seemed to have unusual secret, one I would have to investigate later on.’

I closed my eyes and focused on the dim Gold Dan to gather magic power. Light element slowly filled the Gold Dan as I went into my meditative state.

When I woke up, it was already daytime. It should be the next day’s morning. I got out of bed and moved my body, feeling much better. ‘At least eighty percent of my magic power has recovered. The gathering speed of my magic power also seemed to be much quicker than before; this was probably related to when the God King shed my mortal body and exchanged my bones.’

My stomach kept on growling. I hadn’t eaten anything since last night, so I figured I’d head to the canteen. I wondered why Ma Ke hadn’t come to find me.

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