Volume 4: Chapter 24 - Training Before the Competition

Child of Light

Volume 4: Chapter 24 - Training Before the Competition

I went to the academy to ask for a couple days leave of absence from the class teacher-in-charge. Teacher Yu immediately agreed, probably because Principal Zhen told him about it.

When I went to the classroom, not many students had arrived yet, as it was still early. However, Mu Zi was there already. I sat in my seat and said, “Morning! I have something to tell you.”

Mu Zi smiled, “Why are you so early today? Usually, you come to class at the very last minute before the bell rings. What do you want to tell me?”

I awkwardly scratched my head. “Am I usually that late? Anyway, for the next three days, I won’t be coming to class as I have an important matter to settle.”

Mu Zi frowned, “What is so important that you can’t attend class?”

I giggled. “You can’t bear to be apart from me, right?”

Mu Zi blushed and said, “Who can’t bear to be apart from you? You’re so annoying. What is the matter?”

I looked appreciatively at her flushed face. “It’s an extremely important matter. I can’t tell you now, you just have to wait for my return. I won’t be in any danger so you don’t have to worry about me.”

Mu Zi replied, “If you can’t say it, then forget it. Are you leaving now?”

I said, “That’s right! I have to leave now. I’ve applied for three days of leave. I’ll be back in three days, but you’re not allowed to cheat on me. Hehe.”

Mu Zi knocked on my head. “You’re so annoying! I’ll definitely go on dates with other guys. What are you going to do about it? If you’re scared, then stay to check on me.” Her expression showed a sign of reluctance over me leaving her.

I seriously replied, “Mu Zi, I also can’t bear to part from you, but this matter is very important. Please just wait for me. I can’t continue to chat with you as I need to leave already. See you later.” After saying that, I stood up.

Mu Zi remained silent for a while. “Please be careful and come back safely!” From her words, it seemed like she knew that I was going to do something dangerous.

I wordlessly nodded as I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to leave if I continued to chat with her. I turned around and walked out of the classroom then went back to the dormitory to find Ma Ke first so we could head to the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy together.

After arriving outside of Teacher Di’s office, I shouted, “Teacher Di, I’m back!”

Teacher Di’s benevolent voice came out from the room, “Zhang Gong, You’re back, quickly come inside!”

When we walked into the office, there were already four people inside. Other than Teacher Di and Teacher Long, there were two other old magicians I didn’t know. ‘They are probably the principal and vice principal of the Advanced Magic Academy.’

Ma Ke and I bowed towards them and jointly said, “Greetings to the teachers.”

Teacher Di hadn’t said anything, but the old mage wearing a black robe said, “You don’t need to be this polite! You must be Zhang Gong. Ah, Lao Lun found such an exceptional successor.”

As I looked at Teacher Di, he smilingly said, “Zhang Gong, this is the Royal Advanced Magic Academy’s Principal, Spatial Magister Teacher Chuan Song Zhen. The magic array book I gave you last time was written by him. The other mage is the Royal Advanced Magic Academy’s Vice Principal, Fire Magister Si Di Lie.”

I greeted them again. “It is my pleasure meeting you teachers.”

Teacher Zhen said, “Zhang Gong, are you in Teacher Si Yu’s class?”

I replied, “Yes!”

Teacher Zhen said, “Zhang Gong, for the next two days we will give you special training for the competition that will be held in three days. You should know that this competition determines the fate of the Kingdom of Aixia so we hope that you will work hard in these two days to improve your abilities. Ma Ke will also be training with you. He’ll serve as a reserve for the competition. You will be the kingdom’s new pillars as we are already getting old. You will have to depend on yourselves in the future.” ‘Teacher Zhen is obviously the representative for the teachers as he’s held the position of top magister for the past fifty years.

Ma Ke and I replied him. “Yes, we will. Thank you for your tutelage, teachers.”

Teacher Di said, “Let’s go to the courtyard.”

After arriving at the courtyard, Teacher Zhen said, “Lao Lun and I will be in charge of Zhang Gong’s training. Since Xing De and Si Di are both fire Magisters, they’ll be in charge of Ma Ke’s training. Let’s begin! Ma Ke and Zhang Gong, what are your magical beasts? This competition allows the use of magical beasts.”

I replied, “My magical beast is called Xiao Jin, he’s a dragon.”

Ma Ke replied, “My magical beast is a rank 8 Fire Lion.”

Teacher Zhen was surprised and said, “Zhang Gong, what did you say? You say your magical beast is a dragon? Quickly summon him for me to have a look. Lao Lun, you actually kept me in the dark that your successor has a dragon.”  

Teacher Di and I glanced at each other. “Xiao Jin, come out!” A golden light flashed. Xiao Jin’s over thirty metre long body appeared in the training ground. It had been a long time since I’d last called him out. Once he saw so many people, he elatedly let out a long roar. At that moment when he roared, Ma Ke had also summoned his fire lion, but he was so frightened by Xiao Jin’s roar that he cowered and trembled in fear.

The golden dragon’s horns had already fully grown, and each had branched into three points. Golden scales covered his body like a strong armour. He had five large claws, and made some claw marks on the ground. The enormous wings on his back were the most beautiful part of the body. Golden light also glowed from its’ enormous body. He sent me a mental message asking me who he should attack. I hurriedly told him that he just needed to remain still.

Except for me, everyone, including Teacher Di, was stunned. Teacher Di said, flabbergasted, “It’s only been two years and Xiao Jin has grown so much!”

Ma Ke admiringly said, “Wah! Boss, Xiao Jin is so beautiful!”

Teacher Zhen said, “This is a dragon? It’s life force is so strong. He doesn’t seem to be an ordinary dragon.”

Teacher Lie, who hadn’t said anything, said, “He definitely isn’t an ordinary dragon! Only a Dragon King will have golden scales. This dragon should be a mature dragon that’s at least two thousand years old already.”

I smiled bitterly and said, “No, that can’t be. It’s only seven years old.”

Teacher Lie was astonished and said, “That’s impossible! At seven years old, it should only be at the infancy stage, but it’s obviously not…”

Teacher Di had already snapped out of his stupor and explained, “The dragon actually almost died once, but Zhang Gong sacrificed half of his life to save it. He life span is only about 60 human years now, which is equivalent to nearly 20,000 years for a dragon. According to that proportion, it’s only natural that it’s seven years of age are nearly comparable to a 2000 year old adult dragon.”

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