Volume 4: Chapter 25 - Bombardment

Child of Light

Volume 4: Chapter 25 - Bombardment

Teacher Zhen exclaimed, “Zhang Gong sacrificed half his life for the dragon?”

I nodded and emotionally said, “Xiao Jin is my most important partner. How could I turn a blind eye and let him die?” Feeling the surge of my emotions, Xiao Jin lowered his head and nuzzled against me, prompting me to affectionately pat him.

Teacher Zhen shook his head. “Unbelievable! It looks like it’s unnecessary to train the dragon as I doubt I’ll be able to defeat Zhang Gong with Xiao Jin’s assistance. Our chances of victory are much higher now.” He had already gauged Xiao Jin’s strength from his life force.

Teacher Di replied, “Even if that’s the case, we still don’t know who they’ll send out in the fifth match. Zhang Gong and Ma Ke, you two must make some breakthroughs in the next two days. Since magic power can’t be improved in such a short period of time, we’ll focus on training your defensive spells and spell techniques. Alright! Ma Ke, Xin De and Si Di will go to that side of the courtyard to train. Zhang Gong, you just stay here. We’ll immediately start!”

Just as Ma Ke and his teachers walked towards their designated area, Teacher Zhen suddenly shot a small dimensional slash at me. As expected of the first ranked Magister; a very strong attraction force surged from the small dimensional slash, one much stronger than mine. A small spatial crack appeared beside me and a strong attraction force instantaneously surged out from inside it.

Because I was unprepared, my body was momentarily pulled towards the spatial crack. Just as I was about to counter the spell, an enormous body moved in front of me. It was Xiao Jin! He waved his almost twenty-metres-long left wing at the spatial crack. Hong! His attack actually managed to make the spatial crack disappear. Xiao Jin glared at Teacher Zhen and got ready to attack him.

Teacher Zhen looked like he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Zhang Gong, before we continue training, please withdraw your magical beast.”

I hastily explained to Xiao Jin that Teacher Zhen didn’t have bad intentions before withdrawing him back into my body. Teacher Zhen said, “Lao Lun and I will be attacking you. You’ll have to carefully defend against and counter our attacks. We won’t hold back because you can only improve under harsh conditions.” ‘So that’s what this training is about; no wonder he suddenly attacked me.’

I immediately cast two advanced defensive light spells. My body was enclosed by a dim gold light. Teacher Di shouted, “Be careful!” A light blade shot towards me. I hastily created a light blade to counter his. Hong! When the two light blades collided, the sky lit up. The impact forced me to move three steps back, but Teacher Di didn’t move at all. Teacher Di frowned and said, “Your light elements’ power wasn’t sufficiently focused!”

‘So that’s why I was forced backwards,’ A small dimensional slash from Teacher Zhen and a light blade from Teacher Di struck at me simultaneously, barely giving me enough time to think.

Since the dispersed light elements weren’t powerful enough, I focused the elements’ powers. I withdrew half of my Gold Dan’s power to form a small ball in my left hand. I then used short distance teleportation to avoid Teacher’s Di attack and tossed the light ball towards Teacher Zhen’s small dimensional slash.

Teacher Zhen was startled and immediately cancelled his spell as it wasn’t strong enough to counter the powerful, highly compacted light ball. Teacher Di laughed. “That’s right! That’s the way to counter spells!”

Hearing Teacher Di’s praise, I was elated. I dissipated the light ball in my left hand and cast a light blade at Teacher Zhen with my right hand. The light blade actually hit him. I was in shock! However, after I took a second look, I realized that what I had hit was just an afterimage. Teacher Zhen had already teleported behind me and shouted, “Chaotic Space!” I felt my surroundings warp. It felt as though my body was out of my control, and I was in so much pain, as if I was being shred to pieces. ‘Is this an advanced spatial magic spell?’ I cried out in pain and returned the power of the light ball into my body. I immediately used a defensive magic spell to form a strong defensive array. The distorted feeling disappeared, but an extremely strong pressure coming from all directions made it difficult to breathe.

‘Am I going be defeated so quickly? I still have power remaining. I won’t lose! I’m also a Magister.’ I tried my best to resist the pressure and supplied endless amounts of magic power into the defensive array, and chanted, “Light elements! My great friends! I beseech of you to use your powers to become endless brilliant rays, transform into specks of stars and eliminate the enemies in front of you, Bright Star’s Shine!” This was one of my most powerful spells. Even though my surroundings are distorted, the light elements could still gather around me. As they quickly gathered, the defensive array became more stable.

Teacher Zhen said to Teacher Di, “It looks like Zhang Gong has many ways to counter our attacks; when he resisted my Chaotic Space, he still had enough magic power to cast a powerful magic spell. Let’s prepare ourselves as well so as to make sure Zhang Gong doesn’t turn the tables around. Haha!” After he said that, the two top ranking Magisters chanted defensive spells.

After I completed my spell, the light element stars all around me surrounded the defensive array. I shouted, “Charge!”  Even though I couldn’t break the spell, the light stars still managed to fly out of the warped space. As the light element stars left, the surrounding pressure decreased drastically. I hastily placed my magic power into the defensive array while controlling the light stars that charged out.

Teacher Di smiled towards Teacher Zhen. “It’s coming! It’s an advanced light spell. It won’t be easy to counter.” A massive number of light stars charged towards them. The two experienced Magisters had already arranged their defensive barriers to their maximum strengths to withstand the incoming magic spell. However, the incoming light stars suddenly stopped in mid-air.

The two Magisters, stunned, unintentionally slightly lowered their barriers, weakening their defenses. At that moment, the stilled light stars moved again, rapidly forming two golden chains and charging towards the two defensive arrays. Teacher Di shouted, “Nice one! Smart move!” When the light stars landed on the barriers they made a muffled thump. I had used my spiritual power to concentrate the light element stars at single points on their defensive barriers instead of using a large area spell. The penetration strength was really strong so they wouldn’t be able to stop the spell with their defensive barriers.

After the two teachers’ barriers broke, they used their ultimate moves to stop the light stars attack. Teacher Di used the same Bright Star’s Shine spell. Once my light stars landed on his defensive barrier, he realized that something wasn’t right and immediately chanted the spell. Although he was in a difficult position, he completely blocked my attack.

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